333+ Unique, Flirty and Funny Boy Best Friend Nicknames Ideas

A best friend is a special person in your life who supports and encourages you and helps you through difficult times. Many boys have nicknames given to them by their best friends. It is a sign of affection, and it can be quite funny when you hear these names. In today’s post, we have shared the best collection of Boy Best Friend Nicknames Ideas that you can find in the lists below.

If you’re searching on the internet to find a good nickname to call your boy best friend then probably you’re confused while selecting one. If yes, then here we have listed some of the most popular nicknames for boy best friends in this content that you can explore. But before you choose a nickname, I strongly recommend you to read a section of this post where I’ve shared how to select a good nickname for your boy best friend at the bottom of this post.

He’s not just your friend, but your best friend. You two are so close that you confide in him. You can tell him anything and everything about yourself without feeling embarrassed. And he does the same for you. Personal nicknames for a boy best friend are a great way to show your love and appreciation for the friendship they have given you. A good nickname will put a smile on your best friend’s face when you use it, so think carefully when picking one out of the list given in this article.

A best friend is one that you have known since childhood. This relationship can be very strong, and it will provide comfort for both of you during hard times. If you want to appreciate your relationship with your friends then a nickname could be a way to do it. Whenever you can your boy best friend then you can use a nickname to call him out. You can check out some amazing nicknames for boy best friend in the below sections.

Funny Boy Best Friend Nicknames

Funny Boy Best Friend Nicknames

These are the most hilarious nicknames for your boy best friend that you can check out from here.

  1. Friend for Life: A friend who is always with you even in your hard times.
  2. Iron Man: A boy who is an exceptionally strong.
  3. Monster: A big and tall boy with a good physique.
  4. Charming: A boy best friends who is always smiling.
  5. Cheetah: This name will be good for the fastest boy in your friend circle.
  6. Mister Cutie: A boy who has more girlfriends.
  7. Cowboy: This nickname is for a boy in your friend circle who is honest.
  8. Cutie: This nickname is good for a boy looks cute and sweet.
  9. Chipmunk: A person with a very “high-pitched” or squeaky type of voice
  10. Dottie: This nickname means “Gift of God”.
  11. Brick House: A boy who motivate others.
  12. Juggernaut: The name means “lord of the world”.
  13. Cute panda: It means a boy who is cute and adorable.
  14. Buff Guy: Nickname for a violent and aggressive person.
  15. Cutie Pie: This nickname is for a cute person.
  16. Jaguar: A boy who has a Jaguar.
  17. Knee Melter: A guy who always fight with people.
  18. Doofus: A stupid, incompetent, or foolish person.
  19. Fun-sized: This nickname means a boy who’s size is smaller than the standard or usual size.
  20. Egghead: A boy who’s face shape is like egg.
  21. Einstein: This name means a boy who has sharp mind.
  22. Pim-Pom: it is a fun name with no meaning.
  23. Miss World: This is usually for girls but also said for boys to make fun of them.
  24. Glamorous: This nickname means a beautiful person.
  25. Goldie: This nickname means a lucky person.
  26. Captain: A boy is the leader of your group.
  27. Casanova: A boy known for seducing women and having many lovers.
  28. Chocolaty: A boy who can easily make anyone a friend.
  29. Soul Friend: This nickname means a boy best friend and you can’t imagine your life without him.
  30. Sassy: The name means ‘bold’, ‘spirited’, ‘cheeky’.
  31. Gorgeous: A attractive and catchy person.
  32. Ride or die: This name means a boy who is risk taker.
  33. Funnyman: A man who always crack jokes.
  34. Sweet ‘n Sour: A boy who sometimes talk sweet and sometimes talk rudely.
  35. Sweetheart: This nicknames means a close person.
  36. Lover Boy: A boy who is in love with someone.
  37. Shortie: A friend who is smallest in your friend circle.
  38. Tonto: It means “stupid” or “crazy”.
  39. Kiddo: A younger talent.
  40. Lifeline: A friend who plays the most important role in your life.
  41. Slim Shady: A boy who is very thin and skinny.
  42. Tater Tot: A boy who loves eating potato.
  43. Forever Friend: A friend who is your childhood friend.
  44. Ewok: The nickname means A small friend with curly hair.
  45. Chief: The friend is very intelligent.
  46. Sugar Boy: A boy is always say sweet and behave very well.
  47. Buck: It means a male baby deer.
  48. Coach: A friend who always give good guidance.
  49. Bonny Lass: It means an attractive man.
  50. Dream Guy: It means a guy who was in your dream.
Boy Best Friend Nicknames With Meaning

Boy Best Friend Nicknames With Meaning

Are you looking for a nickname for your boy best friend that has meaning then read these meaningful boy best friend nicknames ideas.

