800+ Username Ideas For Discord – Discord Names Ideas (Girls & Boys)

If you are looking for a good Discord Names Ideas then you are at the best place because here you can find hundreds of discord names ideas which is organized in various categories or use case scenario. So, scroll down a bit to find out unique discord names for your community.

Discord Name Ideas

What is Discord Names

When you create an account on discord official site or app then you’ve to create a server or a community that requires a server name so to attract users, you should have an attractive username on the server so if you are a little confused regarding the discord name then read all the discord names listed below and pick up your five most favorite names and then select the one best discord name.

Choosing a discord name can prove to be a little bit difficult for you but you don’t need to worry about it because we’ve got you a complete guide that will help you in choosing a good discord name for you.

Discord Names

Discord names are basically your discord’s server name so if you are an admin of your own server and you want to change your discord name then from here you can get amazing ideas of unique names.

Gamers Discord Names

Gamers Discord Names

Most of the gamers use discord to communicate with the whole group or squad and gamers are very serious about the server name of discord so if you are also a gamer then let’s check some adorable gamers’ names.

  • Devil gang
  • Monster Truck
  • King of Kings
  • The 4th Gang
  • Alien Team
  • Ultra legends
  • Aesthetics
  • Ass Kicker
  • Black guys
  • White guys
  • Anonymous
  • Psychopath
  • Red Rubish
  • Iron Heart
  • BulletProof
  • Sweet Killer
  • Homeless
  • Bad Bunny
  • Girls Gang
  • Desi Girls
  • Charlie’s Angels
  • The Best Friend
  • Zesty Zebra
  • Unexpected Sequel
  • Scary Spice
  • Soulful Soul
  • Wind Whisperer
  • Super Sweetheart
  • Softie Supreme
  • Savage Savior
  • Control Freak
  • The Cool One
  • Moonlight Witchcraft
  • Ace in the Hole
  • Angel of Light Warrior
  • Visigoth
  • Volcanic Volcano
  • Giant Voice
  • Lifetime Leader
  • Wild Wind Warrior
  • White Wolf Knight 
  • Sir Pickles
  • Crazy Lady
  • Lumberjack
  • Boomerang
  • Mammoth
  • Boss
  • Mastadon
  • Budweiser
  • Master
  • Bullseye
  • dish
  • Buster
  • sponge
  • Butch
  • Mr. President
  • Buzz
  • Deny
  • Canine
  • Ratman
  • Captian RedBeard
  • Guarantee
  • TheLoraxs
  • RedRanger
  • TomatoSoupAndBiscuits
  • TheYoshi
  • TinkyWinky
  • TheDalaiLama
  • ThePinkUnicorn
  • TheQuaker
  • TimmyTurner
  • TootieFlutey
  • TweetyBird
  • TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles
  • TheRiddler
  • TheKingOfKoopa
  • TikiMaraquan
  • TurboPenguin
  • Fulfill America Again!
  • Rockstar
  • The Queen’ Court
  • we tend to are the Champions
  • Shark Week
  • Netflix and Chill?
  • The Master of Disaster
  • The unbeatable Alliance
  • Ride or Die
  • you wish to cool down
  • Gin and Tonic
  • Pineapple specific
  • Cup of Joe
  • Caesar
  • The Walking Dead
  • Vindicators
  • Cherry Coke
  • Ghostbuster
  • Kool Aid
  • The Flash
  • Power Rangers
  • the large Bang Theory
  • price contenders: time War
  • Street Fighter Champion
  • The Dark Lord
  • “Hold tight for it” … “It’ coming!”
  • The altruistic One
  • The Unbeatable One!
  • the foremost Powerful One
  • The Dark Lord of All!
Cool Discord Names

Cool Discord Names

Scroll down to take a view of the cool discord names. You can pick any of the names listed below and the best way to get a cool discord name is that combine any of these names with a unique name that can be whatever you want. So, first read all these cool discord names and then decide which one is the best one.

