850+ Mobile Shop Names (English & Hindi) to Stand Out

Mobile Shop Names: Mobile phone is one of the biggest markets in the tech industry and the number of mobile users is still rapidly increasing so there is no doubt that there is a lot of money in this industry so if you want to take advantage of it and open a new mobile phone shop then in today’s article you have provided the best collection of Mobile Shop Name Ideas that help to get some inspirations and ideas to name your new shop.

The name of a shop is very important for a shop’s owner because the name help in branding and marketing. A shop name is the first thing that every consumer read before entering the shop so if you have a catchy or attractive name then it can help you to attract more customers. If you are thinking to open your own new mobile shop then you should add some element in the name that makes people curious to go inside and look at all the products in the shop.

We have listed hundreds of cool and unique mobile shop name ideas that help you to pick the best name for your mobile shop. But before you make your decision, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. You’ll need to come up with something that is both memorable and reflects the type of business you’re running.

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Mobile Shop Names

Mobile Shop Names

The demand for mobile phones is increasing so there is an opportunity to create a mobile phone-based shop in which you can sell the latest mobile phones and accessories. Opening a mobile shop is very easy, you can get land on rent or directly buy a pre-made shop but when it comes to naming a shop then most shop owners make wrong decisions, they name their shop name on their own name or surname which does not create a uniqueness or curious element in the name.

If you want to make your shop stand out from the rest then you must have to think of a good name for it because a shop name is one of the biggest factors that help in creating goodwill in long term. So, to create a monopoly business or marketplace, you can choose one of the mobile shop names listed below or you can some new ideas while reading these names so that you can create your own new shop name.

Things to Be Considered While Naming a Mobile Shop

When naming your mobile shop, keep these things in mind:

  • Keep it short and simple
  • Make it easy to remember
  • Include what you sell
  • Make it unique or different from your competitors.
Best Mobile Shop Name Ideas

Best Mobile Shop Name Ideas

This is the list of best mobile shop name ideas and you can consider one of the names listed below as the identity of your shop.

  1. Imagine Wireless
  2. Phone Corner
  3. Connection Traders
  4. Samsung Customers
  5. Air One Cellular
  6. All Phone Cases
  7. Mobile Vision
  8. The Design Race
  9. Repair My Phone
  10. New Battery
  11. Quick Mobile Fix
  12. Next Cell phones
  13. Inland Cellular
  14. Trading Enterprise
  15. Ready Mobile
  16. Affinity Cellular
  17. Mobilogist
  18. Torque mobile
  19. Mobile insight
  20. Mobi master
  21. Spectrum Mobile
  22. Mobile Geeks
  23. Dr Mobile Repair
  24. Big River Broadband
  25. Boutique Telecom
  26. iPhone Screen Repair
  27. Sprint Store
  28. Tooting Mobile Shop
  29. Go Mobile Redcar
  30. Capital Connections
  31. Mobile Comparison Shop
  32. Phone Touch
  33. Yellow Mobiles
  34. Keys Technology
  35. Prince Mobiles
  36. Wireless Connections
  37. Bluegrass Cellular
  38. Earth Tones
  39. Phone Repair Cafe
  40. Page Plus Cellular
  41. Wireless Waves
  42. Arise Mobile
  43. Virgin Media accessories
  44. Phone Box
  45. Kids Connect
  46. Tecno Mobile Skytech
  47. Lucky Wireless
  48. The Cell Story
  49. The Phone Zone
  50. The Design Race

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Indian Mobile Shop Names

If you want to open your mobile shop in India then here we have come up with the list of Indian Mobile Shop Name ideas.

  1. Safe Phone Case
  2. Accessories Sign
  3. Downtown Accessories
  4. Modern Phone Accessories
  5. Mobile Repair Services
  6. The Mobile Spa
  7. Screen Surgery
  8. Logical Wireless
  9. Dreamers Circle
  10. Mobile Phone Geeks
  11. Veracity Networks
  12. Elite Cellular Corp
  13. Switch My Stuff
  14. Too Phones
  15. Cloud Network
  16. King Digital accessories
  17. Ultra Mobile
  18. Mobile Hospital
  19. Urban Talkies
  20. Mobile Doctor
  21. Mobile King
  22. Chit Chat Mobile
  23. Magic Wireless
  24. Digital House
  25. Telekom Wireless
  26. Sierra Wireless
  27. Phone Protect
  28. Dream Covers
  29. Stream Mobile
  30. Tele World
  31. Simple Mobile
  32. World Phone Hut
  33. Forest Gate Fonehouse
  34. One Office
  35. Tele World Mobile Shop
  36. Fell Mobi
  37. Move On
  38. MobiQuick
  39. The Chip Shop
  40. Cellentric
Mobile Shop Names in Hindi

Mobile Shop Names in Hindi

To name your shop in Hindi you can choose one of the names given below so check out these Mobile Shop Names in Hindi language.

