550+ Cool, Funny & Unique Robot Names (Male & Female) 2022

Robot Names: If you own a robot and you are looking for a name for your robot then here your search will end because we have come up with the best collection of Robot name ideas that perfectly fit most robots available in today’s world. Robots are a part of many people’s lives, and it’s important to give them names that will make them feel special.

In this digital era, Robots are becoming more and more common in our society. A robot is a machine that assists people in their everyday lives. They are commonly used in manufacturing and are able to automate repetitive tasks. As we continue to develop these incredible machines, it is important that we choose the right names for them. Here are some names that I think would be perfect for some of the most common robots.

The process behind the creation of a robot requires a lot of creativity but after creating a robot, naming a robot also needs creative ideas and thoughts to make good decisions and pick a wise name. Some good names for robots include Bob, Bill, and Benny. These names are all friendly and make the robot feel like a part of the family. Other good robot names include Lucy, Sandy, and Alisha. These all sound good for the female robots so here we have listed hundreds of cool, unique and creative robot names for the male and female robots so check it out very profoundly.

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Robot Names

Robot Names

Choosing a name for a robot is a very difficult process. It’s one thing to come up with a cool name for a human, but it’s a whole other challenge to come up with an appropriate moniker for a machine that sometimes defies description. But after much thought, we finally create our collection that consists of many name ideas for all types of robots so you can explore these amazing robot names from below and choose the name that you think is good for your robot.

The name of a robot can depend on many things like looks, genre, characteristics, functionality, technology and more. However, you can name your robot by considering any one of these factors. When it comes to naming a robot, we know that choosing the perfect name for your new robot is a very vital decision. We offer a wide variety of names, so you can find the good one for your unique robot. Whether you need a name that’s tough and powerful or cute and cuddly, we’ve got you covered.

Good Robot Names

Good Robot Names

We’ve compiled a list of the best robot name ideas to give your new invention an edge in the competitive marketplace and also give it a unique identity so check out the list given below.

  1. Siri
  2. Olympus
  3. Silver Head
  4. Curiosity
  5. DeathStar
  6. Sparkles
  7. Bolt Head
  8. Humanoid
  9. Hector
  10. Elixir
  11. Random Bot
  12. Gem
  13. Tendrites
  14. Mercy
  15. Flying Droid
  16. Airbender
  17. BoyBot
  18. Alexa
  19. Cassandra
  20. Humana
  21. AstroBoy
  22. Austin
  23. Doc Ock
  24. Grievous
  25. Robotman
  26. Micro
  27. Anne Droid
  28. Roberto
  29. Golem
  30. Ixxroid
  31. Azerty
  32. Copper
  33. Samantha
  34. Cameron
  35. Mukuro
  36. Genghis
  37. Mega Man
  38. Shakey
  39. Deathstryke
  40. Colussus

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Cool Robot Name Ideas

This is the list of cool robotic names that instantly grab attention of the public towards it.

  1. Spud
  2. Ucntron
  3. Astronema
  4. Grezzer
  5. Screwie
  6. Moguera
  7. Bolt
  8. Kryton
  9. Galaxina
  10. Piper
  11. Vanessa
  12. Chani
  13. Kampf
  14. Optimus
  15. Robby
  16. Cappy
  17. Bishop
  18. Freya
  19. Pearl Mine
  20. Brainstorm
  21. Grezzer
  22. Cylinder
  23. Rob Oto
  24. Robo Proto
  25. Brobot
  26. Mechanical Tech
  27. Mech Tech
  28. Robogogo
  29. Machine Learning
  30. Machine Men
  31. Animagtics
  32. We Build Bots
  33. Automatic Bots
  34. Typed Robotixs
  35. Magic Minds
  36. Immortal Life
  37. CyberBeast
  38. Space Travel
  39. DroidZone
  40. Robotsnow
  41. Betterbots
  42. Crewbots
  43. Robotasks
  44. Teaching Machines
  45. Gogo Robo
  46. Industrial Insight
  47. Robo Realness
  48. Akgoid
  49. Inapator
  50. Micro
Funny Robot Names

Funny Robot Names

If you want a hilarious name for you robot then one of the names listed below could be good for you robot so read all these funny robot name ideas.

