400+ Short & Sweet Comments for Couple Pic on Instagram & FB

If you are searching for a shot and funny Comments for Couple then here your search will end because, via this article, you will be able to find some good comments to send to a couple. You can use these comments in real life as well as social media like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.

In this social media world, people love commenting on their favorite creator’s content and it is a way to communicate with big celebrities and influencers. In this article, you have provided the best collection of Comments for Couples for Instagram so check out the list given below very profoundly.

You can get likes and replies if your comment is cool and attractive so first you need to make sure that your comment is not too long because people don’t have enough time to read a lengthy article in the comment section so your comment must be short, simple and on-point. We have professional writers who wrote these comments for couples that you can read from below and these comments have no grammar mistakes and it is also algorithm friendly so that whenever you post the comment, it will rank on the top so that most people will read it.

Comments for Couple

Comments for Couple

Sometimes, writing a comment is a big tragedy because either your comment gets so long or you may get confused about how to explain your feelings through a comment. If you no longer want to face these types of problems then take a look at the comments for couple listed below and choose the one that sounds relevant to your topic.

If you want to get more likes on your comment then you need to write something that attracts people’s attention and those people agree to the thoughts you have written through your comment. Here we have listed some good comments for couple that most people will agree with because these comments are not controversial and will touch your heart when you read them. Some comments are funny and some comments are serious one so first you think is good and then read all the comments listed below very profoundly then choose any of them.

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Comments for Couple for instagram

Comments for Couple for Instagram

  1. I’m so happy you both swiped right.
  2. Seems like you both are made for one another.
  3. Bunches of affection for you, two.
  4. A glass of wine, due to both of you.
  5. You both look best for one another.
  6. You both look so ideal for each other.
  7. Looking excessively incredible together.
  8. God favor you, two wonderful spirits, consistently.
  9. Seems like Romeo and Juliet got hitched, eventually.
  10. Resembles a ruler and princess.
  11. I’m certain, your pic will motivate numerous to experience passionate feelings for once more.
  12. Adorableness over-burden.
  13. In light of both of you, I restart my excursion to track down my first love.
  14. Indeed, even the moon will come in the daytime to see you both.
  15. I would see your image at whatever point I turned upward for the best couple.
  16. Blesses your appearances are more significant than the whole spending plan of the occasion.
  17. You are astonishing and I’m saying this with everything that is in me.
  18. The grins between both resemble nature’s view.
  19. May your adoration be appreciated seriously during the times of your marriage!
  20. What an unprecedented couple! Is it true or not that you are folks the best couple for sure?

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Facebook Comments for Couple

  1. Love is a delightful inclination and marriage makes it more wonderful.
  2. I feel so honored to have had the option to track down the ideal accomplice in you!
  3. The best spot you can decide for one another is to be together.
  4. Come on, folks, you can’t be such delightful together!
  5. Would we be able to discuss how you two are adorable?
  6. It is such astounding to see the most astonishing pair together in marriage.
  7. Your relationship makes me sob tears of satisfaction without fail!
  8. A great spot for you both to be is together.
  9. Consistently, I newly become hopelessly enamored with you.
  10. At last, I have seen the one whom my heart beats for.
  11. I’d watch with euphoria on many times assuming you were a film.
  12. Two heads, one heart.
  13. A debt of gratitude is in order for being so great at killing insects.
  14. Swiped right, presently it’s forever.
  15. Genuine affection stories never have endings.
  16. You both are god gifted couples.
  17. As far as I might be concerned, you both are awesome.
  18. I simply need to get the silver hairs with you.
  19. See you all! Such an astounding couple! God favor you generally.
  20. Your Love is my motivation. This is the thing genuine romance is.
Funny Comments for Couple

