Badass Anime Names Ideas For Girls and Boys (Copy and Paste) 2021

Anime Names: In some past decades, humans have found out different ways for fun and enjoyment like playing games, watching movies, TV shows, etc. But the thing that we humans like the most are to lie down in front of our TV set or a smartphone and enjoy our favorite shows. With the recent advancement in broadcasting and graphics technology TV shows have becomes much better than the previous ones. Today you can enjoy TV shows, web series, and other stuff on your TV at the unmatchable picture and sound quality. Also if you equip a 3D glass or a VR device then you can have an immersive watching experience.

Even after getting high-quality picture quality on modern-day TV shows many people still love conventional anime and there are many reasons behind its popularity. Like the anime characters are amazing and they provide a unique watching experience. There was a time when only kids love to watch anime but today this scenario has completely changed. Today everyone enjoys watching anime whether it’s a kid or an adult. Also if you are watching anime for a long then you might know that there were only a few anime shows in past days but today there are numerous anime shows available that you can enjoy.

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Anime Names

Anime Names

It’s quite fun watching anime as you get a unique and immersive watching experience. Anime is different from conventional TV shows and some of them are also based on science fiction. Today there are millions of anime that you can enjoy and some of the stunningly amazing. The best part of anime is that you don’t require much time to watch it because it usually comes in short shows of less duration. Thus you can enjoy it anywhere you go as you can also watch it on your smartphone.

During childhood, almost every kid is a fan of any anime character and always wants to be like him. Many such anime shows are quite popular among kids today. Also, there is a growing trend along kids to call them with a nickname of their favorite anime character. But there are not many famous anime characters and thus your nickname might match with your friend’s nickname thus you need a unique nickname that should resemble the personality of your favorite anime character. Nut making such a unique nickname can be a little difficult thus if you are in search of such a name then we have got a complete guide for it.

You can find some of the best and cool anime names in the list below. The list is categorized according to your favorite Anime character, and your personality thus you make a good choice.

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Anime Names From Bleach

Bleach is one of the most popular and trending anime series and the most popular character of the series is Ichigo. Also, there are many other famous characters in the series like Kenji, and Nel thus if you like this anime series and want a nickname based on the characters in this anime series then you can find some of them below.

The list is further categorized based on the name of boys and girls. There are many characters in this anime and some of them are boys and some are girls thus described below are some of the best names for both boys and girls based on this anime. 

For BoysFor Girls

Anime Names From Naruto

It is hard to find a kid who has not watched Naruto in his childhood and the main reason behind this is that it was one of the most famous anime of its time and still it has a separate fan base. This anime series was full of stunning characters and some of them were boys while some of them were girls. Thus if you too want a name for your based on characters of Naruto then you can find some cool names in the below list.

For BoysFor Girls

Anime Names From Dragon ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is one of the best anime series that most of us enjoyed in our childhood and some of us even enjoy it today. This anime series was complete fun and enjoyment since it was one of the best of its kind. The dragon ball Z series consists of some of the amazing characters of which we were found. However, if you are looking for a nickname based on the characters of this anime then you reached the right place. Described below are some of the best nicknames based on some of the best characters in this series.

For BoysFor Girls

Anime Names From Sailor Moon

If you ask someone about his favorite anime series then most probably he will reply sailor moon and it is because it is one of the best anime series ever made. The series includes numerous amazing characters and if you want a nickname for you based on that characters then you can find some of the fantastic names based on sailor moon in the below list.

For BoysFor Girls

Anime Names From The Full Metal Alchemist

Full metal alchemist is one of the best and anime series popular among kids. Also, many adults enjoy watching it too and the main reason behind its popularity is that it is one of its kind and different from other anime series. The anime series was full of amazing characters and some of them were favorites of many of us. If you want a nickname based on these characters then you can find it in the list mentioned below.

For BoysFor Girls

Above you can find out some of the most famous and selected anime names ideas so if you’re an anime fan or creator then must check out all the anime name ideas listed above. I hope you all the anime names mentioned in this article.

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