Best 1011+ Birthday Bio For Instagram

Birthday Bio For Instagram: If you’re looking for Birthday Bio For Instagram then this article would be very helpful to you. Here, you can find the best collection of Aesthetic Birthday Bio For Instagram, and Creative Birthday Bio For Instagram that sounds cute so you should be very careful while choosing a birthday bio. You must know what kind of bio you want to have for her. Because we have shared almost all kinds of birthday bio.

If you’re facing a tragedy while choosing a birthday bio for your friends, family, and loved ones then here you come to the right place because, in this article, you can easily find the best birthday bio for Instagram. We have shared more than 200+ instagram bio for birthday that you can explore and pick any of them that you like.

Birthday Bio For Instagram

Funny Birthday Bio For Instagram

Instagram Bio is the best way to express yourself or your business, displayed to other users underneath your profile photo.

  1. First cry on (Your Date of Birth)
  2. Ready for a party on (Your DOB)
  3. keep an alarm on (Your date of birth)
  4. Royal entry on (Insert Your Birthday Date)
  5. Blow candles on (Your Date of Birth)
  6. Big party on (Insert birthday date)
  7. Mom first kiss me on (Your Birthday Date)
  8. My birthday date (Your Birthday date)
  9. Age increasing on (Your Birthday Date)
  10. Feed me cake on (Your Date of Birth)
  11. Wish to me on (Your Date of Birth)
  12. blessed is the day on (Your DOB)
  13. King born on (Your Date of Birth)
  14. Bless me on (Insert birthday date)
  15. Throw me wishes on (Insert birthday date)
  16. Hope my birthday 🎉 blossoms into lots of dreams 💓 come true!
  17. Login in the world (Your birthday date)
  18. Miss me on (Insert Your Birthday Date)
  19. Candles below on (your birthday date)
  20. Born for a reason on (Your birthday date)
  21. Order my birthday cake on (Your birthday date)
  22. Gift me on (Your birthday date)
  23. Ready for a party on (Your birthday date)
  24. Happy wala day (Your birthday date)
  25. Grand entry on (Your birthday date)
  26. My b-day (Your birthday date)
  27. Throw me wishes on (Your birthday date)
  28. Blow candles on (Your birthday date)
  29. 1st cry on (Your birthday date)
  30. Today is my birthday 🎉 Don’t forget!
  31. Feed me a cake on (Your birthday date)
  32. Cake kill on (Your birthday date)
  33. Keeping it real (Your birthday date)
  34. Miss me on (Your birthday date)
  35. Celebrations start on (Your birthday date)

Aesthetic Birthday Bio For Instagram

Here, you will find of Aesthetic Birthday Bio For Instagram for your partners, family, friends, and loved ones.

Royal Entry on 28 Jan 🎂
Mom Dad ❤️
Cricket my DnA 🏏
Gym Addict 😘
Badmash Ladka 😘
Hak se Single ☝️

👑Bad Boy 🔥
😎 Attitude💯
📸 Photography 🕶️
💪Gym Freak🏋️
🖤Fehli fursat ne nikal 👉
🎊Royal Entry On 28 July 🎂

👉 School student 📚
👉 Cake Kill on 25 June🎂
👉 Cricket lover 🏏
👉 R15 bike lover😍
👉 Devil 👉 Inside 😈
👉 Attitude Depends On You 😎

🖤Raj Kumar 🔥
🚫 Attitude King 👑
🎂Wish Me On 23th April
🙏Ram Bhakt ❤️
💜Tabaahi Boy😈
👪I ❤️My Family

🎂 DOB 27 Dec
👉 Man Mojilo
👌 Kanudo_💖
💞 Love Mom & Dad
💖 Single 👫

❤️Ⓟapa Ka Sar Dard 😀
💜Mama Ka 𝕃adla 😘
😭1st Cry on 1 March
🇮🇳Indian Army 🪖 🇮🇳
😜 Bindaas Life 🔥
love #🍕 #👗 #✈️ 😊❤😍
🕉️ Mahakal Bhakt 🔥
🥪🍔 Foodie 🥘

🙀 My world 🙀
🔥 Unique personality🕶️
🥮Cake LOver 🎂
😜Simple Boy🤩
💥 PhotoHolic📷
💀 Ghost rider👈
💪 GYM Addict ☺️
🔪 Killer Smile 😁