Funny Comments for Couple

  1. Your kissing sound is my cherished sound.
  2. The one where they become hopelessly enamored.
  3. How’d you get so fortunate?
  4. You’re my beloved welcome and my hardest farewell.
  5. I’m a man of secret and you’re a mysterious customer.
  6. You’re my cherished interruption.
  7. You are my little glimpse of heaven.
  8. Life is flawed, however you both are.
  9. My cherished fantasy is your romantic tale.
  10. An affection that generally feels like summer.
  11. These two sections make a superior entirety.
  12. You are my usual range of familiarity.
  13. You don’t have the foggiest idea how wonderful you are.
  14. You don’t enter my thoughts you live in it.
  15. This one followed me home. Would I be able to keep them?
  16. You both are really so SPECIAL to me.
  17. My cherished leisure activity is playing with you in the remarks.
  18. You fulfill me in a manner no other person can.
  19. You’re my cherished flavor.
  20. Together is a great spot to be.

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Cool Comment on Couple Pic

  1. The marvelous couple is great.
  2. You folks Look Awesome Together.
  3. Is there a method for cherishing this image, since I simply continue to click ‘like’ again and again?
  4. Ideal for one another.
  5. All the best for another period of life.
  6. How might anybody look so amazing together?
  7. LOVE = U + ME.
  8. I love seeing both of you together.
  9. Continuously Made For Each Other.
  10. I gaze upward to both so strongly
  11. Wanna know something? I love you.
  12. Present day Romeo and Juliet.
  13. Ideal and the coolest Couple.
  14. Looking astonishing together.
  15. This is what you can call an ideal pair.
  16. You are the really extraordinary couple I have at any point seen.
  17. From dream to the real world, you folks demonstrated love is genuine.
  18. Goodness, the spots both of you will proceed to take the cutest pics at.
  19. I love that you’ve observed your ideal travel accomplice.
  20. Congrats to both magnificent individuals!
Comments for Couple in Hindi

Comments for Couple in Hindi

  1. प्यार दुनिया के हर कोने में पाया जा सकता है, फिर भी आप में कुछ खास है।
  2. अपनी शादी के स्मरणोत्सव पर शुभकामनाएँ भेजना।
  3. मुझे यकीन है कि लोग आपसे संबंध मार्गदर्शन प्राप्त करने आएंगे।
  4. बहरहाल, आगे भी ऐसी अविश्वसनीय तस्वीरें शेयर करते रहिए जो धमाल मचा रही हैं.
  5. ठीक है, यही वह चीज है जिसे आप हमसे दूर रख रहे हैं। अच्छा काम!
  6. पहले तो उसने आपका प्यार जीता और बाद में आपके परिवार का नाम। सावधान रहो भाई !
  7. ईश्वर आप दोनों को एक दूसरे को हमेशा के लिए सहने की शक्ति और दृढ़ता प्रदान करे।
  8. मैं आप दोनों को बहुत गंभीरता से लेता हूं। मैं चाहता हूं कि एक दिन आप जैसे देखभाल करने वाले जीवनसाथी को देखें।
  9. भगवान ने आपका समन्वय बनाया है।
  10. एक और भ्रमण के लिए शुभकामनाएँ।
  11. स्वर्ग का उपयोग करके निर्मित एक उत्कृष्ट युगल।
  12. यह जोड़ी एक रिश्ते का एक आदर्श उदाहरण है।
  13. तुम दोनों मुझे याद दिला रहे हैं कि सच्चे प्यार के साथ क्या हो रहा है।
  14. नमस्कार! तुम सब एक साथ कितने आश्चर्यजनक लग रहे हो।
  15. आप दोनों एक साथ अतुलनीय हैं।
  16. आपके साथ ऐसा अविश्वसनीय समय बीता।
  17. वास्तव में, मैं आसक्त हूँ।
  18. महान संगठन वाली कोई भी गली लंबी नहीं होती।
  19. एक जोड़े के पास इसके लिए एक अच्छी अंगूठी है।
  20. मुझे अच्छा लगता है जब तुम मुस्कुराते हो। यह आकर्षक है।

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Comments for Couple for Girlfriend & Boyfriend

