[100+ Cool] Badass Nicknames For Boys and Guys 2022

Badass Nicknames For Boys and Guys: Today’s world is digital and thus every person is connected in different ways and the most important bond that these people together is social media. Today almost everyone is using a smartphone and thus they can simply connect with anyone in this world via phone call or a social media messaging application. However, these social media messaging applications are not limited today just for calling and messaging purposes but you can also use them for your fun. Yes, you heard it right today almost every social media messaging application is trying to provide more fun and enjoyment while using their application. 

There are numerous popular social media applications that people use nowadays and some of them are quite popular because of their interactive user interface. Also, many popular social media messaging applications are taking the help of virtual reality to enhance your experience. If you’ve been long on any social media messaging application then you might know that there are certain things that you can do on that platform like showcase your talent and increase your reach promote your business, accept some trending challenges, etc. Their much kind of popular challenges going on these applications and you too can accept them.

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Badass Nicknames For Boys and Guys

Badass Nicknames For Boys and Guys

There is another common trend on social media and also people who are not on any social media application like to follow. And that is providing yourself a nickname now calling someone with a nickname is a quite common practice that people were following many years before when social media came into existence. But during this time the nicknames evolved a lot like in past days nicknames were simple and common and usually they were initials of your name. But the nicknames you find today are quite interesting because they are quite short and sweet and interesting to hear.

Today people keep nicknames based on their favorite movie star or a sports person they like the most. But a good nickname can reflect your personality, character, and nature. Like if you are a cool guy and live life to its fullest then awesome would be the best nickname for you. But today boys usually like some badass nicknames and it is because these names are trending and reflect your badass personality. But these kinds of nicknames are very difficult to find but you don’t need to worry about it because we’ve got you some of the best and quite interesting badass nicknames for boys.

Making a badass nickname on your own is a little bit tricky and even if you there are strong chances that you’ll end up with nothing. Thus if you want some of the most interesting badass nicknames for boys then you refer to the below list.

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How to Get a Good Nickname For You

Nicknames are more than a name it’s your personality and also the thoughts of other people what they think about you. Nicknames are not always just for fun and thus it carries much information about your character. On the other hand, a person doesn’t have to behave as his nickname suggests. But still, nicknames are quite common us and thus we like a lot to provide a nickname to our friends, family, and colleagues. 

The things that people usually consider while providing a nickname to you are described below.

  • Personality: Your personality plays an important role in your life and thus many philosophers also believe that your gesture and actions speak a lot about your personality. And this is one of the most important factors that people consider while providing a nickname to a person.
  • Physical Features: Your physical appearance speaks a lot about you but sometimes your friends also use it to provide a nickname to you lie if you are short then they might call you shortly, or if you are a bodybuilder then your friends might call you hulk.
  • Mannerism: It is the most important factor that one should take care of while interacting with other people. Your manner reflects your nature and character and thus our parents try to teach us manners. Thus it is also a big factor for people that provide you a nickname.
  • Interests: Sometimes your interests become quite important to you and if you have a quite unusual or weird interest then it also provides a chance for your friends to give you a nickname based on your interests.
  • Habits: Your habits count a lot in your personality like every person some different habits and sometimes their habits become a reason for their nickname. Like some people have a habit to chew nails then their friend might also call him a nail clipper. 
  • Real name: Most of the nicknames are made out of your real name because our real names are usually quite long and thus friends try to make it short by making a nickname. Also if your name is unique then your friends might try to jumble your name to make a nickname. 
Badass Nickname For Boys

Badass Nickname For Boys

If you are searching for some of the best badass nicknames for boys of all time then you arrived at the right place. The blow list consists of some of the best badass nicknames for boys.

  1. Aspect
  2. Big Papa
  3. Bruise
  4. Clink
  5. Colt
  6. Creep
  7. Decay
  8. Doom
  9. Dragon
  10. Fester
  11. Flack
  12. Grave
  13. Hash
  14. Indominus
  15. Killer
  16. Knuckles
  17. Ironclad
  18. Hashtag
  19. Gunner
  20. Gargoyle
  21. Fisheye
  22. Fender
  23. Dracula
  24. Diablo
  25. Daemon
  26. Crank
  27. Cobra
  28. Cannon
  29. Bowser
  30. Bender
  31. Lynch
  32. O’Doyle
  33. Ranger
  34. Reaper
  35. Ripley
  36. Ronin
  37. Sasquatch
  38. Shiver
  39. Skull Crusher
  40. Steel shot
  41. Sythe
  42. Trooper
  43. Vein
  44. Wardon
  45. Wraith
  46. Zero
  47. Void
  48. Tweek
  49. Trip
  50. Surge
  51. Slasher
  52. Skinner
  53. Scar
  54. Rubble
  55. Roadkill
  56. Rigs
  57. Ratchet
  58. Psycho
  59. Mad Dog
  60. Kraken
Badass Nicknames For Guys

Badass Nickname For Guys

Badass nicknames are quite common these day but some of this nickname is quite hard-core and thus if you are in search of some of these names then you search ends here because we’ve got some badass nicknames for guys in the list below.

  1. Tito
  2. Iron-Cut
  3. Tempest
  4. Ironsides
  5. Bullet-Proof
  6. Titanium
  7. Steel Foil
  8. Steel Forge
  9. Big Guy
  10. Little
  11. Bits Little
  12. Dude
  13. Bitsy
  14. Little Guy
  15. Bitsy-boo
  16. Little Man
  17. Bitty
  18. Lover Boy
  19. Blue Eyes
  20. Mini-Me
  21. Brown Eyes
  22. Mister
  23. Bubba
  24. My Guy
  25. Bucky
  26. Pumpkin
  27. Buddy
  28. Pursuit
  29. Hurricane
  30. Upsurge
  31. Dissent
  32. Subversion
  33. Overthrow
  34. Chubs
  35. Sunny Delight
  36. Chunky Monkey
  37. Sweet One
  38. Cocoa Puff
  39. Sweetiekins
  40. Cookie
  41. Sweetums
  42. Cuddle Bunny
  43. Tootsie PopBig Guy
  44. Sabotage
  45. Insurgent
  46. Sabotage
  47. Loch
  48. Balrog