Handsome, Cute and Sexy Contact Names For Boyfriend with Explanation

Contact Names For Boyfriend: Have you ever been in a relationship? If yes, then you might probably know how to take care of your partner. But apart from these, many other activities make your love life even more cherishing. Like people do lots of stuff to maintain healthy relationships with their partner making out for dinner, partying, calling them with a nickname, etc. Calling your boyfriend with a nickname or having his contact number saved in your phone with a unique name means a lot in a relationship. Also, it is a popular trend among youth that they save their partner’s contact number with a unique name.

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Contact Names For Boyfriends

Contact Names For Boyfriends

It is believed that girls are quite smart and good at giving nicknames to their boyfriends. But in some cases, the names are very common; thus, you need to look for a new one. “Sweetheart” and “My Love” are some of the most common contact names provided by the girls to their boyfriends. These names sound cool, but they are a little old school, don’t you think so? So, if you are also looking for a good name that you would save as a contact name for your boyfriend, then you can easily find some of such names below.

When Should You Give Some Unique Contact Names to Your Boyfriend?

It’s quite a common question and also a quite important one. The best time for calling your boyfriend a nickname begins when your relationship has grown stronger. So, if you try it in the early period of your relationship, then it might affect your relationship. 

Best Contact Names For Boyfriends

If you have a boyfriend then you probably don’t call him by his real name, you might call him by a unique nickname so if you’re looking to have a unique name for your boyfriend that you can set in your phone as his contact name then here are the list begins of the best contact names for a boyfriend so take a look at all these contact names ideas for boyfriend.

Handsome Contact Names For Boyfriends

Handsome Contact Names For Boyfriends

When your boyfriend is too good looking and handsome and you have a crush on him then the following could be the contact name for your boyfriend so read all these handsome boyfriend names:

  • Ace – The best name if your boyfriend is a genius.
  • Adonis – For the boyfriend who is quite handsome.
  • Adorable – Perfect name for your partner if it has stolen your heart.
  • All Mine – For your partner who’s is all yours.
  • Alpha – Best for your boyfriend if he has a badass personality and every other finds him attractive.
  • Amazon – If your boyfriend is tall and strong enough, then this would be a perfect name for him.
  • Amazing one – This would be the best name to call out your boyfriend if you find him awesome.
  • Anchor – Perfect name if your boyfriend supports and holds you in every difficult situation.
  • Atom – Perfect name for a little boyfriend.
  • Baby – A Perfect name to call out your boyfriend.
  • Baby bear – If you like to cuddle with your boyfriend, then this would be the best name for him.
  • Babyface – A perfect name for a boyfriend who looks younger than his age.
  • Bam-Bam – If your boyfriend is quite energetic, then you can call him by this name.
  • Beast – Good name for your friend if he is strong and fearless.
  • Bestie – If your boyfriend is also your best friend, then this would be the perfect name for him.
  • Blue – If your boyfriend has blue-eyed or hair, then you can also call him Blue.
  • Buzz – Perfect name for you who’s always excited.
  • Cadillac – Best name for a boyfriend who is elegant and classy.
  • Champ – A perfect name for your boyfriend if he is a champion.
  • Charming – Bets name for your guy if his eyes are quite attractive.

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Cute Contact Names For Boyfriends

Cute Contact Names For Boyfriends

Using a unique and cute contact name for boyfriend is a good indicator that your relationship has become stronger and stronger day by day so you must select a good nickname or contact name for your BF so that your boyfriend also like it and for that you don’t need to go anywhere, just check out these cute contact names that might suit you BF.

  • Cowboy – Boyfriend who is an old–school guy.
  • Cutie – Best name for a guy who is sexy and attractive.
  • Curl – Perfect name for your boyfriend if he has curly hair.
  • Daredevil – A perfect name for a guy who doesn’t hesitate in taking risks.
  • Dashing – A good name for your boyfriend if he has a dashing personality.
  • Dobby – Perfect name for your boyfriend if he always lends a helping hand.
  • Doodle – A guy who loves drawing everywhere.
  • Drill sergeant – If you guy trains you, then you can also call him by this name.
  • Dulce – The best name for an amazingly sweet guy.
  • Emerald – A guy that’s most precious to you.
  • Emperor – A guy who always wants to rule.
  • Exotic – perfect name for a guy who is exciting and hot.
  • Flawless – This name would best fit your boyfriend if you don’t find flaws in him.
  • Fabulous – A guy with an extraordinary amazing personality.
  • Fine wine – You can call your boyfriend by this name if you think he is getting even better as he is growing.
  • Foodie – A guy that loves food extraordinarily.
  • Funny honey – Best name for your boyfriend if he always makes you giggle.
  • Gangster baby – A guy who is quite strong and is always in fighting mode.
  • Google – Perfect name for a guy whose brain works like a computer.
  • Gumdrop – The perfect name for a guy whom you can’t resist.
Sexy Contact Names For Boyfriends

Sexy Contact Names For Boyfriends

So many people think that sexy is an abusive word but it is totally wrong Sexy means a person who has good behavior, good looks, and a good personality so if your BF has all these attributes then you can tell him that you’re sexy and also you can call your boyfriend using these sexy contact names ideas:

  • Hammer – Perfect name for your boyfriend if he is quite attractive and strong.
  • Hulk – A guy with a tough body.
  • Honey – The guy loves the most.
  • Hercules – Best name for your boyfriend if he can provide you with his masculine power.
  • My Hero – A guy that looks like an actor.
  • Hottie – A sexy and attractive-looking guy.
  • Iron man – Perfect name for your boyfriend if he has a strong personality like iron man.
  • Jelly bean – A good name for your guy with a soft heart.
  • Jockey – This name would best fit a guy who is a master in some skills.
  • Joy – Perfect name for your loving and caring boyfriend.
  • Killer – A dashing guy with a strong personality.
  • King – Perfect name for your guy that rules your heart.
  • Legs – A tally guy with longs legs.
  • Lifemate – Best name for a buy with whom you wish to spend the rest of your life.
  • Loverboy – A guy with a handsome and lovely personality.
  • Macho man – Perfect name for a guy with a manly personality.
  • Minion – Best name for your cute and easy-going boyfriend.
  • Naughty boy – Best name for your boyfriend who always teases you with love.
  • Nutty – Best name for your crazy boyfriend.
  • Perfect – The best name for a guy with no flaws.

Some Boyfriend Contact Names That One Should Avoid

Some contact names might create a wrong impression on your partner. Like if you put a contact name based on the personality of your partner or some naughty names that might unknowingly hurt your boyfriend.


If you search for this then it is obvious that you have a boyfriend and if you do then you should definitely know that calling your BF by a nickname probably cause a problem in your relationship so if your relationship is just get started then you should use a nickname very carefully because if your Bf doesn’t like that then it can be a tragedian for you so be careful and read all these names ideas and then select the best contact name for your BF.

I hope you like all these Contact names for your boyfriend, if you found the kind of name you’re looking for then tell us which one is your most favorite contact name that suits your boyfriend.