550+ Cute and Funny Girls Group Names For Friends (2022)

If you are trying to find the best Girls group name to describe your group? Here we have the list of Cool and Unique Girls Group Name ideas that you can use to define the strength, ability and motive of the group in a single word. This article is all about cute girls group names for Whatsapp, friends and students so check out the list given below very profoundly and then make your decision.

Instant messaging apps like Whatsapp have become a staple of our daily lives for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the most important factor is that they’re incredibly convenient. We can communicate with friends and family without having to leave our homes or even pick up a phone. We can create a group to chat with multiple at the same time. Additionally, these apps allow us to share photos and videos, which can help us stay connected with those we care about.

When you create the group, the first question that you need to answer is ‘what should your group name be?’. This question looks very simple but it is not as easy to answer as you think because a group name is the identity of a group so it is vital to choose a name that describes the purpose behind the creation of the group. But most importantly, the group name should be easy to remember and speak.

Girls Group Names

Girls Group Names

So girls, no matter you are a student or a friend, you can create a special group for a specific purpose. Using Whatsapp and other online messaging services, users can easily create a group but you need a name to identify your group so here we have the best collection of Girls Group Names that help you to get some inspiration from these suggestions.

Thinking of a good group name for girls may be very difficult but choosing a name from a few lists is not as complicated as thinking about it so it’s better to read all these girls group name ideas listed below and pick any of them that you think is best and suit your group.

The names of groups of girls have always been a hot topic of discussion. Girl group names should be unique and memorable. Some great examples include the Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, and Pussycat Dolls. These names are all instantly recognizable and will always stick in people’s minds. If you’re looking to come up with a catchy moniker for your own girl group, be sure to think outside the box or check out our collection of best girls group name ideas given below.

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Cute Girls Group Names

Cute Girls Group Names

  1. My Blood Share
  2. Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki
  3. Shish Kabobbins
  4. 24×7 Drama
  5. Four Pink Panthers
  6. lady Leopards
  7. we tend to Are One
  8. Cute Cups
  9. 3 Idiots
  10. Brain of Pitches
  11. Interracial women
  12. Chick camp
  13. girl Lizards
  14. Pink lightweight Party
  15. Selfies Forever
  16. Clever Cats
  17. Staunch girls
  18. Sandy Clams
  19. Exploding Stars
  20. Punjabi Kurdiya
  21. women Time
  22. yank women
  23. spiritual women
  24. lucky girls
  25. Asteroid Angels
  26. message lovers
  27. on the far side lovely
  28. I’ve Got a foul plan
  29. Flat choices
  30. Heartbeats
  31. Mayan Calendar
  32. Sister Sisters
  33. Gossip Geese
  34. Blooming Bunnies
  35. curious Minds
  36. Pretty lady Rock
  37. Meow Bomb
  38. women info
  39. Caramel espresso
  40. The Woodchucks
  41. folks we tend to Tolerate
  42. Power Rangers
  43. women with No Name
  44. Charlie’ Angels
  45. dead the Family
  46. Wombo dance orchestra
  47. we tend to speak tons
  48. dead the Mind
  49. women produce family
  50. very little Spoons

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Girls Group Names for Whatsapp

  1. Andaz Apna Apna
  2. Skipping category
  3. 3 Musketeers
  4. Boots and Skirts
  5. enjoying Our method
  6. All Night Long
  7. Funky Monkeys
  8. Silent Tooters
  9. The Spice Girls
  10. cobalt blue ladies
  11. The Heathers
  12. Chuddy pal
  13. Hair Raisers
  14. totally Loaded
  15. Too Hot to Handle
  16. Kick-Ass boys
  17. Pussy Cat Dolls
  18. Naughty Nightmares
  19. Blue Collar Bitches
  20. Best Babes
  21. Gently softeners
  22. Angles of Balls
  23. yank Idols
  24. Providence Jewels
  25. Non-Stop Texting
  26. Ski Bum Babes
  27. girl Loves
  28. Purple Power
  29. Silver Bells
  30. lady Gang
  31. Balls beneath heels
  32. Candy Canes
  33. Miss Piggy’s
  34. Silent killers
  35. i’m your catty
  36. Mall Dolls
  37. smart Times
  38. Four Black women
  39. Boassy Girls
  40. pricey lovely women
  41. Skinny Snakes
  42. Don’t decision U.S.A. Baby
  43. Fruity breasts
  44. Up to No smart
  45. foul-smelling Panties
Funny Girls Group Names

