Best ᐈ Funny Nicknames For Friends and Best Friends

Every individual is surrounded by lots of people who are there to take care of them and love them, and many people fall in this category like family members, parents, relatives, colleagues, and friends. But friends are one of the coolest one out of them and the one with whom you like spend your most of the time. Many people believe that friendship is the strongest bond that one can have in any relationship. Here, in this article you can find out some funny nicknames for friends, so check it out and also have explained that why you choose these nicknames.

Thus people express their feelings towards their friends in many ways, like calling them by a nickname, shaking hands, or hugging them every time they meet. However, it is very rare to see that you call your friend by his real name; instead, you call them by the unique nicknames given by you or someone in your friend circle.

Funny Nicknames For Friends

List of Funny Nicknames For Friends

Almost every individual is called by its nickname by their friends to express a sense of affinity. Nicknames are not just names but feelings that you express towards your friend. Also, it has become a popular culture for young people to call their friends by nickname. So described below are some of the best funny nicknames for your friends.

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  • Bestie – A friend that is most special to you.
  • Meme Boy – A funny friend who’s meme addict.
  • Secrets – A friend who knows your every secret and the one whom you can trust blindly.
  • Buddy – Your cute friend with whom you spend most of the time.
  • Love Guru – One who gives you the best advice and tips to make your crush feel special.
  • Tarzan – A friend that always enjoys performing risky stunts and motivates you to try the same.
  • Minion – A friend who is fond of minions.
  • The mechanic – A skilled friend that repairs all your gadgets and appliances.
  • Boo – A cute friend with whom you experience a warm fuzzy feeling.
  • BFF (Best Friend Forever) – A friend that has been with you since you and you expect him/her to be with you till rest of your life.
  • Teacup – Your cute little friend whom you can carry in your bag.
  • Nugget – The friend who loves chicken nuggets the most.
  • Sneezy – The friend who easily get affected with cold.
  • Techie – A friend in your group who is crazy about technology.
  • Baloo – One friend that is best at giving warm hugs.
  • Bum-bum – Your friends whose bum you use as a cushion.
  • Giggle – One friend that can giggle at any moment.
  • Chatterbox – A friend who speaks or texts continuously in a day without getting tired.
  • Lappy – The one in your who loves the laptop most and stay away from it.
  • Rainbow – A radiant friend with whom you get positive vibes.
  • Doctor – A friend who has a remedy for every issue.
  • Woofy – One dog lover in the group that loves dogs more than humans.
  • Puffy – A friend that gets easily annoyed.
  • Pretty – A friend with a beautiful look and pure heart.
  • Cuddle – A friend that loves to be close and holds you tight.
  • Love pie – One friend that never leaves you alone.
  • Plum cake – The friend that pretends to be rude, arrogant, strict, and harder from outside but opposite from inside.
  • Oldie – The one in your friend circle who is an old school person.
  • Puzzle – A confused friend with a big question mark on its face.
  • Gems – One precious friend whom you don’t want to lose.
  • Love – Your sweetheart with whom you wish to spend the rest of your life.
  • Tickles – A friend who is sensitive tickles and giggles loud even at the little tickle.
  • Bubble wrap – One friend that’s so light that you can play with it as a bubble wrap.
  • Monkey baby – A friend that can jump on you from anywhere.
  • Mouse – The friend who can add cheese to every food.
  • Queen – One girl in your group that always win your affection.
  • Munchkin – A friend with the softest cheeks.
  • Gangster – Your friend who can break anyone’s face if it hurts you in any way.
  • Flowery – An innocent buddy who always needs to be protected.
  • Happiness – The friend who is one of the main reasons for happiness in your life.
  • Star – A friend who is always in superstar mode.
  • Hershey – The friend who loves the chocolates most and always carries toffees with him.
  • Shortie – Your short friend on whose shoulder you always find your arm.
  • Doubles – A friend who always carry a backup for everything and thus carries everything double.
  • Gossip – A friend that can keep you updated with his/her exclusive gossip.
  • Calculator – A smart friend who is as fast as a calculator in splitting bills.
  • Blossom – A friend that refreshes you when he/she is around.
  • Sassy Bitch – A friend that can scold you on your face for your bad behavior.
  • La-la-land – A friend who always feels like as he is sky.
  • Yummy – A friend that never lets you hungry and always cooks some delicious food for you.
  • Superhero – A friend that’s always there for you when you are in trouble.
  • Catalyst – A friend in your group that creates magic in your friend circle and every in your group easily trusts him/her.
  • Creepy – A friend with sharp eyes who can find you your crush from anywhere
  • King – A friend who loves to live like a king.
  • Poker Face – Your smart friend that can cover you in front of your parents.
  • Juliet – A female friend in your group who can’t just stop talking about her boyfriend.
  • Twig – A friend who can’t put on his weight even after he eats a meal of the whole group.
  • Macho – A strong and macho personality friend who has a soft heart.
  • Volcano – A friend who easily gets angry and red-faced even if annoyed a little.
  • Gorgeous – A friend who is stunningly beautiful, and you can’t take your eyes off from her.
  • Greasy – A friend who just loves greasy fries and burgers.
  • Engine – A friend that always leads a fun activity.
  • Tough guy – The one friend in the group who never sheds a tear no matter what the situation is.
  • Hash – A hyperactive friend who is filled with lots of energy.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking to find a nickname for your friends then you’ve come to the right place. All these that listed on this page are the funny nickname for friends, so read all these nicknames and then select the best nickname that fit on your friends.

If you found this article helpful then share it with your friends and family and also tell us how your call your friends.