If you are finding it difficult to choose a good and cool discord name then you don’t need to worry about it. Described below is a list of some of the best and cool discord names that you can enter into your profile.

  1. Harry Potter
  2. King Cobra
  3. C-O-V-I-D Killer
  4. Skull Crusher
  5. Savage Group
  6. Big Daddy
  7. Black Belt
  8. Wildcard
  9. The Champ
  10. Team of Champions
  11. Scary Killer
  12. Rich Daddy
  13. Intelligent Guys
  14. Superstars
  15. Great Learner
  16. EdTech School Boy
  17. Powerful Schoolboy
  18. bosom buddies
  19. Soule Mate
  20. Art of Artists
  21. Bad Blood
  22. Silent Spy
  23. Muffin the Magic Dragon
  24. Kiss My Axe
  25. Moonlit Warrior
  26. Oddball Outlaw
  27. Pills of Fury
  28. The Bossman
  29. Icy Queen
  30. Kitten Hater!
  31. Ultimate Warrior
  32. Berserk
  33. Super Wolf
  34. Fashionista Foxy
  35. Squirrel Sailor
  36. White Wolf Knight 
  37. Wild Wind Warrior
  38. Lifetime Leader
  39. Giant Voice
  40. Volcanic Volcano
  41. Visigoth
  42. Golden Eagle Warrior
  43. Ace Galaxy
  44. Nuprin
  45. Cowhide
  46. Offense
  47. Bail
  48. Lights Out
  49. troubler
  50. Champ
  51. saber-toothed tiger
  52. Shock state
  53. Scratch
  54. Smasher
  55. security guard
  56. Diesel
  57. Speed
  58. schooled authority
  59. Spike
  60. Fears
  61. Subwoofer
  62. Frankenstein
  63. spirit
  64. Froggy
  65. Twister
  66. General
  67. Examine
  68. Mammoth
  69. Lobster
  70. Highlander
  71. proboscidean
  72. Slug
  73. Prawn
  74. Canine
  75. Bug
  76. Torgue
  77. GrorgeousGeorge
  78. Senior family Tells No Lies
  79. sure Army (OMA)
  80. The Conquerer, brooding about everything,
  81. Sovereign of the Universe
  82. Shaggy Fawn
  83. adult female brass
  84. The Gamer lady
  85. I’m a Dolphin
  86. very little Scrapes
  87. Musically Oblivious
  88. The vagabond
  89. The Annoying One
  90. you have got Work Tomorrow!
  91. The Fabulous, witching Unicorn.
  92. The Loyal
  93. The King of Hearts
  94. The Awkward One.
  95. That Was Easy!
  96. My Name is Bob, and that i am a golem
  97. Feline Fury
  98. the most important Kitty
  99. The Dark Lord
  100. gushing out through with Sass
  101. Uncle granddad
  102. Ghostbusters
  103. Credible Detective
  104. The Builder
  105. The Troll Guy
  106. The LARP knowledgeable
  107. The Golden One
  108. The bibliothec of Hours
  109. Mango the Cat Eater
  110. Magikarp King (or Queen)
  111. The Mule
  112. The Winds of Magic
  113. Nectar bungle
  114. Rainbow Dash
  115. Lucky Star
  116. Cotton Candy hard drink
  117. Sweet Tart
  118. bright glad
  119. appetency
  120. Berry Pop
  121. Minty Breeze
  122. impressive Day
  123. Rainbow Swirl
  124. Purple Haze
  125. candyfloss Clouds
  126. Rough Bear
  127. blueness
  128. Sunshine
  129. Morning condensation
  130. Faint Fog
  131. Nightlight
  132. The Lord of the Underworld
  133. The Eternal Ruler
  134. Beguiling Furball
  135. jalapeno
  136. The Invisible Man
  137. The Rock
  138. Sailor Moon
  139. The Riddler
  140. The Powerpuff women
  141. The young Mutant Ninja Turtles
  142. John_Slicer
  143. Mufasa the good
Unique Discord Names

Unique Discord Names

If you want a unique name that no one has ever read before then read the unique discord names listed below and if you want to make it more unique then combine two names together and create a unique discord name.