  1. मोबाइल स्पेस
  2. हेल्लो इंडिया
  3. मोबाइल आइकॉन
  4. मोबाइल मार्केट
  5. मोबाइल क्लब
  6. रमेश वायरलेस
  7. मोबाइल गैलेरी
  8. मोबाइल सर्जरी शॉप
  9. मोबाइल एक्सपर्ट
  10. मोबाइल मिस्त्री
  11. मोबाइल हॉस्पिटल
  12. मोबाइल सर्जरी स्टेशन
  13. फ़ास्ट मोबाइल रिपेयर
  14. मोबाइल योगी
  15. मोबाइल गुरु
  16. मोबाइल जंक्शन
  17. मोबाइल सिटी
  18. मोबाइल की दुनिया
  19. इन्फ्रारेड शॉप
  20. मोबाइल को चित्रित करें
  21. त्वरित मोबाइल
  22. लेंसमैन मोबाइल
  23. साधु मोबाइल
  24. ब्रांडेड मोबाइल
  25. मोबाइल चलाओ
  26. वफ़ादारी मोबाइल
  27. हिंडोला मोबाइल
  28. उद्देश्य मोबाइल
  29. स्मार्ट सेलुलर
  30. बड़ा फोन स्टोर
  31. स्पाइस डिजिटल
  32. निर्भर फोन
  33. एक्सेल फोन
  34. फिशआई मोबाइल
  35. ग्राउंड फोन
  36. धुंधला मोबाइल
  37. डायरेक्ट मोबाइल
  38. माइक्रो मोबाइल
  39. मोबाइल गलियारा
  40. मोबाइल कैफ़े

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Mobile Shop Names in Mumbai

Here we have the list of unique mobile shop names that are perfectly suitable for the Mumbai location.

  1. Moby Root
  2. SuperDigi
  3. Mobizen
  4. Phone Craft
  5. Apple Mission
  6. Cell Doctor
  7. Phone Restore
  8. Cellphone Tech
  9. Cell Phone Hospital
  10. Connected Life
  11. Moment Repairs
  12. Spectrum Mobile
  13. Dinged Digits
  14. Apple Fashion Valley
  15. Luxury Phone Collector
  16. Tech On The Go
  17. The Master Of Mobile
  18. Cell Phone Planet
  19. Smart Phone Deal
  20. Craven Cellphone
  21. phone jet
  22. Call me
  23. Tech Talks
  24. Mobi fixer
  25. Mobi rituals
  26. Mobile world
  27. trendy booth
  28. Shatter Savers
  29. The Repair Cell
  30. Go Smart Mobiles
  31. Smartphone Doctors
  32. Repair My Iphone
  33. Digital Junction
  34. No Replacement Needed
  35. Telefonica space
  36. Cellucity
  37. MobileCandy
  38. Phoneseller
  39. Mobile Leg
  40. Mobile level
  41. Cellular abroad
  42. PhoneCafe
  43. Mobile Garage
  44. Mobile Galaxy
  45. Phone Fix
  46. Elite Digital Solutions
  47. Phone Master
  48. Tronic Technology
  49. UK Mobiles City
  50. Mobile Phone Clinic
  51. Phone Act
  52. Dream Covers
  53. The Sound Shoppe
  54. Well-Cased
  55. Unreal Mobile
American Mobile Shop Names

American Mobile Shop Names

Here you have provided some cool mobile shop names for an international region like America so check it out.