Funny Girls Group Names

  1. Cutipies space
  2. loving girls
  3. Bees the most effective
  4. Weekend kings
  5. Sweet Cleats
  6. Busy Bodies
  7. The Roof Is aflame
  8. Flock along
  9. No additional singles
  10. Chase your destiny
  11. Happiness All Around
  12. Across Borders
  13. Golden State women
  14. Charming Chicks
  15. ndependent girls
  16. California women
  17. final Nerds
  18. Wine and Dine
  19. Drop the Bombs
  20. Walky voluble
  21. totally Clothed
  22. Honest Path
  23. Keep your fireplace alive
  24. The dance palace Ninjas
  25. Duck Duck Goose
  26. Public sq.
  27. Riders of the Storm
  28. Honey Bunches of Oats
  29. the general public sq.
  30. Strawberry Shortcakes
  31. Ladybugs
  32. American state My Girlies
  33. Rainbows and Stars
  34. The Cappucino women
  35. Cakes and Cookies
  36. unflawed Guys
  37. cyclone Babes
  38. No Boys Please
  39. Sparklers
  40. Where’ the Food At?
  41. Rocket Punch
  42. realize U.S.A. at the Halo
  43. Out of this World
  44. Party Bombers
  45. Too Hot for the Sun
  46. on-line Hangover
  47. Waste Brains
  48. The Golden women
  49. Long Story Short
  50. Snap, Crackle, Pop
  51. The sheik Guys
  52. forceful Measures
  53. Atomic Reactors
  54. The Dynamos
  55. Victorious Secret

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Girls Friends Group Name Ideas

  1. the most effective Wing
  2. Love Relay
  3. Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki
  4. Rock & Roll
  5. Chat With Cousins
  6. enjoying my method
  7. Dil Dosti and so on
  8. Eve’s police
  9. Legal Bachelors
  10. not bad Queens
  11. Devils VS Angels
  12. Unlimited talks
  13. Brown Band
  14. very little Angeles
  15. The Talent Pool
  16. high Dawgs
  17. Chamber of Secrets
  18. Pace manufacturers
  19. Heart Catchers
  20. simply daring girls
  21. Family Ties
  22. Teddy Lovers
  23. Pink Warriors
  24. Stick Sisters
  25. Shooting Stars
  26. Attack Pack
  27. Not too sweet
  28. Blank Head
  29. Gone women
  30. Hot Cheetos
  31. Waste Brains
  32. Breasts chaos
  33. very little Moons
  34. My initial Friend
  35. Gangnam vogue
  36. Friends are Love
  37. we tend to Run the planet
  38. electrical Currents
  39. Stars shooters
  40. Dolls With Balls
  41. We’re higher
  42. Howling Hyenas
  43. free Females
  44. Mean trackers
  45. The therefore so
  46. The Ragdolls
  47. Galaxy women
  48. Nice lady gang
  49. a strong twist
  50. Mean girly girls
  51. Power Puff women
  52. Anchor Clankers
  53. folks I Tolerate
  54. All lady Avalanche
  55. hassle manufacturers
  56. Master Minds
  57. Chicks with Sticks
  58. Night Fighters
  59. tourney women
  60. Power Puffs
Unique Girls Squad Names