  1. Shade individual
  2. No Name Given (NNN)
  3. snoopy outcast
  4. Mr. Rainbow’ mummy
  5. Cutesy
  6. Shade individual (MTS)
  7. Master Criminal
  8. Clinical guard Nurse
  9. Adolescent of the divinity
  10. Pain Killer
  11. Soft Touch
  12. iPhone User
  13. Rich_Richer_Richest
  14. Cut your cakes
  15. Better than other
  16. Viral Gamer
  17. Boss
  18. Don’t check my profile
  19. Change your avatar
  20. Verified Account
  21. GͥOͣDͫ
  22. SMILE 🙂
  23. I Hate Girls
  24. Stud Boys
  25. SAX Group
  26. Game OVER!
  27. AFK
  28. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ – ✧) ☞ DISCORD ☞
  29. Don’t BLOCK Me!
  30. Vιʂισɳαɾყ Vσιƈҽ 
  31. Lιƚƚʅҽ Mιʂʂ Sυɳʂԋιɳҽ
  32. Gιʋҽ Mҽ Aʅʅ Yσυɾ Cσσƙιҽʂ
  33. Tԋҽ Iɾσɳ Gιαɳƚ
  34. Tԋҽ Gɾҽαƚ Wԋιƚҽ
  35. Rαρƚσɾ Fαƈҽ
  36. Rαԃιƈαʅ RҽႦҽʅ
  37. Nҽɾԃ Aʅҽɾƚ!
  38. Aɳɠɾყ Lισɳ Kιɳɠ
  39. Kσσʅ Kαƚƚ
  40. Tԋҽ Wσʅϝ Kιɳɠ
  41. TυɾႦσ Tσʅҽɾαɳƚ Pҽɾʂσɳ
  42. Tιƚαɳιυɱ Tιƚαɳ
  43. Vҽɳσɱσυʂ Vҽɾʂαƚιʅιƚყ
  44. Vιʋαƈισυʂ Vιɾƚυҽ
  45. Wιƈƙҽԃʅყ Wιʂҽ Wσɱαɳ
  46. Nαƚυɾҽ’ʂ Wɾαƚԋ
  47. Tԋҽ Vσιԃ Wαʅƙҽɾ
  48. Nαƚυɾҽ’ʂ Wɾαƚԋ
  49. UɳρɾҽԃιƈƚαႦʅҽ
  50. patrician Celestia
  51. high-principled Studious lady
  52. Red Riding Hood
  53. Sovereign pupa
  54. noblewoman Satinae
  55. Kitty Catty Discord
  56. Sugar Mama
  57. nestling with a Pearl jewellery
  58. patrician Peach
  59. Sovereign of the Night
  60. Superwoman
  61. Princess finger Pie
  62. Pixie Queen
  63. Provocative antelope
  64. chip
  65. Barrel
  66. Maddux
  67. Snap
  68. Player
  69. Terrible Mr. Cold
  70. Kraken
  71. someone
  72. Heavenly sporting dog
  73. The Master of Games
  74. Nintendo Player
  75. Pokemon Trainer
  76. The master
  77. the good Tiger
  78. That One Guy
  79. The White Death
  80. Wet Memez
  81. Chicken Boy
  82. the good Dictator
  83. Mr. Bojangles
  84. Ruler Arthur
  85. Optimus Prime
  86. poeciliid
  87. Bread roll
  88. Chihuahua
  89. Timmy Tiptoes
  90. Fluttershy
  91. Wiener
  92. Yeehaw
  93. Sack Head
  94. Sugar Cube
  95. The Sagittarius
  96. The enthusiastic One
  97. unergetic columbiform bird
  98. Miss Fortune
  99. Hare Hopper
  100. Red Night
  101. The Void
  102. mortal of sunshine
  103. brandy
  104. Pokey
  105. The White Wizard
  106. Unpleasant dream
  107. No Name Ever
  108. Noobster
Attractive Discord Names

Attractive Discord Names

Looking for a discord name that attracts users from its style of presenting the name then here you can find out some attractive discord names which are mixed with stylish text symbols and multiple font styles, so check out these attractive discord names below.