  1. Bum-bum: for an honest companion artist.
  2. Loudmouth: for a companion with long talk.
  3. Tickles: for a sensitive companion.
  4. Fruity dessert: A nighest companion who’ a real lover pie.These are fun monikers for dear companions.
  5. Cart: for an caring companion of dolls.
  6. Beanie: A sweetheart with a touch height.
  7. Bear: an incredible person, with a warm and flossy character.
  8. Monster: For a {trying|making AN attempt|attempting} sweetheart.
  9. hearth Plug: for a companion with an honest character.
  10. Princess: for a captivating companion with the maximum amount category sort of a princess.
  11. Spots: for a companion with a shimmering grin with a decent name.
  12. kid Carrots: for a companion with monumental teeth and, love carrots.
  13. Goldie: for a companion with sensible hair.
  14. Bambi: for a tall companion who loves sporting heels.
  15. Poopy: for an caring companion of her dads.
  16. Firework: for a wafers. companion.
  17. Holy traveler Eyes: AN lovable name for a sweetheart with appealing eyes.
  18. Holy messenger Face: A name for a horny person.
  19. Holy messenger Heart: For a merciful and adoring beau.
  20. Four Foot: for your briefest companion.
  21. Reduced down: for alittle companion.
  22. Sponsor: for an up right off the bat in companion the morning.
  23. Twig: for your tallest companion.
  24. Blue Eyes: A beau with sound blue eyes.
  25. Blueberry: AN lovable name for a horny beau.
  26. Boldie: AN adorable name for a definite sweetheart.
  27. Mouse: for a cheddar cheese sweetheart companion.
  28. Munchkin: for a companion with adorable cheeks.
  29. Rainbow: for a beautiful and cordial companion.
  30. Puffy: for an irritating companion.
Flirty Nicknames For Guy Friends

Flirty Nicknames For Guy Friends

If you want a naughty nickname that sounds a little Flirty, in this section, you can explore such Flirty nicknames for your boy best friend.

  1. Drill Sergeant
  2. Foxy Mister
  3. Hammer
  4. Hawkeye
  5. French Horn
  6. Sweetums
  7. Slowpoke
  8. Bambi
  9. Martian
  10. Candyman
  11. Kiddo
  12. Muffin
  13. Beloved
  14. Cutie Pie
  15. Sweets
  16. Beckham
  17. Love Pie
  18. Tourist
  19. Rosebud
  20. Hawkeye
  21. Rainbow
  22. Rambo
  23. Pompy
  24. Sunshine
  25. Cariño
  26. Chatterbox
  27. Chief
  28. Daddy-o
  29. First Mate
  30. Gillegan
  31. Gandalf
  32. Granite
  33. Hercules
  34. Beanie
  35. Dollface
  36. Roll-dog
  37. Bee’s Knee’s
  38. The nameless one
  39. Love Bug
  40. Safety Monkey
  41. Bambi
  42. Bubble
  43. Savage
  44. Richie Rich
  45. Junior
  46. Senior
  47. Sis-Friend
  48. Smarty
  49. Twinkle
  50. Cutie Pie
  51. Darling
  52. Gracie
  53. Phoebe
  54. Violet
  55. Cowboy
  56. Studious
  57. Magician
  58. Tarzan
  59. Dummy
  60. Rottens
  61. Noob
  62. Bubs
  63. Alfie
  64. Cuddle Bunny
  65. Cupcake
  66. Dumpling
  67. Beagle
  68. Smallie
  69. Coco
Unique Boy Best Friend Nicknames

Unique Boy Best Friend Nicknames

A unique nickname sounds different and feels different. So many people are searching for a unique nickname and if you’re one of those then take a look at the list given below, profoundly.