  1. Generic Encoding Automaton
  2. Adept Animal Control Robot
  3. Self-Aware Encryption Automaton
  4. Sensitive Human Protection Device
  5. Bionic Instruction Entity
  6. Exceptional Science Android
  7. Sensitive Teaching Robot
  8. Bio-Electrionic Education Bot
  9. Supreme Bodyguard Cyborg
  10. Highpowered Diplomacy Drone
  11. Supreme Enforcer Robot
  12. Bio-Electrionic Probe Technician
  13. Extreme Exploration Automaton
  14. Perceptive Neutralization Machine
  15. Mechanical Lifeform Detection Technician
  16. Rational Simulation Robot
  17. Temporary Instruction Emulator
  18. Automated Operation Android
  19. Humanoid Examination Device
  20. Neohuman Data Protection Cyborg
  21. Essential War Prototype
  22. Extra-Terrestrial Invasion Entity
  23. Supreme Space Exploration Automaton
  24. Primitive Translation Prototype
  25. Autonomous Detection Robot
  26. Self-Reliant Data Analyzing Technician
  27. Super Encoding Droid
  28. Humanoid Emergency Response Cyborg
  29. Humanoid Usher Drone
  30. Mechanical Garbage Disposal Drone
  31. Compact Eradication Device
  32. Computerized Utility Cyborg
  33. Conscious Battle Device
  34. Personal Analysis Entity
  35. Universal Shepherd Android
  36. Computerized Management Drone
  37. Super Battle Android
  38. Sensory Fire Fighting Golem
  39. General Pilot Device
  40. Robotic Lifeform Detection Drone
  41. Compact First Aid Android
  42. Super Servant Robot
  43. Independent Supervision Prototype
  44. Experimental Exploration Golem
  45. Bio-Electrionic Encryption Technician
  46. Autonomous Ocean Exploration Droid
  47. Bionic Laboratorium Entity
  48. Intelligent Space Navigation Emulator
  49. Primary Farming Prototype
  50. Supreme Emergency Response Golem
  51. Robotic Eradication Android
  52. Robotic Space Exploration Entity
  53. Bionic Science Entity
  54. Dynamic Animal Protection Robot
  55. Intelligent Operating Robot

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Unique Robot Name Ideas

When you have created a prototype of a robot and you want to sell it into the market, you need a unique name for your robot so that you can create a USP (unique selling point) and Differentiate your product from your competitors.

  1. Rubber
  2. Sparky
  3. Hammer
  4. Dotty
  5. Greez
  6. Buttons
  7. Bracer
  8. Tink
  9. Robert
  10. Ofbroid
  11. Integrated Unit Response Droid
  12. Conscious Medical Technician
  13. Bionic Animal Protection Bot
  14. Dustie
  15. Tracker
  16. Sophie
  17. Weebo
  18. Otis
  19. Emma
  20. Andrew
  21. Daemon
  22. Alexander
  23. Gigabit
  24. Norby
  25. Holiday
  26. Crowby
  27. Irey
  28. Efficient Troubleshooting Entity
  29. Conscious Space Navigation Bot
  30. Integrated Space Navigation Emulator
  31. Reactive Animal Control Drone
  32. Curious
  33. Bit
  34. Knave
  35. Drivebots
  36. Companionbots
  37. Tomorrowbots
  38. AndroidX
  39. New Friend
  40. Second Life
  41. Machine Guy
  42. Come Alive Bots
  43. Robo Mechanics
  44. Sophia
  45. ASIMO
Transformers Robot Names

Transformers Robot Names

Transformers robot is a kind of robot that transforms into various structures for specific purposes so here we have listed some good Transformers Robot Name ideas.

