990+ Creative, Funny & Unique Fast Food Restaurant Names

Fast Food is a type of food that everyone loves to eat and if you are planning to open your new Fast Food Restaurant then you obviously need to serve tasty fast food to visitors but also need a good Fast Food Restaurant Name. Fast Food is a very addictive form of food so people eat it very often. Hence, you can easily convert your visitors into regular customers and if you have a good and memorable name for your restaurant then it will help new visitors to remember your restaurant name, so here we have listed some of the best Fast Food Restaurant Names that will surely help you to easily choose the perfect name for your restaurant.

In a world where money is always tight, that’s a huge perk to eat fast food because it is often cheap. Fast food is also super convenient. You can drive through a window and have your meal in minutes, without even having to get out of your vehicle. And let’s be honest, sometimes we just don’t feel like cooking. When we’re tired and hungry, the last thing we want to do is spend an hour in the kitchen. Fast food saves us time and energy, and it’s often just as tasty as a home-cooked meal.

We all know that fast food isn’t the healthiest choice, but sometimes it’s just so darn convenient and tasty. But have you ever wondered why we can’t just have one burger or why we keep coming back for more even though we know it’s not good for us? Well, it turns out that there are some scientific reasons behind our fast food addiction. For one, many fast food restaurants use something called “the bliss point” when they are creating their menu items. This is the point at which a food is so flavorful that we can’t help but keep eating it.

Starting a Fast Food Restaurant is more profitable than other type of restaurant because it is easy to get more customers consistently and also get more transaction of money that will help to survive in bad days. If you are think to start a new restaurant based on fast food then here you can get some awesome ideas about naming your restaurant. A well-chosen name can be a powerful marketing tool, helping to attract customers and build brand recognition.

Fast Food Restaurant Names

Fast Food Restaurant Names

Fast food restaurants are everywhere these days, and it’s no wonder why. They’re convenient, they’re affordable, and they’re usually pretty tasty. But there’s a dark side to the fast food industry that many people don’t know about. Exploitation of workers, unhealthy ingredients, and environmental destruction are all major problems with the fast food industry. When creating a fast food restaurant you can solve all these issue in this industry and market your restaurant by using it as a keyword or a marketing tool. You can also include these terms in your restaurant name that will help you to make your restaurant stand out.

Choosing the name of your fast food restaurant is a very responsible task because business name plays a very significant role in the success of your restaurant. If you are wondering what name to pick for your brand new restaurant them here you have provided few suggestions that will help you to get some unique idea and think something out of the box and easily find a perfect name for your fast food restaurant.

Fast Food Restaurant Names Ideas

In search of fast food restaurant name, we have compiled the best name in the list given below.

  1. Pit Stop Cafe
  2. Alpha wave food
  3. Red Caffeine
  4. Rich Table
  5. SushiHut
  6. Delight Fast Food
  7. Speedy Snacks
  8. Maya’s Kitchenette
  9. Family Food
  10. Burning Brownie
  11. Hungry Helpers
  12. Love To Serve
  13. Fast and Fresh
  14. Food On the Go
  15. The Smoking Grill
  16. Wreck Hall
  17. Paradise’s Kitchen
  18. The Snack Hack
  19. Food For the Soul
  20. Asian Fusion
  21. Sugar and Spice
  22. Tacolicious
  23. Crunchilicious
  24. Clever Cooks Cafe
  25. Café Gloria
  26. Food Sanctuary
  27. Rapid Rocket
  28. Extra Burger
  29. Ironic Fast Food
  30. Veggie Guys
  31. Fireside Burgers
  32. Food Cart Franchise
  33. Boston Pizza
  34. Fast Food Joints
  35. Flash Espresso
  36. Redcliff Cafe
  37. Chi Spacca
  38. Chipotle Meal
  39. Mad Mexican
  40. The Local Eatery
  41. Table Talk
  42. Cafe Coyote
  43. Heirloom Cafe
  44. Just A Sec
  45. Thai The Knot
  46. Fresh Table
  47. Dipped N Such
  48. Fast and Flavorsome
  49. Icy Chickens Pizza
  50. The Roast Chick

Unique Fast Food Restaurant Names

These are the unique fast food restaurant name ideas that you can explore from here and easily pick the best name.