  1. So glad to see you together.
  2. A debt of gratitude is in order for filling my heart with joy. Your pics are extraordinary.
  3. The legitimate lifestyle choice a daily existence.
  4. Call it what you need.
  5. A long way from the way.
  6. Indeed, even the moon will come in the daytime to see you both.
  7. Whenever you are together rest of the world melts away
  8. So astonishing to see you, in adoration together.
  9. Looking incredible together as usual.
  10. How might you look so wonderful together? It’s impractical.
  11. I’m confounded. Am I more envious or more joyful for you?
  12. With torment comes reality.
  13. This is the hard Reality.
  14. Hashtag Action Jaction.
  15. Get away from the common.
  16. Will we taco ‘session how adorable both of you are?
  17. The cutest a few the year.
  18. Looks favorably upon your appearances are more significant than the whole financial plan of the occasion.
  19. You can’t get love, however you’ll be able to pay heavily for it.
  20. no one is perfect, but you’re thus shut it’ alarming.
Comment for Newly Married Couple

Comment for Newly Married Couple

  1. i do know fairy tales come back true as a result of I even have you.
  2. If nothing lasts forever, am i able to be your nothing?
  3. you create my heart melt!
  4. expensive my sunshine, you light my life. something is feasible with the heat of your love.
  5. My man – you’re a sight for sore eyes. Can’t wait to envision you soon.
  6. Made for one another.
  7. These days several pics are so, Keep refreshing yours.
  8. To me, you are perfect.
  9. A true love story never ends
  10. Much thanks for posting. It filled my heart with joy.
  11. You folks are excessively adorable. I can’t bargain RN.
  12. Love is being stupid together.
  13. Feeling so happy you’re with your life accomplice now.
  14. Much obliged for causing me to accept that genuine romance actually exists.
  15. Both of you cause me to put stock in cheerfully ever later.
  16. How might anybody look so magnificent together!! This can’t be valid.
  17. Remain solid. Remain favored.
  18. Great to know you both are locked in at this point. Well done.
  19. Sugar and zest, that is us.
  20. Couples that chuckle together, last together.

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Instagram Comments for Couple Picture

  1. True love is putting someone else before yourself.
  2. If I know what love is, it is because of you.
  3. You are, and always have been, my dream.
  4. Practically twins, though with a few differences.
  5. Much thanks to you, Tinder.
  6. See those grins, something is happening here.
  7. The best romantic tale of all time.
  8. Romeo and Juliet of the 21st century. Hold up, that’s true.
  9. May you both make loads of extraordinary recollections throughout everyday life.
  10. Hope you’re having every day as stunning as you are.
  11. If you were a movie, I’d watch you over and over again.
  12. Love is thus short, forgetting is goodbye
  13. What on earth did i feel regarding all the time before you?
  14. you create American state forget the way to breathe.
  15. i feel you’re cuter than any cat image
  16. purloined kisses are forever sweetest
  17. Tonight I’ll doze off with you in my heart.
  18. Love strikes away the chains of fear.
  19. the proper comeliness that God has created
  20. I’m in my bed, you’re in your bed. one amongst U.S.A. is within the wrong place.
Short Comments for Couple

Short Comments for Couple

  1. Beautiful lovers
  2. Cute newlyweds
  3. Winning team
  4. Awesome pair
  5. Lovely couple
  6. Unrestricted
  7. Made from Heaven
  8. Blooming
  9. Gorgeous
  10. Besties
  11. Hustler
  12. Humble
  13. Organized
  14. Absolutely
  15. Certainly
  16. Persistent
  17. Creative
  18. Recommend
  19. Friendly
  20. Magnificent
  21. Glorious
  22. Vivacious
  23. Lovely
  24. Horrible
  25. Delightful
  26. Elegant
  27. Pure genius!
  28. First-class!
  29. Way to live
  30. Live in Relationship
  31. Love needs LOVE
  32. Memories
  33. Love to live
  34. Inspired
  35. Fearless
  36. Wanderlust
  37. Looking soo cute
  38. Savage
  39. Flawsome
  40. Lost