♥️Mr ℙerfect ♥️
🔥 My VIP Account😎
🎂22 March 🗡️
🏋️ Fitness LOver 💪
👔 Model 🕶️
🎶Music Addicted😍
❤️‍🩹Ι Hate Love 💔
💜 Instagram Løver

༺۝❉{Attitude King }❉۝༻
💠 Happy Wala Day 23-08🎂
💠 Badmas Boy 🔥
💠 Music LOver 🎼
💠Mom Dad My World 🌍
💠 Student 😎
💠 BMW Løver 🚗
💠Pro Player 🏏🏑⚾
💠Mahakal Bhakt🔥

➡ My birthday 19 Dec🎂
➡ Full Enjoy Life 🤩
➡ Royal Stag Lover🥃
➡ Music Lover🎻
➡ No @ttitude 🔥
➡ Single Raho Man☝️
➡ Ahmedabad 💜

🍰17 / 1🍭
🎧English Song Løver 🎵
😎Attitude Depends On You🎃
💜No GF❤️❤️❤️❤️
🏍️Racing Bike LOver 🥰

👉 Photo Graphy 📷
😎 Royal ℍindu 🔥
👉Càll Me 📲Hari
🙀 King Of INSTA 🫅
🔥Àttîtûdê bøy😜
😔Single Boy🙏
🎊Wish On 14 Ôçt🎂

Birthday Bio For Instagram For Boy

Birthday Bio For Instagram For Boy is the perfect type of bio for your brother, best friend, and boyfriend so, read all these bio given below carefully.

❤️Mr 👻 Name ❤️
😎Personality lover
😘Dilo Ka King ✌🏻
😘Single Raho Men🚶
🏙️From [Mumbai] 🏖
🤣 1st Cry on 27 March 🎂

👉Welcome To My Profile 😍
💪 Fitness Lover💪
👔Unique Persnality 👟
🎂Cake Murder on 7th May🎂

🕉️Har Har MAHADEV🕉️
👉My Day (Birthday Date)🎂
😊Simple Sa Banda😇
🙏Shiv Bhakt🙏
😁Girls Respect🤨
😍My Life Is Beautiful🥰
💎माला तो लड़कियों का fashion है👩
😎हम तो महाकाल 🙏के Bhakt है 📿Rudraksha पहनते है.😇

ミ★ Vip Account ★彡
❤️Handsome Boy😎
🧡Music Lover🎵
💜Photo Editing King👑
💚Sweet and Simple 🥰
🖤Wish Me On 10th March🎂
💛Hak Se Single🙂

👉 Welcome to My Profile ❤️
👉 Attitude Prince
👉🎂 Bday 👉 10 March
👉 Crazy Boy🤣👑
👉 Sanskari💯

♥️Welcome to My World 🌎
😎 Happiest Person ☝️
😘Sanskari Bilkul Nahi😜
🔥Born With Rare Blood 🔥
♥️Love Me Or Hate Me♥️
🕉️Big Bhakt Of 👉 MAHAKAL 🙏🏻

Mr Prince 👑
My Life My Rules🔥
My Attitude 😎
Unique Persnality 👔
🎧Music Addict🎶
Royal_Entry 10 December 🎉

😰 Papa ka sar dard 😀
😍 Mama ka ladla 😘
😀 Kamine friends ki jaan 😘
❤️ Single ❤️
😄 Bindasss life 😄
😊 No attitude 😄
🎂Wish me on 16 July🎂

⚫Wish me on 👉 22 May✌️
⚫PAPA Ka Genius😀
⚫MAA Ka Ladla😄
⚫JAAN Ki Jaan😍
⚫Cars Lover🚗🚘
⚫Being single

⚫Welcome to My Profile♥️
⚫Cute Kameeni😜
⚫Cake Murder (Your DOB)🎂
⚫Piano 🎹 Lover
⚫Dream Big 😍
⚫Friends Forever 💕

👉Mr 👑 Badmash 😍
🩸Sucess is in My Blood 💖
❤Don’t love too soon😉
😋Drink Beer 🍻🍺
😘Save Water 💦💦
😎 Attitude 💯
🎂 Ready For a Party on 1st August 🍰

👑Bad Boy 🔥
😎 Attitude💯
📸 Photography 🕶️
💪Gym Freak🏋️
🖤Fehli fursat ne nikal 👉
🎊Royal Entry On 28 July 🎂

I 💞 My Style
I 💞 My Attitude
I 💞 My Rules
I 💞My Personality
I 💞 My Life
👑 Birthday Date / 9 September

Short Birthday Bio For Instagram

Although we have shared here so many short birthday bio for instagram while choosing a bio you need to be extra careful because these kinds of bios enhance your profile which means all impressions are attracted to your profile.