  1. Eat Simple
  2. Crave Restaurant
  3. Chip N Chicken
  4. Krafty Kitchen
  5. Rapid fresh
  6. Catch of the Day
  7. Makin’ It Big Mamas
  8. Creamy Dream
  9. Thai Chicken Fry
  10. Healthy Foods
  11. Uncle`s Fast Food
  12. Tasty Table Fast Food
  13. Friends Fast Food
  14. Old Timey Burgers
  15. Capital Delights
  16. Good Days Fast Food
  17. Eat Pretty Food
  18. Burger Brain
  19. Sticky Finger Joint
  20. Lucky Burgers Point
  21. Family Recipe Foods
  22. Super Speedy Food
  23. Where To Go
  24. The Burger Lady
  25. Chick King
  26. Snoops Taco House
  27. Top End Takeaway
  28. Crunch Fast Food
  29. Grab Your Meals
  30. Blue And White Burgers
  31. The Best Grill
  32. The Tasty Treat
  33. Minute Meals
  34. Food, Glorious Food
  35. Rapid Burgers
  36. Broadway Pizza
  37. Sunny Side Up Food
  38. Seoul Beef Cuisine
  39. Cheese It ‘N Snack
  40. Fast and Ravenous
  41. Salt and Pepper
  42. Food Booster
  43. The Hungry Greek
  44. Orange Julius
  45. Jack in the Box
  46. Delight Fast Food
  47. Speedy Snacks
  48. Bread Talk
  49. Lunch Hour
  50. Burrito Zone
  51. Fresh go
  52. Food Mama
  53. Fast Food Joints
  54. Mo sushi food
  55. Chicken Grille

Funny Fast Food Restaurant Names

A funny name can be attractive as well as easy to remember so check out these funny fast food restaurant name ideas from here.

  1. Healthy And Fast
  2. Fast Food People
  3. Fast Food Centre
  4. Proxim food
  5. Duck donuts
  6. Cafe coffee day
  7. Green Mushroom
  8. Silver Sun Fast Food
  9. Lunch box food
  10. Wrap & Go
  11. Origano Deli
  12. Origano Deli
  13. Freddy’s Corner
  14. Cheesy Love
  15. Wrap & Go
  16. Cheesy Love
  17. Wrap & Go
  18. Casa Nostra
  19. Flavored Food
  20. Taste Matters
  21. Dehli Delights
  22. Fast Food Street
  23. Asian Fusion
  24. Food Family
  25. Super Kitchen
  26. The Taste Kitchen
  27. Green Mushroom
  28. Stash Fast food
  29. The Desi Spice
  30. The Kebab King
  31. Mad For Mood
  32. Herbano Café
  33. Lord of the Fries
  34. World of Food
  35. Takoyaki Team
  36. The Lunch Box
  37. Lunch Hour
  38. Aspire Foodies
  39. Delicacies Hits
  40. Vintage Charm
  41. Chinese Corner
  42. The Food Canteen

Fast Food Restaurant Names in America

If you want to open a fast food restaurant in America then here are few examples of the names for your new restaurant that you can consider having.

  1. Burger King Hub
  2. Texas Road House
  3. Delighted Hearts
  4. Snack Hub
  5. Cafe Monarch
  6. Urban Delights
  7. Rapid Relief
  8. Quick Quick
  9. Food On Wheels
  10. Tasty Morsels
  11. Heaven’s Kitchen
  12. Origano Deli
  13. Freddy’s Corner
  14. Origano Deli
  15. Freddy’s Corner
  16. Roadside Burger
  17. Picante Corner
  18. Freddy’s Corner
  19. Roadside Burger
  20. McDonald’s
  21. Foodies Goodies
  22. Jacks Food
  23. Hot Dogma
  24. The Local House
  25. Home Flavor
  26. Fearless Foodies
  27. Salty Deliver
  28. Food Shine
  29. White Slurps
  30. Tight Turnaround
  31. Joyful Jaunt
  32. Fast That Lasts
  33. Tasty Dots
  34. Food Fusion
  35. Organic Food
  36. Hunger Pangs
  37. Food Meant
  38. Lunch Bunch
  39. Cravings Palace
  40. The Red Door
  41. Café Gloria
  42. Suede Dinner
  43. Marina’s Kitchen
  44. Indian Zone
  45. That’s a Wrap

Indian Fast Food Restaurant Names

For Indians, these are the best fast food restaurant names ideas to check out.