  1. AIBO
  2. R2‑D2
  3. Optimus Prime
  4. HAL 9000
  5. Build Robots Now
  6. Ai Knowledge
  7. Sona
  8. Screwie
  9. Efen
  10. Prime
  11. Dot
  12. Data
  13. Ubdoid
  14. Edavtron
  15. Ivgtron
  16. Andy Roid
  17. Golem
  18. Uricoid
  19. Duster
  20. Self Emulator
  21. Ultron
  22. Space Nomad
  23. MegaByte
  24. Robottle
  25. Chitta
  26. Animagus
  27. Nova
  28. Steel Muscles
  29. Advanced Nullification Machine
  30. Blabbermouth
  31. Fish and Chips
  32. AstroBoy
  33. BoyBot
  34. Jane
  35. Cherry
  36. Kathryn
  37. Ruin
  38. Sadie
  39. Daffodill
  40. Eqlator

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Robot Names From Movies

In fictional movies, there are many popular robotic names that create a sensation in this industry. People search for the robot shown in movies by the name so if you want to show your robot in their search then you can choose one of the Robot Names listed below that comes from movies.

  1. Android 99
  2. Steel Muscles
  3. Knight Rider
  4. Prime Invasion Emulator
  5. Rubber
  6. Max
  7. Cole
  8. Andromeda
  9. Booker
  10. Bolt
  11. Spark
  12. Sark
  13. Twobit
  14. Spirit
  15. Spanner
  16. Brainstorm
  17. Sterling
  18. Axel
  19. Gage
  20. Cylinder
  21. Tracker
  22. Screwie
  23. Gearz
  24. Dustie
  25. Cabe
  26. Azerty
  27. Otis
  28. Rob Oto
  29. Corius
  30. Silver
  31. Bracer
  32. Boomer
  33. Mace
  34. Ranger
  35. Knave
  36. Scrap
  37. Alpha
  38. Gigabit
  39. Copper
  40. Cyd
  41. Alpha
  42. Rust
  43. Scythe
  44. Kitt
  45. Spudnik
  46. Mace
  47. Bracer
  48. Twobit
  49. Tinker
  50. Mechi
  51. Talus
  52. Atibroid
  53. Etmator
  54. Booker
  55. Spud
  56. 01010010 (R In Binary)
  57. Utuh
  58. Esltron
  59. Oxefoid
  60. Aktoid
Badass Robot Names For Female

Badass Robot Names For Female

A machine has no gender but a robot has. It happens because of the face of the robot. If a robot is like a female then the name should be girly.

  1. Core
  2. Evekroid
  3. Bigmouth
  4. Chatty Galore
  5. Cybernetic
  6. Digital Dave
  7. Smart One
  8. Abracadabra Bot
  9. Insightful Bot
  10. Rapid Bot
  11. Awesome Bot
  12. Growth Bot
  13. Anniebot
  14. Megbot
  15. Ask Jeeves
  16. Tayto Talk
  17. Adana
  18. Prodigy
  19. Julia Bot
  20. Gradient Bot
  21. Howdy Howdy
  22. Hello There
  23. Scarlett
  24. Homer
  25. Helperbot
  26. Karaoke Bot
  27. Chipbot
  28. Map Pin Bot
  29. Botters Delight
  30. Mr. Weasel
  31. The Botfather
  32. Lovely Bot
  33. Annabelle
  34. Katheryn
  35. Anastasia
  36. June
  37. Bingo
  38. LuckyBOT
  39. Morpheus
  40. Amy Bot
  41. Tetherbot
  42. Chuck Bot
  43. Career Chatbot
  44. Christa
  45. Nerdbot
  46. Rythmia
  47. Beta Bot
  48. Iron Bot
  49. Metallic Soul
  50. Baymax
  51. Hydra
  52. Logan
  53. Robotnik
  54. Josephine
  55. Echobot

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Famous Robot Names For Male

Do you have a robot name for a male? Then we have the best name for your male robot so check out the list given below.

