BTS Username Ideas For Jung Book, Kim Taehyung, Jimin, Suga, Jin and J-Hope

BTS Username Ideas: In this world of digitalization, many new social media platforms have been developed in the last few years. And by the time these social media applications grew much popular among users. Nowadays, almost every second user is engaged on any social media platform. The main reason behind the popularity of social media applications is that now you can not only enjoy messaging on these apps but can also perform certain other stuff. Now on almost every social media application, you can make your videos showing your skills and uploading to get you and your business popular. 

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BTS Username Ideas

BTS Username Ideas

If you have ever used any social media application, then you might probably know that every social media platform requires a unique ID that helps other people to find you on that platform. Since there are numerous users on every social media platform and thus making a user ID with your name wouldn’t work because there several people with the same names. Thus people try to find out some different ways of making a unique ID, and most people now make their user-ID with the initials of the superstars they love the most. A unique ID may contain alphabets, numeric digits, and special characters as well, so if your ID matches with any other account, then you can use numeric digits of special characters to differentiate it. 

There are many superstars around the world with their numerous fans, but when you look at the IDs of popular social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, you’ll find that many user IDs start with initials of BTS. And it is most probably because BTS is an inspiration of every artist, and thus they want to be like them. Such user IDs are commonly found in accounts of drummers or other band groups.

How is BTS?

BTS is a very popular South Korean band group of pop music comprising of seven people namely. The group was launched in 2013, and since then, it has achieved another height of success in the music industry. During this time, they made several music albums, and some of the most popular ones of them are the School trilogy, love yourself, most beautiful moments in life, etc. Out of these, “Love yourself” was the greatest hit ever, and it made the South Korean president appreciate and congratulate this group on Twitter.

They are also referred to as Bangtan Boys, and the music they make is popularly hip-hop but also composes many other genres. The main reason behind the popularity of the BTS is the music they compose and their fan following over the internet. Their songs were mainly focused on mental health, troubles of school age, personal commentary, and individualism. So if you, too, are a fan of BTS and searching for a unique user ID dedicated to BTS, then you can refer below, But you should consider some below points while choosing a BTS username. 

How to Choose Your Username

If you are new to any social media application, then you have to create a unique username for that application. If you are on a social media platform like Instagram, then it can be easily located by a username. Some special characters like @,#,$, or underscore can be used to make your user name unique and easily locatable. The user name you provide is available on the top right corner of your profile. The complete URL of your Instagram ID ends with and a slash, and you can easily log in to your account by clicking on the URL. Described below are some points to remember while making a user ID.

  • The username should be simple and catchy; avoid using any special characters and numeric digits.
  • Avoid making use of random numbers and symbols. It makes it harder to recognize the ID.
  • Use relevant name
  • Keep your username short and sweet.
Jung Book Username Ideas

Jung Book Username Ideas

Jung book is a famous South Korean singer from BTS. He is very popular for his voice, so you can get a good Jung book username from the list described below.

  • Jeonjk
  • jungkookie
  • bbyjk
  • ilyjk
  • lcvejungkook
  • starryjungkook
  • smoljk
  • jeonaesthetics
  • qtjk
  • cutejungkook
  • flowerkook
  • blossomjk
  • blushkook
  • jjk
  • jjungkook
  • bbyjungkook
  • jungkooksite
  • jungkookstan
  • maknaejk
  • jungkookskies
  • aestheticjk
  • aestheticjungkook
  • cutiejk
  • jungkooksmiles
  • flowerjk
  • blossomjungkook
Kim Teahyung Username ideas

Kim Taehyung Username ideas

Kim Taehyung is a very popular South Korean songwriter as well as a singer in BTS. The best usernames that you can get on his name are described below.

  • tuliptae
  • huntae
  • taehyungsus
  • twinkth
  • singtae
  • Icvtae
  • taemcze
  • scencrytae
  • Icverhyung
  • lvoetae
  • ktae
  • lovkth
  • Icvehyung
  • vykth
  • taehyungluv
  • dntae
  • hvneytae
  • jadoretae
  • stigmvkth
  • vvvkth
  • rcsetae
  • mkaytaehyung
Jimin Username Ideas

Jimin Username Ideas

Jimin is a popular South Korean singer along with Jung book from BTS, and you can get some usernames on Jimin from the list below.