  1. Talking Mobiles
  2. Phone Protectors
  3. Smart Mobile Zone
  4. Cell Power Station
  5. Unlimited Mobile
  6. Phone Buzz
  7. Lucky Wireless
  8. Digital Communications
  9. Max Telecom
  10. Sell Your Mobile
  11. All Phone Cases
  12. Mobitooth
  13. Digi MOde
  14. Star Edge
  15. The Cafe Digi
  16. Mobilic
  17. Friends Mobile
  18. Movile Fonz
  19. Mobicafe
  20. Techspark
  21. Steller Repair
  22. Basic Connections
  23. Blackview
  24. Coolpad
  25. Digital House
  26. iConnect
  27. Infinite Tech
  28. Mobile Staff
  29. Mobile Candy
  30. Nemont
  31. Net Media
  32. The Mobile Communication
  33. The Next Store
  34. Blue Wireless
  35. BlueWave Cell Phone
  36. Joy Cell Phone
  37. Ladybug Wireless
  38. Praxis Cell Phone
  39. Prosper Cell Phone
  40. Seawolf Wireless
  41. Seer Technology
  42. The Cell Wireless
  43. Thumb Cellular
  44. BigTime Phone Case
  45. Bison Phone Case
  46. Exhibit Phone Case
  47. Fix My Phone
  48. Harbor Mobile
  49. Internet on the Go
  50. Phone Case Fixer
  51. Sharp Corporation
  52. Solaris Phone Case
  53. WaveRiver
  54. Wind River Cellular
  55. AlphaOmega Mobile Phone Company
  56. Amoi Phone Company
  57. Clearwire Phone Company
  58. Clever Mobile Phone Company
  59. Nexian
  60. Go Mobile

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Mobile Repair Shop Name Ideas

If you want to open a mobile repairing shop then one of the names listed below cloud be yours.

  1. Next Level Wireless
  2. Union Mobile Phone Company
  3. Silver Bridge
  4. Phone Garage
  5. Cell Phones Universe
  6. Redzone Mobile Shop
  7. Pro Wireless
  8. Focal Phone
  9. Mobileadil
  10. Mobile Wired
  11. Lopez Mobile
  12. Conquer Phone
  13. Inspired Mobile
  14. Mobilewind
  15. Vintage Shop
  16. Solved Mobile
  17. Certain Mobile
  18. Relief Mobile
  19. Grand Shop
  20. Universe Mobile
  21. Mobile Cypher
  22. Smart Dot Com
  23. Mobilegenics
  24. Pix Mobile
  25. Solid Phone
  26. Recharge Electronics
  27. CellUnlock
  28. World Cell Phones
  29. Mobile Planet
  30. Smart Mobile
  31. Spectrum Mobile
  32. Windmill Mobile Phone Company
  33. One+ Mobile
  34. Onsite Mobile Phone Company
  35. Concordia Mobile Phone Company
  36. Connection Traders Phone Company
  37. Big River Broadband Phone Company
  38. Black Wireless Phone Company
  39. Zilla Talk
  40. Zing Wireless
Mobile Shop Names in Kerala

Mobile Shop Names in Kerala

Here is the list of some mobile shop name ideas that are good for Kerala and similar locations like Kerala.

  1. Stellar Phone Case
  2. Supreme Phone Case
  3. Phone Case Fx
  4. Martial Phone Case
  5. Met Tel Mobile
  6. Foster Phone Case
  7. Freedom Pop
  8. Cabana Phone Case
  9. CastleRock Phone Case
  10. Triangle Mobile
  11. Unlock Cell Phone
  12. Selectel Wireless
  13. Simple Cell Solutions
  14. Proxy Cell Phone
  15. Pulse Cellular
  16. Long Lines Wireless
  17. Lookup Cell Phone
  18. Bravado Wireless
  19. BrightSide Cell Phone
  20. Total Wireless Store
  21. United Wireless
  22. Payless Wireless
  23. Phone Max
  24. Mobile Place
  25. Mobile Stroll
  26. Magic Wireless
  27. Mission Wireless & Repair
  28. Doctor Sim
  29. Earth Tones
  30. Bluegrass Cellular
  31. Boost Mobile
  32. Bunny Mobile
  33. FTC Wireless
  34. Mobile Phone Cases
  35. Chelsea Phone Doctor
  36. Easy Fix LLC
  37. Apple Union Square
  38. Ultra Mobile
  40. Mobi Care
  41. Open Mobile
  42. Fast Gizmo Geeks
  43. Protect Connect
  44. Cell Phones Universe
  45. World Cell Phones

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Catchy Mobile Shop Names

You can check out some catchy and attractive mobile shop name ideas from below.