  • The Dark Knight
  • Assault Master
  • The wroth Lord
  • D͓̽E͓̽V͓̽I͓̽L͓̽꧁🅶🅰🅼🅴🆁
  • ★彡[ᴀᴛᴛᴀᴄᴋ]彡★
  • H͎͍͐→I͎͍͐→J͎͍͐→A͎͍͐→C͎͍͐→K͎͍͐→
  • K͛⦚I͛⦚S͛⦚S͛⦚ⓎⓄⓊ
  • 🆄🆁[ʙɪᴛᴄʜ]
  • Date☆Me
  • Ⓢƈɦօօʟ༻ᶜᴸᵁᴮ
  • 🅽🅾【J】【O】【B】
  • I♥U
  • ᴄʟɪᴄᴋᴹᴱ
  • B҉A҉T҉M҉A҉N҉
  • ɪʀᴏɴ★ᴹᴬᴺ
  • ʙᴜʟʟデS̷H̷I̷T̷
  • ▄︻デ×̷̷͜×̷══━一
  • 𓂀 𝕀’𝕞 𝕙𝕦𝕟𝕘𝕣𝕪 𓂀
  • ★彡[ʙᴜᴛᴛᴇʀꜰʟʏ]彡★
  • T̲O̲P̲P̲E̲R̲ ꜱᴛᴜᴅᴇɴᴛ
  • 🅿🆁🅾
  • Obliteration Bringer
  • The sensible One
  • Soggy Memer
  • The Joker
  • Hare’ foot
  • Joke
  • The Cool Cat
  • Bunnie contemporary
  • The Hyper Ham
  • The Sunsetter
  • The Legend
  • secret mortal
  • Tiger’ Eye
  • Cerulean Skies
  • Rainbow Dash
  • time of day Sparkle
  • cinnamon snail
  • Ursus Maritimus
  • candy Pie
  • Strawberry baking-powder biscuit
  • Treat Monster
  • pie
  • Apple potable
  • paste
  • Treat Dough
  • Customary factor sweet
  • pancake Day
  • biscuit
  • Blueberry gem
  • Sharp Grapes
  • Betty Boop
  • Wreck
  • Mr. Mumblemore
  • The one-woman Army
  • The Golden Blade
  • Destruction individual
  • The Savior
  • Feline Catcher
  • the last word Gamer
  • Smasher of Worlds
  • God advanced
  • The Weapon of Mass Destruction
  • The God of War
  • Godzilla, King of the Monsters!
  • Unwaveringness individual
  • The Bomb
  • The Legend
  • Silly manslayer
  • The Dark Lord of the Sith
  • Ruler Kong! (moreover referred to as King)
  • Goliath individual
  • The King of All
  • Super Saiyan
  • The Adventurers
  • wholly Rad!
  • The glorious Seven
  • Merlin’ witching Academy
  • price saints Assemble!
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Fight! Fight! Fight!
  • dish Time?
  • No Surrender, No Retreat. Ever. ne’er EVER!!!!!!!!!
  • What’ happening?
  • Angel Wings
  • traditional factor Ninja
  • the good Outdoors
  • Discover the passenger Champion
  • SodaPop
  • KoolAid
  • Rainbowdashy
  • RainingFishies
  • AmazingAqua
  • SleepyTrees
  • artiodactyl mammal
  • bean curd
  • candy
  • GreenWolfie
  • CloudyRainbows
  • CatnipTeaParty
  • LyrisPeeble
  • Ozzi
  • TacoToes
  • RedMage
  • permanently Luck
  • The Dishwasher
  • The inexperienced lamp
  • The Riddler
  • The tunny Sandwich
  • Madonna Sue
  • Wolverine
  • The Joker
  • The Juggernaut
  • Cinna
  • FB
  • The Chair
  • away game
  • Field
  • store cheese
  • Novice
  • Halfback
  • Throw
  • area Service
  • hemoglobin
  • workplace
  • Shoestring
  • Get-together
  • Treat
  • The Show
  • Masher
  • Quarterback
  • Belt
  • Meat
  • QB
  • Basic League
  • Bullseye
  • pound
  • large League
  • Dart
  • Bug Flicker
  • Bigs
  • twelve PM
  • Fourth Down
  • The Bronx Bomber
  • Moonshot
  • FD
  • heat up region
  • Olympus
  • Misuse
  • Alert
  • Master
  • delivery
  • Endzone
  • Airmail
  • Knee-Buckler
  • initial Down
  • stringed instrument Hitter
  • Lumber
  • The Lone Ranger
  • Mr. Orange (or Ms. Purple)
Funny Discord Names