  1. Doodle
  2. Bean
  3. Bud
  4. Buzz
  5. Bugger
  6. Treasure
  7. Glitzy
  8. Ruby
  9. Dimple
  10. Boomer
  11. Everest
  12. Giggles
  13. Dorito
  14. Barf
  15. Beard Man
  16. Bestie
  17. BFG
  18. Bruv
  19. Buff Guy
  20. Einstein
  21. El Nino
  22. Everest
  23. Call of Duty
  24. Big Boy
  25. Mini
  26. Farties
  27. Fun Size
  28. Poo
  29. Teeny
  30. Gap Tooth
  31. Scout
  32. Stud Muffin
  33. Super Stud
  34. Homie
  35. Hot Stuff
  36. Iron Man
  37. Juggernaut
  38. Bonny Lass
  39. Dumpling
  40. Birdie
  41. Dove
  42. Bubs
  43. Penny
  44. Sweetums
  45. Chuckles
  46. Smokey
  47. Hoodie
  48. Squirt
  49. Iron Man
  50. Charming
  51. Scientist
  52. Champ
  53. Prettyboy
  54. Chief
  55. Roadblock
  56. Rockstar
  57. Rocky
  58. Romeo
  59. Buttercup
  60. Superman
  61. Ace
Nicknames For Best Friend Boy in Hindi

Nicknames For Best Friend Boy in Hindi

There are thousands of nicknames in Hindi for boy best friend and some of them are listed in this section so, read it.

  1. पहेली (Puzzle)
  2. फूडी (Foodie)
  3. पिकू (Piku)
  4. कैलकुलेटर (The calculator)
  5. ग्रूट (Groot)
  6. होमी (Homie)
  7. स्पॉइलर (Spoiler)
  8. हीरो हीरालाल (Hero Hiralal)
  9. ज्ञानी (Knowledgeable)
  10. शाय गाए (Shay Gaay)
  11. गोलू-मोलू (Golu-molu)
  12. बेस्ट बड्डी (Best buddy)
  13. हम्प्टी-डम्प्टी (Humpty Dumpty)
  14. बनी (Made)
  15. मॉन्स्टर (The Monster)
  16. गैजेट लवर (Gadget lover)
  17. खिलाड़ी (Player)
  18. कंजूस (Miser)
  19. किशन-कन्हैया (Kishan-Kanhaiya)
  20. मैगी (Maggi)
  21. परदेसी बाबू (Pardesi Babu)
  22. टपोरी (Tapori)
  23. लाडला (Ladla)
  24. मिमी (MM)
  25. टेंशन जोन (Tension zone)
  26. टी पार्टी (Tea party)
  27. जिराफ (Giraffe)
  28. ब्रेकिंग न्यूज (Breaking news)
  29. घुम्मकड़ (Wanderer)
  30. टवीटी (Tweet)
  31. टेडी बेयर (Teddy bear)
  32. भुक्कड़ (Hungry)
  33. फ्रूटी (Fruity)
Contact Nicknames for Boy Best Friend

Contact Nicknames for Boy Best Friend

If you want to save your boy best friend’s name in your phone dialer with a nickname then these nicknames contain emoji so you can use them as your Boy Best Friend Contact Nickname.

  1. Bonny Lass
  2. Beast
  3. Big Boy
  4. Big Daddy
  5. Sweetums
  6. Forever Friend
  7. Chief
  8. Little Finger
  9. Little Man
  10. Caveman
  11. The Hulk
  12. Toddler
  13. Tough Guy
  14. Doofus
  15. Mad Dogg
  16. Nightcrawler
  17. Buck
  18. Rambo
  19. Gump
  20. Giggles
  21. Chicken Butt
  22. Chubster
  23. Speedy
  24. Squirt
  25. Buddy
  26. Danger
  27. Giggles
  28. Cheese Bomb
  29. Dumpling
  30. Bambino
  31. Missy
  32. Sweetgum
  33. Devil
  34. Gummy Bear
  35. Kiddo
  36. Heart
  37. Cupcake
  38. Harley Quinn
  39. Toughy
  40. Queen
  41. Chuckles
  42. Sunshine
  43. Cuddles
  44. Hercules
  45. Cyclone
  46. Shango
  47. Shelter
  48. Buckle
  49. Muggle
  50. Chun-li
  51. Slow-mo
  52. Squirrel
  53. Bond
  54. Giggles
  55. Speedy
  56. Coach
  57. Junior
  58. Senior
  59. Soul Sister
  60. Chica
Cute Nicknames for Boy Best Friend