  1. Wish Me On (Your Birthday Date)
  2. Landed On Earth (Your DOB)
  3. On Earth Since (Insert Your Birthday Date)
  4. The Lucky Date Is (Your Birthday Date)
  5. 1st Cry on (Your DOB)
  6. Big Cake Party On (Your Date of Birth)
  7. Age Increasing On Every (Your Dob)
  8. Born For A Reason On (Your Dob)
  9. Waiting For Your Gifts On (Your Dob)
  10. Landing on Earth (Your DOB)
  11. Royal Entry On (Your Birthday Date)
  12. Give Me Gifts On (Your Dob)
  13. Mom First Kiss Me on (Your Birthday Date)
  14. Keeping it Real (Birthday Date)
  15. Happy Birthday To Me On (Your DOB)
  16. Feed Me Cake On (Your Date Of Birth)
  17. Birthday Bash (Your Date Of Birth)
  18. Big Party On (Insert Birthday Date)
  19. Cake Party On {Your Date Of Birth}
  20. {Your birthday date} was the start of my story
  21. Kiss me on – Your birthday date
  22. Happy Wala Day – Your date of birth
  23. Royal Entry On – Insert your birthday date
  24. Keeping it Real – birthday date
  25. Cake Party On (Insert DOB)
  26. Wish Me On – Your birthday date
  27. Cake Kill On​ – Your date of birth
  28. My Birthday Date -Your bday date
  29. Mom First Kiss Me on – Your birthday date
  30. Landing on Earth – Your birthday date
  31. My Story Started On {Your Birthday Date}
  32. Gift me on – Your DOB
  33. Age increase every year on – Birth date
  34. My Favourite Day {Your Birthday Date}
  35. Joined Earth Network On {DOB}
  36. Book Cake For Me On {Your DOB}
  37. keep an alarm on – birthday
  38. Born for a reason on – your DOB
  39. Your DOB is the day so blessed
  40. Please order a cake for me on {your birthday date}
  41. Feed me cake on – your DOB

Instagram Girls Birthday Bio Ideas

Basically, there are so many instagram girls birthday bio ideas available on the internet but most of the girl bio are already been used by so many people around the globe which means there are very few girls birthday bio available on the internet and some of them are listed below.

Attitude Girl😎
Royal Entry On 4 Match 🎂
Black 🄻over🖤
Papa Ki Princess👸
🙎‍♀️Mom Ki Jaan❣️
🌭🥞🍔 LOver

★》Selfie Queen📸
★》Chocolate Lover🍫
★》Naughty Girl😜
★》Simple But Beautiful Girl💋
★》Music Lover🎶
★》Miss Me On 12 April🎂

༺۝❉MS.Your Name ❉۝༻
👗Shopping Lover💓
😎Stylish Girl👰
👩Mom’s Pretty❤️
🧔Dady’s Princes👸
🎂Landing On Earth 18 April🍰
📲WhatsApp No:- 09—-09–8📞

😈Branded Kamini😈
😎Fashionable Attitude😎
👨‍👩‍👧Mom & Dad My First Love💖
💄Lipstick Lover💟
😘Friends Call Me Barbie Doll👸
👉My Favourite Day (Your Birthday Date)🎂

༺❀༻Ego Queen ༺❀༻
👑Official Account👑
🥰Bindass Kudi🥰
🍫Chocolate Lover❤️
👉Happy Wala Day 19 February🍰

🔐Official Account⚔️
🥰 Attractive Girl👰🏻
🤳Selfie Queen😚
🎶Music my jaan🎧
🎂Wish Me On 20th November🎂