Funny Discord Names

Depending on the genre of the content that you are working on the discord so in some instances, discord names can be funny, just read these funny discord names below and you will find out that these names are really funny so if you want a funny kind of discord names then one of these names might be yours.

  1. google_was_my_idea
  2. i_was_a_istake
  3. Kiss My A*s
  5. POP Dancer
  6. Chicken Dinner
  7. VIP MAN
  8. Shoot it
  9. ฿₳฿Ɏ🅓🅞🅛🅛
  10. 🅄🇳‌🇴‌🇴‌🇧‌
  11. Nope
  12. Don’t Invite Me
  13. Lick it
  14. O҉N҉E҉ⓁⒾⒻⒺ
  15. Hate You
  16. ʜᴇᴀʟᴹᴱ
  17. Shut the hell up
  18. FAT-to-Fit
  19. Sweet Dreams
  20. Forever
  21. Say Anything
  22. Live4Love
  23. sold_mom_for_rp
  24. dusty_bawls
  25. The Devil’ Advocate
  26. advanced Dignitar
  27. Optimus Prime
  28. uninteresting Lord of the Sith
  29. The Ghost Who Walks Among U.S.
  30. Earnestness’ Knight
  31. The Devi’ Own
  32. Purple Haze
  33. Ace within the hole
  34. Sovereign Bee
  35. psychopathologic Killer
  36. starting Eagle
  37. eccentric person
  38. The zone
  39. Bubbly
  40. Cherry Pie
  41. Nervy Pants!
  42. Ruined Cherry
  43. Mystic Ferns
  44. Free for the whole thing of Tints
  45. Crazy Cat girl
  46. The Galaxy woman
  47. Lilac
  48. zero_deaths
  49. better_than_you
  50. do_not_leave_me
  51. date_me
  52. uncommon_name
  53. Stacking…
  54. OblivionNPC
  55. SendHelp
  56. Swagmaster
  57. TerminalChillness
  58. BigChungus
  59. DripJesus
  60. Malding
  61. NigerianPrince
  62. Pinhead
  63. Snek
  64. SofaKing
  65. TrashPanda
  66. WastedWizard
  67. justice
  68. name_not_important
  69. image_not_uploaded
  70. i_boop_ur_nose
  71. unfriend_now
  72. im_watching_you
  73. whos_ur_buddha
  74. cute_as_ducks
  75. suer
  76. godfather_part_
  77. oprah_wind_fury
  78. google_me_now
  79. thot_patrol
  80. suck_my_popsicle
  81. my_name_is_in_use
  82. pig_benis
  83. i_love_my_mommy
  84. period_blood
  85. heisenberg_blue
  86. ben_dover
  87. ass_ass_in
  88. i_killed_cupid
  89. ben_aflek_is_an_ok_actor
  90. fresh_out_the_oven
  91. monkey_see
  92. hello_im_creepy

Technology has grown a lot in the past few decades and it benefited humans in lots of ways but there is a common thing in every technology and that is it reduces human efforts. For instance, if you were asked some decades ago to convey a message to another person living far away from your home. Then you might probably write a letter and then walk some miles to post it and after few days the person would receive your message. And all this process is quite hectic if you see it from a present-day perspective because today you can send any message to any person in the world with just a single click. 