Cute Nicknames for Boy Best Friend

  1. Nugget: for a chicken nugget lover friend.
  2. Rainbow: for a colorful and friendly friend.
  3. Doctor: for the friend who always has the perfect home remedy.
  4. Monkey Baby: for a friend who behaves like a monkey.
  5. Gangster: for a friend always helping out in the problem.
  6. Gossip: a nickname for a friend who always has gossip.
  7. Poker Face: for a best friend who helps in front of family.
  8. Macho: for a strong friendship with a good physique.
  9. Booster: for a friend who wakes up early in the morning.
  10. Firecracker: for a friend who loves crackers.
  11. Clumsy: for a friend who is clumsy and often falls over.
  12. Jewel: for a friend who loves jewelry and likes it very much.
  13. Baby Carrots: for a friend with big teeth and, love carrots.
  14. Pauline: meaning “humble and beautiful”. Paulie or Paul are great names for nicknames in this case.
  15. Jelly Bean: for a best friend who is strong but soft in nature.
  16. Kitty: for a friend who is obsessed with hello kitty and loves it.
  17. Sleeping Beauty: for a friend who always feels sleepy.
  18. Four Foot: for your shortest friend.
  19. Brief: for a friend who explains everything in brief.
  20. Apple Pie: A best friend who’s a real cutie pie. These are fun nicknames for best friends.
  21. Bertha: meaning “a bright person”. For this popular name, Bert could be a fun name to call someone.
  22. Franceska: means “one from France”, Frank acts as the most suitable short form.
  23. Jacqueline: meaning “supplanter”. For Jacqueline, the best nickname is Jack!
  24. Brooklyn: means “a small and beautiful brook”, the shortened form Brook or Brooks is the best option here.
  25. Blossom: for a friend with a beautiful smile.
  26. Happiness: for a friend who always makes you happy.
  27. Tickles: for a ticklish friend.
  28. Love Pie: for a friend who is always by your side.
  29. Puffy: for an annoying friend.
  30. Techie: for a friend good at coding.
Boy Best Friend Nickname

Boy Best Friend Nicknames

  1. Jolly Jelly
  2. Gleeful Geranium
  3. Amused Aster
  4. Giggly Gossiper
  5. Lively Lily
  6. Jovial Jonquil
  7. Zestful Zinnia
  8. Funky Flamingo
  9. Sweet-Tooth
  10. Keyboard Knight
  11. Shrek
  12. Angel Face
  13. Beauty
  14. BFF
  15. Cackle Kraken
  16. Chuckle Cherry
  17. Happy Hamburger
  18. Larking Lollipop
  19. Zazu
  20. Buddy
  21. Gummy Bear
  22. Sunflower
  23. Ice Cream
  24. Mowgli
  25. MJ
  26. Amigo
  27. Eagle
  28. Soldier
  29. Zuko
  30. Jasmine
  31. Miss World
  32. Peace–Maker
  33. Bookworm
  34. Giggler
  35. Drama Queen
  36. Pioneer

How to Choose a Good Nickname For Your Best Boy Friend

A nickname is the most basic form of name that is given to someone or something. The purpose of a nickname is to make things easier for people. It’s a simple, informal way to refer to someone or something. They are used by people who want to be more familiar with their friends or colleagues in conversation or writing. A nickname is a name given to someone for various reasons.

Nicknames are given due to some special trait that person has. You can also give yourself a nickname if you want to have one! Before you begin your research of choosing a nickname, you need to know some points such as a nickname should be simple and easy to speak, a nickname should be short and a combination of easy words. So choose a nickname for your boy best friend that’s easy for you to remember and unique from other nicknames.


Finding a good nickname is quite tough, we try our best to make it a little easier for you. This article was all about selecting Cool Unique and Funny Boy Best Friend Nicknames. I hope you got your nickname. If you’ve any nicknames in mind then please tell us in the comment section. Share this post with your friends. If you want to stay connected with us then you can join us on telegram.