🏠 Surat 👈
👸 Insta Queen
🔥 Attitude Girl
🎂28 December
🤪 Drama Queen
😎 Lover Of Driving
I Hate Love ✔#Single💯🌷

🍰My Bday 24 March🎂
🧑‍🏭Noughty Girl🧕
👩‍❤️‍👨I Love My Friends ❤️
🤳 LOver 👈
😎Proud To Be Patel 🔥
💪 GYM LOver 🏋️
👑 Insta Queen 🧑‍🚒

😎 Attitude Girl
💋 Fashion Designer
😘 Friends is Life
🏍 Sport Bike lover
👸 Dream Queen
🎶 Music Lover
💃 Dance Craze
🎂 Cake Murder on 13 April 🎂

🍫Chocolate lover🍫
👑Papa’s princess👑
😘Music lover🎧
😾Car Lover😾
🎂Wish me on 27 March🎂

↔Royal Entry On Earth 18 May🎂
↔If You Bad im Your Dad😈
↔Sandy Boy👥
↔Sexy Look😎
↔Hak se Single ❤️
↔HaTe Attitude Girls😏

🎂 Selfie Queen 📸
😉 Love Hunter♥️
😘 Wish me on 10_July
🕉️ MAHAKAL Bhakt
🙇 Proud 2 Be Hindu
👑 Attitude 💯
😪 Music Lover
😜 Ab Kya Sab Bata Du..😆

👸Lovely Girl👸
👉Miss Me On (Your Birthday Date)🎂
👰I am Queen My Dad🧔
🍫Chocolate Lover 💋
🎧Music Lover💓
😈Kamine Dosto Ki Jann💘
👉Single 😿

😍Believe in Myself😍
😎My Life My Rules😜
🙄I am Attitude Queen 👑
😘I Love My Friends👬
🕉️Mahakal Ka Bhakt🙏
😪Big Dreamer💰
🎂Cake Party On 30 September🍰

Miss World 🌍
Pagli 100%….😍
Cute 100%…..😘
Dramebaaz 100%….😉
Rajputi Girl 100%….🙏
Single 100%…😉
Wish Me On 10 August 🍰

😎Miss Pagli 😇
❣️Shoping Lover❣️
😊 Love My GJ 🌆
📖 Student😌
😘Garba lover😍
🥰Wish Me On 17 July🎂

Birthday Bio For Instagram With Emoji

If you hunting birthday bio for instagram with emoji might be the best possible bio for you so check it out.

💖Simple Boy
💖Music Lover
💖Yaro Ka Yar
💖Wish Me On 10 Jan
💖Single But Happy

💓 Welcome To My Profile💟
🏍️KTM Lover💋
🔥 Tabaahi Boy😈
😎Attitude King😎
😘 Nalayak😝
💓King Of Insta💓
🎉Wish Me On 25 November 🎂

🙏Welcome To My Profile🙏
👉My Birthday Date (Your Birthday Date)
😎Rajasthani Chora😎
🤩Like Photography📸
❤️BMW Lover🚙
🎶Music Editor🤓

🍧Unique Boy💪
🍧Work Hard😎
🍧Dream Big😱
🍧Landed On Earth 19 March👍
🍧Royal Blood😎
🍧Love My Queen S💞

Mr Prince,👑👑
Waiting For Someone😉♥️
Dreamer Boy😘😍
MoJ Aur Masti🤩🥳
I Love My Queen K💞🌹
Wish Me On 19 January 🌼💐

But kash dil k pass bhi dimag hota
Love is easy but dimag is busy
Wish me on… 15/6🍮

Unique Boy👔
Birthday 20 Sep 🍰
Work Hard👈
Dream Big👍
Music Lovers🎧
Happy Life😁

💓Official Account💓
🎶Music Lover❤️
🎲Chess Player🤩
🎂Wish Me On 18 June🍰
😨Still Single😃

🔥Official Account🔥
➡😉Crazy Boy😊
➡📿Rudraksha Lover❤️
➡🕉️Mahakal Bhakt🕉️
➡👩Mom’s Lover❤️
➡🧔Papa’s Devil👿
➡🍰1st Cry On (Your DOB)🎂
➡💪Still & Single😜

