Cute & Lovely Contact Names For Girlfriends (GF) in Phone

It is a growing trend and nothing new activity of providing nicknames to your loved ones. We try to call out our loved ones with nicknames, whether it’s a human or our pet. Also, it doesn’t stop here; there is another growing trend of naming people in your contact list with a unique name or say a nickname, lots of people set their girlfriend contact name to a unique nickname so if you are also looking for Contact Names For Girlfriends then today I’m gonna share with your hundreds of unique, cool, and lovely Contact Names For Girlfriends so check it out. It is often seen that people usually feed a unique and amazing contact name for girlfriends.

Contact Names For Girlfriends

Contact Names For Girlfriends

Providing a unique name to your most loved in your contact list is quite useful as well. For instance, if you save the contact number of everyone with their original names, then sometimes it becomes difficult to search it out from your contact list. Also, there is another benefit and, i.e., if you provide cute or romantic names to your girlfriend in your contact list, then it also shows your love and affection and helps in marinating a healthy relationship.

Contact Names For Girlfriends: You might also think to provide a unique contact name to your girlfriend but is finding a unique name is easy? Well, no, As it is a very common trend and thus there are strong chances that you might get collide with the same name that another individual has already provided to his girlfriend. Thus if you are facing difficulty in finding such a name, then you can find some below.

Cute Contact Names For Girlfriends

Cute Contact Names For Girlfriends

There is a big question arising in many people’s minds about when to have cute contact names for your girlfriend. If your relationship has just begun, then avoid using nicknames because it might create a wrong impression on your girlfriend. Once your relationship grows strong and your girlfriend starts understanding you, then you can use such names. At that time, it will reflect your feelings and emotions towards your girlfriend. Described below are some cute contact names for girlfriends.

  • Dear – This name is for your beloved girlfriend who can do anything for you.
  • Baby doll – Baby doll means a girl who looks like a cute doll.
  • Baby girl – If you girlfriend looks like a small baby then baby girl name can sute her.
  • Baby – It is a very common name, most people call their girlfriend ‘baby’.
  • Barbie – Barbie is fashion doll manufacturing company so if you GF is a barbie fan then this name might suit her.
  • Sweetheart – If you love your GF so much then you can tell her sweetheart.
  • Honey – Honey means sweet so if your GF is so sweet and helpful then you can tell her honey.
  • Princess – When your girlfriend look gorgeous then princess name suit her.
  • Sweetie – This name shows how sweet your girlfriend is.
  • Buttercup – All the Ranunculus plant’s species known as buttercups so if you girlfriend love flowers then you can call her to this name.
  • Love pie – This name shows that your relationship is very stong.
  • Dreamgirl – If you GF is your dream girl then you can call her ‘Dreamgirl’.
  • Precious – Precious means someone who is extremely important for you and you never want to let them away.
  • Sunshine – If your girlfriend skin color is too white then sunshine name might suit her.
  • Miss darling – If your GF love and care you so deeply then you can call her Miss darling.
Romantic Contact Names For Girlfriends

Romantic Contact Names For Girlfriends

Providing romantic contact names to your girlfriend helps you in growing your relation strong. But you should know when to you such romantic names. If you use such names at the beginning of your relationship, then it causes problems. But if you have been in a relationship for more than a year, then you use such names. Some of the unique and amazing romantic contact names for your girlfriend are described below.

  • My valentine – This name reflects your romantic feelings and provides great happiness to your girlfriend.
  • Lovie – This name shows your eternal love for your girlfriend.
  • Angel eyes – These names show that your girlfriend is nothing less than an angel for you with attractive eyes.
  • Cuddle bug – This name suggests your romantic relationship.
  • Juliet – This name shows that your girlfriend is like a heroine from the tale.
  • Miss fabulous – This name shows that your girlfriend is bold and attractive.
  • Heartie – This is name is perfect if your girlfriend that stolen your heart.
  • Babylicious – This name means that your girlfriend is as cute and loving as babies.
Funny Contact Names For Girlfriends

Funny Contact Names For Girlfriends

If you look in a phone of every second individual, you might probably find their girlfriend’s contact names as honey, cutie, Lovie, etc. Almost all like romantic and cute names for girlfriends, but if you try a funny name instead of a cute or romantic name, it will be great fun. Saving your girlfriend’s phone number with a funny name will let you giggle every time you place a call to your girlfriend. Not only this, if your girlfriend finds her funny name in your contact list, then she would also probably laugh out loud. Using romantic or cute not only shows your love or affection but sometimes being funny is also good, and it shows affinity. So if you like to have a funny contact name for your girlfriend, then you can refer to the list below.

  • Sparky – Perfect name for your girlfriend if you get charged instantly on seeing her.
  • Butterfly – This name would be perfect for your girlfriend is he is playful, sweet, and happy.
  • Little monkey – This name is perfect for a girlfriend if she is naughty like a little monkey.
  • Pikachu – This is a perfect name for your girlfriend if she’s a Pokémon fan.
  • Dancing feet – If your girlfriend dance more than walking, then it would be the best name for her.
  • Miss Kitty – Perfect name for your girlfriend if she is cute, cunning, and loving, line a kitten.
  • Comedy central – If your girlfriend is really funny, then it would be the best name for her.
Personality Based Contact Names For Girlfriends

Personality Based Contact Names For Girlfriends

A contact name for your girlfriend will make more sense if it reflects her personality. Also, your girlfriend will like it if you save her contact number with the name that suits her personality. But it’s difficult to search out names that fit best on your girlfriend’s personality. But you can make it easier and can search some from the list mentioned below. 

  • All mine – This name doesn’t show possessiveness but creates a feeling of affinity.
  • Miss perfect – If you don’t find any flaws in your girlfriend, then it would be the perfect name for her.
  • Boss – Perfect name for your girlfriend who loves to take the lead.
  • Braveheart – This name would best fit your girlfriend if she is fearless and ready to take the risk.
  • Eiffel tower – If your girlfriend is tall and strong enough, then you can also call out her by this name.
  • Google – If your girlfriend is quite smart and knowledgeable, then it’s the perfect name for her.
  • Rose – This name will be perfect for your girlfriend if she is sensitive like a flower.
  • Candy – Your girlfriend, i.e., sweet, likes candy.
  • Ms. Chef – This name would fit best if your girlfriend is quite good at cooking.
  • My fighter – As the name suggests, it would be perfect for your girlfriend if she can fight with you on any topic but still loves you.
  • Dimples – Perfect name for your cute girlfriend who gets dimples on her cheeks.


Most people don’t call their girlfriend to their real name, boyfriends call their girlfriend by a unique nickname so if you’re also looking to have a unique and cool name to call your girlfriend then here you can find out hundreds of unique Contact Names For Girlfriends so that you save your girlfriend number using these cool names.

First read all these contact names which are specifically dedicated to girlfriends and then choose the one name that suits your girlfriend the best then you can change the name of your girlfriend from the contact list on your phone. Tell us in the comment section which one is your favourite name.