  1. Garth
  2. Purple
  3. Robocop
  4. Sparkles
  5. Sputnik
  6. Automata
  7. Locutus
  8. Geekbot
  9. Epstein
  10. Anna Bot
  11. Clementine
  12. Robo George
  13. Bumble Bot
  14. DJ Bot
  15. Talking Tina
  16. Miss Clever
  17. Beep Boop
  18. Aprilbot
  19. Gloria
  20. Belinda
  21. Bethany
  22. Agnetha
  23. Amusing Bot
  24. Hearty Bot
  25. Roger Bean
  26. Chatty Cathy
  27. Lo Lamabot
  28. Joanna
  29. Bernadette Bot
  30. Buddy Bot
  31. Jennifer
  32. Marcus
  33. Laura
  34. Harley
  35. Johnny
  36. Emily
  37. Rusty
  38. Anna
  39. Iron Bot
  40. Herbie
  41. Assist Bot
  42. Creative Bot
  43. Gateway Bot
  44. Selenabot
  45. Chatterbot
  46. Margaret
  47. Christina
  48. Erica
  49. Alpha 60
  50. Jennybot
AI Robot Names

AI Robot Names

In robots, Artificial intelligence is used commonly. It is a very powerful technology that also known as artificial brain that can think and take decisions by itself. So, from this list, you will be able to see some good names for AI robots.

  1. Frasier
  2. Sharona
  3. The Nanny
  4. Bot of Honor
  5. Self-learning Bot
  6. Chatbot Creations
  7. Alchemist Bot
  8. Mr. Robot
  9. Pepper Bot
  10. Jovial Bot
  11. Fat Bot
  12. Otis
  13. Ezmator
  14. Tracker
  15. Iqutron
  16. Crowby
  17. Mach
  18. Obenoid
  19. Andromeda
  20. Ikuoid
  21. Robbie
  22. Ratchet
  23. Esmoid
  24. Tera
  25. Spudnik
  26. Otis
  27. Socket
  28. Ellx
  29. Okaator
  30. Unzoid
  31. Beta
  32. Norbit
  33. Cybel
  34. Itroid
  35. Alomtron
  36. Ofen
  37. Golem
  38. Eseator
  39. Uproid
  40. Etecoid

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Sci-fi Robot Names

If have to fictional robot name or sci-fi name for movies or visual effects then here we have got some good robot names for your hypothetical robot.

  1. Cole
  2. Gigabit
  3. Tin
  4. Idaqroid
  5. Eti
  6. Ucx
  7. Spirit
  8. Bult
  9. Ofir
  10. Grezzer
  11. Aqx
  12. Prime Sabotage Device
  13. Primary Processor Emulator
  14. Twobit
  15. Kitt
  16. Cylinder
  17. Spanner
  18. Isox
  19. Knight Rider
  20. Candy
  21. Clouds
  22. Cybernetic
  23. Digital Dave
  24. Jasper
  25. My Belle
  26. Bot Builder
  27. Eureka
  28. Chatbot Builder
  29. Conversation
  30. America
  31. Cookiebot
  32. Mr. Robot
  33. Pepper Bot
  34. Dragon
  35. Browser
  36. Achilles
  37. Android 99
  38. Amerigo
  39. Metallic Soul
  40. Quick Responder

How to Choose a Good Robot Name

If you want to pick something that represents your robot’s personality and is easy for other people to remember then you need to check that the name should not be too long which makes it difficult to read and pronounce for people. When choosing a name for your robot, it’s important to consider what will make it stand out from the rest. You need to have a name that is unique and catchy, but also something that will reflect the function and ability of your robot.

When choosing a name for your robot, make sure that it is appropriate for your robot. it’s important to keep in mind the purpose of your robot so that you can choose a relevant name. You want your robot’s name to reflect its unique qualities and make it easy for others to identify your robot.

You have provided a huge list of robot name ideas above in which we have included cool, funny, unique and creative type of robot name ideas so you can get some inspiration from these names or you can also choose any of them if you like them so if you haven’t checked all these names the scroll up and read all the names and then make your decision.


So, these were all the creative and unique robot names for all types of robots. I hope you got your new robot name from here. We understand the importance and significance of names. That’s why we’ve offered a variety of name options for your robot. Whether you’re looking for a name that sounds tough and intimidating or cute and lovable, we can help you find the perfect robot name.

If you have created a robot or bought a robot, you have to give it an identity so that the robot can connect with you on a personal level. In the list given above, we have shared some of the best robot name ideas that help you choose from or get some inspiration from the suggestions. If this article was helpful to you then share it with your friends and family. Thanks for spending time with us!