  1. Out To Lunch
  2. Crispy Delight
  3. Fast Food Fiends
  4. Star liner
  5. Next Restaurant
  6. The Oyster Palace
  7. Duke’s Seafood
  8. Chicken licken
  9. El taco tote
  10. Upscale Food
  11. Burger Circus
  12. The Burger Joint
  13. Fred’s Tacos Corner
  14. Grid Dish
  15. Blast & Brew
  16. Finger Floyd
  17. Le Bernardin
  18. Picante Corner
  19. The Canteen
  20. Geronimo
  21. Jumbo king
  22. Curry & Scoop
  23. Little Caesars
  24. Church’s Chicken
  25. One Stop Fast Food
  26. Black Cat Takeaways
  27. Flavor Foodland
  28. Picante Corner
  29. Chick-N-Pull’s
  30. Taste Town
  31. Snack Bar Express
  32. Precious Moments Meals
  33. Fireside Burgers
  34. Speedy Snacks
  35. Food Transcendence
  36. Good Time Fresh BBQ
  37. Road Side Fast Food
  38. Jack of Potatoes
  39. Live Healthy
  40. The Lunch Hour
  41. Toasted Takeout
  42. Lite Burger
  43. Ho-Tasty Food
  44. Raceway Junk Food
  45. Food Arteries
  46. Bob’s Burger
  47. Almost There Eatery
  48. Taste Feeder
  49. Eaton Street Food
  50. Fast That Lasts
  51. Sugar Me Spicy
  52. Fast Food Table
  53. While You Wait
  54. Sugar and Spice

Long Fast Food Restaurant Names

Here are some long and meaningful fast food restaurant names ideas but all these long names are under 20 characters so that it can be convenient for visitors to read and understand with ease.

  1. Gold Medal Burgers
  2. Yummy Roast Chicken
  3. Lucky Famous Burgers
  4. The Star Gold Food
  5. Freshco Burger Point
  6. Cheesy Love
  7. Snack Factory
  8. Crazy Jack’s Junk
  9. Chromo Fast Foods
  10. Stack Burger
  11. PAPA’S Burger
  12. Big Bite Food
  13. The Big Slice
  14. Meals In Minutes
  15. Burger Garage
  16. Eggs Scramble
  17. Bright Takeaway
  18. Lite Bite Fries
  19. Fast Food Centre
  20. Proxim food
  21. Salty Sow
  22. Freshies
  23. Burgerland
  24. Sweetie Fry
  25. Roister Restaurant
  26. The Lunch Counter
  27. Nuke tatse
  28. Foody Dots
  29. Fatty Fingers
  30. Piazza Duomo
  31. Blast & Brew
  32. Dragon Eats
  33. Catch of the Day
  34. Spirite Food
  35. Burger Town
  36. Crossroad Hotel
  37. Magic hut
  38. Magic recipe
  39. Lobster Heights
  40. Hob Knob
  41. Palermo’s Café
  42. Peking Inn
  43. Delicious Foods
  44. The Food Dude

Healthy Fast Food Restaurant Names

If you want to start a healthy fast food restaurant then these are the best name that you can consider.