@👉Lovely Boy😍
@👉Waiting For Queen👸
@👉Royal Hindu🚩
@👉9teen Age🚶
@👉Royal stag Lover🍾
@👉Cake Party On 21 June🎂

😎Royal Family😎
👨‍👩‍👦Love You MOM DAD💘
😊Mom’s Lover💓
😚Dad’s Lover🧡
😔Soft Hearted💕
🎂Cake Kill On 25 Feb🍰

🎂 Cake murder on 10 February 🎂
📏 5.6 feet
😉 Music lover😍
👉 Mumbaikar 😎
🙈 Single 👱
💪 Gym Addict 💪
🙋 Lifestyle lover ✌

💪Ziddi BOY 😈
😎 Insta King 👑
💓 Dj Boy 🎧
📸 PhotoHolic😎
😃 Pura Battamiz 😜
👸 Hasi To Fasi😃
🎂 Miss me on 30 December 🎂

💯Official Account🔐
😘Music Lover🎶
⚽Sports Lover🏏⛳
😍Big Dreamer 💰
👻Happy Soul👻
☠️Cake Murder 🔪 15 May 🎂

♔ Professional Account ♔
👉🇮🇳Hindustani Chora
👉🎂Joined Earth Network On (DOB)
👉👨‍✈️Indian Army Lover
👉😃Always Happy
👉😍Proud To Hindu
👉😠I Hate Attitude

💓Official Account💓
🎶Music Lover❤️
🎲Chess Player🤩
🎂Wish Me On 18 June🍰
😨Still Single😃

Birthday Bio For Instagram In Hindi

These are the most selected birthday bio for instagram in hindi that you need to check out so read them very profoundly.

  1. एक सुंदर सा दिन आज मेरा जन्मदिन है 🎂🎉
  2. आज दिल खुश हो रहा है क्योंकि यह मेरा जन्मदिन है 🎈🎁
  3. जन्मदिन की बधाई दोस्तों! मैं आज बहुत खुश हूँ 🎉😊
  4. मुझे लगता है कि मुझे सबसे अच्छी बर्थडे गिफ्ट मिल जाएगा 🎁🤞
  5. 🥳 | एक और साल समझदार, लेकिन दिल से अभी भी जवान! | 🎁
  6. 🎁 | एक और साल बड़ा, लेकिन दिल से अभी भी जवान! | 🎂
  7. 🎂 | यह आनंद, प्रेम और रोमांच से भरा वर्ष है! | 🌟
  8. आज मेरा जन्मदिन है और मैं बहुत उत्साहित हूँ कि मुझे इस दिन की खुशियों का अनुभव हो रहा है 🎂🥳
  9. 🥳 | उम्र बढ़ रही है लेकिन जोश कभी कम नहीं होगा! |
  10. | यहाँ अधिक हँसी, प्यार और अविस्मरणीय क्षण हैं!
  11. याद रखना मिलने को तरसा दूंगा.
  12. मोहब्ब्त हो या नफरत पूरी शिद्दत से करते हैं!
  13. हम दुनिया से अलग नहींहमारी दुनिया ही अलग है.
  14. मेरे जीवन में प्यार और आशीर्वाद के लिए आभारी हूँ! | 🎈
  15. यह आनंद, प्रेम और रोमांच से भरा वर्ष है! |
  16. जीवन के इस खेल में आगे बढ़ते हुए!
  17. 🌟 | प्यार और हँसी के एक और साल के लिए धन्यवाद! | 🎂
  18. दोस्त तू है सबसे न्यारा, तुझे मुबारक हो तेरा, जन्मदिन ओ यारा !
  19. I Don’t Care about लोग क्या कहेंगे.
  20. हम अच्छे के लिए अच्छे और बुरे के लिए बहुत बुरे हैं.
  21. Block तो बच्चे करते है हम तो Ignore करते हैं.
  22. जमाना ख़राब है बुरा तो बनना ही पड़ेगा.


Friends, these were all the instagram bio for birthday that you can explore in the given list. I hope you will find the perfect type of birthday bio you wish to have for your GF, friends, and loved ones. If you have any suggestions for us to improve or you have any bio ideas then feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. If you’re still confused then share this post with your family, friends, and partner, and also be connected to always be updated with the latest bio ideas.