One Word Comment on Couple Pic

  1. Reckless
  2. Period
  3. Cuddles
  4. Fashion
  5. Loving
  6. Alone
  7. Shopoholic
  8. Grateful
  9. Everything
  10. Forgiven
  11. Sparkle
  12. Moments
  13. Joy
  14. Trust
  16. Family
  17. Immature
  18. Complete
  19. Crazy
  20. Wild
  21. Eyerolls
  22. Secrets
  23. Nocturnal
  24. Unexpected
  25. Classy
  26. Sassy
  27. Surprise!
  28. YAY!
  29. Weeeeeeekend!
  30. Mesmerizing
  31. OOPS!
  32. Buddies
  33. Different
  34. Soulmates
  35. Vibin´
  36. Nocturnal
  37. Friendship
  38. Grateful
  39. Exploring
  40. Awesome
FB Comments for Couple in One Word

FB Comments for Couple in One Word

  1. Relax
  2. Classy
  3. Meant for each other
  4. Charming
  5. Wide-eyed
  6. Upset
  7. Helpless
  8. Repulsive
  9. Doubtful
  10. Jolly
  11. Impressive
  12. paramour
  13. winks
  14. the gang
  15. lucky
  16. brotherhood
  17. eyeballs
  18. Brothers
  19. Mad
  20. Friendship
  21. Friends
  22. Wild
  23. fearless
  24. Brothers
  25. Friend
  26. immature
  27. Family
  28. Epic
  29. Precious
  30. Vibin
  31. sweetheart
  32. Daydreaming
  33. dearest
  34. enchanting
  35. friend and lover
  36. My favorite couple ever
  37. Looks gorgeous
  38. Wonderful match
  39. The perfect match
  40. Pretty spouses

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Very Short Comment on Couple Pic on Instagram

  1. Feelings!
  2. Inspire
  3. Cheers!
  4. Celebrating
  5. Fashionistas
  6. Ravishing
  7. Brotherhood
  8. Mine
  9. Always
  10. Obsessed
  11. Forever
  12. Happy
  13. Fashionistas
  14. Resilience
  15. Sisterhood
  16. Ambitious
  17. Breathe
  18. Badass
  19. Crazy
  20. Brazy
  21. Hopeless
  22. Cooling
  23. Bliss
  24. Vibes
  25. Nostalgic
  26. Believe
  27. Good for you!
  28. That’s the way!
  29. Wonderful!
  30. Good going!
  31. Favorite
  32. Introverted
  33. Resourceful
  34. Exactly
  35. Completely
  36. Brilliant
  37. Imaginative
  38. gorgeous
  39. handsome
  40. Homecoming

How to Write a Comments for Couple for Instagram

Comments are a great way to share your thoughts on an article, post and video to help the content cheater improve the content and motivate them. Many people don’t like writing comments because it takes a lot of effort and time to write your thoughts and feelings about the content in the comment section. If you are one of those then you may don’t know how to write a comment. Writing comments is very easy, just pursue the instructions and step-by-step guide given below.

  • Read the article thoroughly before commenting
  • Stay on topic
  • Write thoughtfully and constructively
  • Use proper grammar and spelling
  • Explain your point of view
  • You can also provide evidence to back up your point of view
  • Be respectful and polite.
  • Keep your comments short and on-point.
  • Make sure your comments are relevant to the article or blog post.
  • Avoid spam and promotional content
  • By following these simple tips, you can make sure your comments add value to the conversation.


So, I hope you like all the comments given above in this article and you have found some good comments that you can use to comment on your favorite couples. We have tried our best to share with you these Cool, unique and funny Comments for Couple on Instagram. You can bookmark this page so that whenever you need more comments then you can quickly open this article and choose your favorite comment listed above. You can also join our telegram group to read more comments like this.