  1. Quick Quick
  2. Flora eve
  3. Elegant Cuisine
  4. Carrot Smiles
  5. Second Burger
  6. Crispy Fried
  7. Primi Piatti
  8. Café Italiano
  9. The Local House
  10. Steak Escape
  11. Bread and Butter
  12. Subs N More
  13. Fruits and Roots
  14. My Roti Place
  15. Thai Express
  16. Tasty N Healthy
  17. Dad’s Cookies
  18. Noodle Pop
  19. Tokyo Smoke
  20. Chaska Express
  21. The Lunch Box
  22. Big Smoke Burger
  23. Curry & Scoop
  24. Steak n Shake
  25. Pizza Nova
  26. Patties Express
  27. Haida Sandwich
  28. Wow Chicken
  29. Chicken Shack
  30. Foodie Boy
  31. Twisted Curry
  32. Pizza Hut
  33. The Kebab King
  34. Just a Sec
  35. Quick Licks
  36. Quick Sneaking
  37. The Desi Tarka
  38. Café Nirala
  39. Café Bliss
  40. Café Di Milano
  41. Pepper Front
  42. Second Helpings
  43. Lucky Kitchen
  44. Brothers Pizza
  45. Mister Yummy
  46. Bravo Pizzaria
  47. Chick N Delish
  48. Noodle Soup
  49. Fired Pie
  50. Extra Burger
  51. Burger N Fries
  52. My Pie Pizza

Creative Fast Food Restaurant Names

Here we have some creative fast food restaurant name ideas that you can check out from the list given below.

  1. Subs N More
  2. Burger Joint
  3. Bee Gee Kitchen
  4. Crazy Mocha
  5. Tutti Frutti
  6. Rollins Market
  7. Foody Mart
  8. Kitchen Gourmet
  9. Food Lion
  10. 70`s Belt Burger
  11. Chicken Shack
  12. The Spicy Oak
  13. Time For Coffee
  14. Freddy’s Corner
  15. Super Kitchen
  16. Food On Wheels
  17. Food Delicacy
  18. The Pantry
  19. Oak Food
  20. Street Side Café
  21. Insane Grill
  22. Baked Caterers
  23. Baked Nights
  24. Hollywood Café
  25. Shake Shack
  26. Lava Dining
  27. The Canteen
  28. Geronimo
  29. Picante Corner
  30. Round Table Foods
  31. Bistro Indulge
  32. Firearm Smoke
  33. The Red Door
  34. Little Italy
  35. The Spice of Sea
  36. That’s a Wrap
  37. Prawn Phreak
  38. Tickle a Pickle
  39. The Spoiled Chef
  40. Tasty Morsels
  41. Pantry Lounge
  42. The Lunch Hour
  43. Mama’s Food
  44. Café Milano
  45. Café De Fiesta
  46. Foodoholics
  47. Burgerville
  48. Trinity Café
  49. The Arcadian Café
  50. Food For the Mood
  51. Quickey Snacks
  52. Street Harvest
  53. My Messy Kitchen
  54. Creamy Dream
  55. Fatty Fingers
  56. The Spicy Oak
  57. The Food Canteen
  58. Snack In Seconds

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Fast Food Restaurant Names
Fast Food Restaurant Names

How to Pick a Good Fast Food Restaurant Name

Restaurant is a place where people can come together and enjoy good food and good company. When it comes to naming a restaurant then you have to take care of many things because the name of your fast food restaurant creates the first impression for visitors and if they like the name of your restaurant, they may suggest your restaurant to others too. In this section, we have talked about how to choose a good name for a fast food restaurant.

Choosing a restaurant name can be tough. You want something that will make your restaurant different from the rest, but not too weird. You also want to make sure that the name is appropriate for the type of food you’ll be serving. A clever or punny name might seem like a good idea, but it can be difficult for customers to remember. Sometimes, the best names are the most straightforward. You can also choose your restaurant name based on your special food item. The name of your restaurant should give some indication of what kind of food you serve.

If your fast food restaurant is purely vegetarian then it is very important to declare it by your restaurant name so that you can lose the major competition and increase your success rate. While choosing the name of your restaurant, think about what kind of vibe you want your restaurant to have. This will help narrow down the type of name you are looking for. Finally, be creative! Brainstorm with friends, family, and your team to come up with a list of potential names then you can easily pick the best possible name for your restaurant.


We have listed all types of Fast Food Restaurant Names Ideas and I hope you liked it. You have also offered the complete guide to choosing Fast Food Restaurant Names so make sure you check it out very profoundly so that you can choose the perfect name for your restaurant.

If you have any queries or suggestions for us then comment below and let us know which Fast Food Restaurant Name you like the most and also give us a reason behind your selection. Thanks for visiting here!