Also if you want to convey a long message then you can simply pick up your phone and make a call to that person and share the information. Thus it is clear that technology has made our lives simpler and comfortable. But even after having a calling facility in present-day smartphones, many people opt for short message service chatting on any third-party application. However, it is quite obvious that you won’t make a call to share a short message with someone. But due to the better user interface and messaging facility provided by many social media messaging applications people are making use of it even for long messages. 

There are numerous fantastic social media messaging applications that you can use on your smartphone to send and receive messages. These applications are quite popular today because of their extraordinary features and services. Like you can even make a phone call, video call, or a group video call without any charges to anyone in this world. Like if you have a make an international call then you need an international cellular package to make a call but if you make an international call via this application then you don’t need any special package you simply make a call for free. Thus it is also one of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of such applications. 

There are numerous social media messaging applications available on the web that you can install on your phone for free like WhatsApp, Instagram, telegram, discord, etc. But among these applications discord is one of the best applications because you get free video calling, voice calling, group video calling, and group chatting options for free. The applications are designed so well that you can’t resist yourself without using them.

Discord comes with some unique features like voice calling and with the help of this feature you can make a free voice call to any person in this world with the help of an internet connection. The application is currently used by millions of people around the world but most commonly it is used by gamers to chat in a group while gaming. Like every other social media messaging application you have to enter your name that will be displayed along with your profile. But unlike other applications, you need to provide a unique nickname in this application that will differentiate you from others on this platform.

What is Discord

Discord was officially launched on May 13, 2015, and it has over 300 million registered users from all over the globe. Discord is the most popular way to communicate or interact together. Discord is the favorite tool for gamers to communicate in clear clarity in the form of voice, text, and videos.

Create your own group or a community where you can do whatever it offers. There are so many topics for community creation. It is available in 80+ counties in over 27 languages.

Discord is available for android, ios, windows, mac and even you can use it on discord.com via browser. Discord can work on the background so if you’re connected with your friends on the server then you can use it while playing and even doing other works.

What Can Discord Do?

Discord has a very clean and easy-to-use interface so you can simply access all the features.

  • Create your own server
  • Build-up a community
  • Invite friends and interact together via text, videos, and voice.
  • Connect in the public server
  • Send direct message (DM) to particular friend.

How to Change Discord Names

There is a chance that at some point you think to change your discord name and thus you can change it. The process is quite simple and all you have to do is follow the below steps.

If you want to rename your discord server name then follow the steps given below profoundly:

  • Login with your discord account.
  • Now open your server
  • Click on the drop down icon on the top left corner
  • Now, click on change nickname
  • Change your server name and click on save.

How to Choose a Good Discord Name?

If you want your discord name to be decent and attractive then try to search for a meaningful name that shouldn’t be quite long. The name you enter in your discord profile will also be visible to other members on that platform so be precise while choosing the name. A good discord name is short and sweet with some meaningful and catchy words.

How Long Should it be?

There is a word limit in discord name and thus you can only enter up to 32 characters in your discord name. A discord name with a maximum of 2-3 words is considered to be a good discord name. Your discord name can include alphabets, special characters, and numeric digits. But is it is advisable to make less use of special characters in your discord name as it makes is it difficult to understand. 

Conclusion (Final Thoughts)

I hope you read all the discord names and find out the best, unique, and attractive name for your relatable content on discord. You can just copy any of these names and use them anywhere you want. If you want to see more amazing names or usernames then check our website username4all.com.

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