  • parkjm
  • pjm
  • jiminstans
  • bbyjim
  • bbyjm
  • cutejimin
  • jiminsite
  • 1cvejimin
  • aestheticjimin
  • smoljimin
  • jiminserendipity
  • jiminskies
  • Parkjimin
  • pjimin
  • parkjiminie
  • mochimchim
  • bbyjimin
  • jiminqt
  • myjimin
  • Icvelyjimin
  • spacejimin
  • jiminthings
  • jiminlies
  • starryjimin
Suga Username Ideas

Suga Username Ideas

He is a South Korean rapper a member of BTS; he is popular worldwide for his rap songs. Some cool usernames on Suga are described below.

  • minyoongie
  • myoongi
  • myyoongi
  • sugaesthetic
  • flowerysuga
  • bbysuga
  • bxbysuga
  • poutysuga
  • mysuga
  • sugamilkeu
  • firstlcvesuga
  • sugastan
  • minyg
  • Icve/lcvelyyoongi
  • yoongioppa
  • sugadiary
  • sugasite
  • babysuga
  • bbymyg
  • cutesuga
  • spacesuga
  • smolsuga
  • honeysuga
Jin Username Ideas

Jin Username Ideas

Jin is a popular singer and songwriter from BTS, and you can get a username with jin from the below list.

  • kimseokjin
  • ksjin
  • seokjinoppa
  • floweryjin
  • jinoppa
  • worldwidejin
  • starryjin
  • bxbyjin
  • bbyksj
  • jindiary
  • honeyjin
  • jinstan
  • smoljin
  • awakejin
  • kseokjin
  • seokjinnie
  • pinkjin
  • aesthetxcjin
  • Icvelyjin/lovelyjin
  • awakejin
  • bbyjin
  • babyjin
  • cutejin
  • jinsite
  • softjin
  • eommajin
  • mariojin
J-Hope Username Ideas

J-Hope Username Ideas

J-hope is a popular and well-known south Korean rapper from BTS, and you can get a catchy username on j-hope from the below list.

  • junghoseok
  • junghs
  • sunshinejhope
  • jhopediary
  • jhopegalaxy
  • bbyhoseok
  • bbyhope
  • jhopesmiles
  • happyhoseok
  • onlyjhope
  • jhopestan
  • angelhoseok
  • mochobi
  • Icvehoseok
  • junghoseokkie
  • jhoseok
  • vibrantjhope
  • jhopesite
  • spacehope
  • bbyjhope
  • floweryjhope
  • jhopevitamin
  • aestheticjhope
  • myjhope
  • cutiehope
  • hobii
  • smoljhope
  • Icvejhope
Rap Monster Username Ideas

Rap Monster Username Ideas

He is one of the most famous South Korean rappers and a member of BTS. Some of the popular Rap monster usernames are described below.

  • kimnamjoon
  • knamjoon
  • namjoonie
  • bbyjoonie
  • mynamjoon
  • Icvelyjoon
  • Icverapmonster
  • spacenamjoon
  • aestheticjoon
  • mochijoon
  • namjoontrash
  • namjoonskies
  • kimnamjoonie
  • kimnj
  • joonie
  • babynamjoon
  • bbyrapmon/ster
  • Icvenamjoon
  • cutiejoon
  • aestheticnamjoon
  • aestheticrapmon
  • stannamjoon
  • peachyjoon


Nowadays, BTS is becoming so popular all over the world. Millions of people are searching for BTS songs and each song of BTS has at least 100 Million Views on YouTube and some videos have reached over a billion so if you’re also a BTS fan and looking for BTS Username ideas then here you can find out hundred of unique BTS Username ideas for all Jung Book, Kim Taehyung, Jimin, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, and Rap Monster.

These are all the usernames for BTS fans so check out all these creative username ideas and these usernames are categorized in the name of popular members of BTS like Jungkook, Kim Taehyung, Suga and others.