  1. Cool Tech Wireless
  2. Thumb Cellular
  3. 5G Mobile Repairs
  4. Starmobile
  5. The Cell Wireless
  6. Simple Cell Solutions
  7. The Sound Shoppe
  8. Life Mobile
  9. Cellular Point
  10. Dream Phones
  11. Soft Solutions Repairs
  12. Screen Surgery
  13. Cell Savings
  14. Mobile Phone Care
  15. Direct Protect
  16. Accessories Elevate
  17. Selectel Wireless
  18. Xtreme Accessories
  19. Q Link Wireless
  20. 30 Minutes Fix
  21. Ladybug Wireless
  22. Sharp Corporation
  23. A1 Smartphones
  24. Smartphone House
  25. Authentic Shop
  26. A1 Authentic Mobiles
  27. 24×7 Gadget
  28. One Mobiles
  29. Mobile World
  30. A1 Gadget Center
  31. Device Repair Centre
  32. Smartphone by Rey
  33. Sophia’s Gadget
  34. Jacob Tech Innovation
  35. Home Innovative
  36. Home Digital Shop
  37. Professional Gadgets
  38. Mad Mobile Shope
  39. Vigilant Mobile Shope
  40. Mobile Shelter
  41. Mobile Donna
  42. Apex mobiles
  43. Digi Max
  44. Alfa Mobile
  45. Mobile Life
  46. Liam’s Tech World
  47. Cell Phones by Jackson
  48. CellPhone Repair
  49. Gadget Repair Villa
  50. Z+ Smartphone
  51. 24×7 Smartphone
  52. 10k Mobiles
  53. Authentic Smartphones
  54. All-time Gadget
  55. AtoZ Mobiles
  56. AtoZ Smartphones
  57. Smarty Tech
  58. My Tech Shop
  59. Wind River Cellular
  60. Cello Cell
Unique Mobile Shop Names

Unique Mobile Shop Names

These are the unique mobile shop names that are not taken by anyone which means that all these names are completely trademark-free so you don’t need to worry about it anymore.

  1. Limitless Mobile
  2. Tech Geeks
  3. Digi Smash
  4. Walk n Talk
  5. Mobile Fathom
  6. Mobileex
  7. Mobile Shope Face
  8. Silver Bridge
  9. Manaspace Phones
  10. Mobile Shope Magnet
  11. Alpha Telecom
  12. William Gadget Advisor
  13. Patriot Mobile
  14. Beast Mobile
  15. Repair My Phone
  16. Fast Cell Repair
  17. Steller Fast Repair
  18. Mobile Phone Clinic
  19. Innovative Technologies
  20. Accessories Core
  21. Cell PowerStation
  22. Mobile Essentials
  23. MoboShop
  24. Tencho World
  25. Plus Point Mobiles
  26. Telescience Cellular
  27. Mobile Shope Nitro
  28. Tech Resolution Shop
  29. Northeast Mobile Shope
  30. Mobile Shope Finders
  31. Wildfire Mobile Shope
  32. MultiCore Tech
  33. A2 Electronics
  34. Calling Company
  35. Spice Digital
  36. Titu Mobile Shop
  37. Mobile Essentials
  38. Cellect Mobile
  39. The Phone Zone
  40. Smart Phones Shop

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Mobile Accessories Shop Names

If you want to open a shop in which you will sell accessories for mobile phones then check out the list of Mobile Accessories Shop Name ideas from here.

  1. Accessorial
  2. Flash wireless
  3. Phone flash net
  4. Reater mobile
  5. Buddy way
  6. Soft nova
  7. Mystic mobile
  8. Business solutions
  9. Lister mobile
  10. Alcatel mobile
  11. Mobi try
  12. Mobi hub
  13. Wilson mobile
  14. Phone act
  15. Eagle eye rumble
  16. Orange mobile
  17. Mobile phone clinic
  18. Dotoff mobile
  19. Next mobile
  20. Retail vector
  21. Gateway mobile
  22. Techno bunch
  23. Idera mobile
  24. Mobile variable
  25. Rapid move
  26. Apple mobiles
  27. Xpresso mobile
  28. Mobilic
  29. Stozu mobile
  30. Phone jack
  31. Velvocrew
  32. Mobile cyper
  33. Mana space phones
  34. Cool pad
  35. Cell care

How to Choose a Name for your Mobile Shop

If you are thinking about a good name for your mobile shop, it’s important to choose a name that is memorable and indicative of what you sell. You could go with a name that reflects the type of store you own which means that you should include mobile, phone or tech, electronic words into your shop name. You should also take care that the name is easy to spell and doesn’t have any negative associations. Finally, you’ll want to make sure the domain is available so that customers can find you on the internet.

Opening a mobile shop is a business so if you want to expand your business and make it a unicorn then you also need to make sure that your shop name is not already registered as a trademark (™️). You can also consider using the name of the street or neighborhood it is located in, the type of products you carry, or a catchphrase that describes what you do. Whatever you choose, make sure it is easy to say and spell.


So, these were the best mobile shop names ideas that you can choose from and get some fresh ideas to create your own new shop name. The mobile shop name you choose has to be unique and sets your store apart from the competition. Whatever you choose, make sure the name is meaningful to you and your customers. I hope this article was helpful to you and you got enough ideas and suggestions to name your shop.