Unique Girls Squad Names

  1. little finger girls
  2. Future Presidents
  3. Bottoms up
  4. Killer Bees
  5. Atomic Reactors
  6. Smartass charms
  7. Power Rangers
  8. Luck be a girl
  9. lady aflame
  10. hipster Chicks
  11. Rock n’ Rolls
  12. Most cherished One’s
  13. keno Wives
  14. Best Friends Forever
  15. 24×7 Drama
  16. Google United
  17. Gossips launch
  18. The Spartons
  19. smart Times
  20. Nonstop Chatters
  21. Fabulous Friends
  22. Smile please
  23. WhatsApp Single women
  24. Chat Lounge
  25. qualitative analysis reminiscences
  26. One Hit Wonders
  27. style the Rainbow
  28. The Grub Club
  29. Choir of Angels
  30. Be Back presently
  31. The watercourse Vixens
  32. My Snap folks
  33. The Invincibles
  34. Robo human being
  35. Yaaron Ka Kafila
  36. Game of phones
  37. folks i really like
  38. Gossip lady
  39. we tend to are Hulks
  40. Rocking Family

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Beautiful Girls Group Names

  1. Twinkling Stars
  2. Planet Champions
  3. Planet Unicorns
  4. Flickerin’ folks
  5. SeoulSoul
  6. awful Blossoms
  7. herb Squad
  8. PowerPuff Party
  9. sinker decision List
  10. Hungry for hassle
  11. Pajama party Gang
  12. The acculturation Team
  13. Brown ox-eyed women
  14. lady Pop Squad
  15. Mamamoo
  16. Backstreet women
  17. Wild Thangs.
  18. Star Power
  19. Pantsuit Sisters
  20. Hustlin’ Babes
  21. fluffy police
  22. Chicks camp
  23. The Taco Belles
  24. Red vitality
  25. Pink Birds
  26. girl Rangers
  27. LA women
  28. Chicks with Kicks
  29. Country girls
  30. Punch on top of your weight
  31. The watercourse Vixens
  32. Eggs in One Basket
  33. Blood Relatives
  34. The Peanut Gallery
  35. Snitches and Stitches
  36. Birds of a Feather
  37. Glowing stars
  38. Gift for Gab
  39. solely singles
  40. The Bum pals
  41. The Uncalled Four
  42. folks of my life
  43. Cut the Mustard
  44. Talking Angelina
  45. Heart Catchers
  46. Bumble Bees
  47. Sunshine
  48. jet_girls
  49. searching thieves
  50. The Tatas That Bind
Girls Group Chat Names

Girls Group Chat Names

  1. Beauty in Grace
  2. Hot Cupcakes
  3. Kitty Friends
  4. Mermaids
  5. Killer women
  6. Queens Lounge
  7. Punjabi Kudis
  8. Beast Friends
  9. Red Hots
  10. Bowling Leagues
  11. Victorious Secret
  12. Run Amok
  13. She Sharks
  14. Live Wires
  15. two-piece Babes
  16. Snap Attack
  17. Fly sort of a hound dog
  18. Skirt Squad
  19. Charge Cards
  20. cobalt blue lady
  21. counterculture
  22. Brunch Crew
  23. The Lost women
  24. The Cowbelles
  25. conveyance the warmth
  26. Feline Phenom
  27. king of beasts Club
  28. Innocent women
  29. Polar Bears
  30. The Fineapples
  31. Squad Ghouls
  32. Hot Shots
  33. relative Love
  34. Sheer star power
  35. aim the celebs
  36. Spice women
  37. cobalt blue ordered girls
  38. Naughty Not Nice
  39. Golden Girly women
  40. Unpaid Library Fines
  41. Interracial girls
  42. women Forever
  43. ice mass Gadgets
  44. Fruitful Flightiest
  45. Pretty Pink Pack
  46. Too Hot to Handle
  47. penurious dudes
  48. Crazy world
  49. Drink Dudes
  50. Quads of Fury
  51. House Babes
  52. For all the celebrity
  53. The Cowbelles
  54. realize U.S.A. Fun
  55. She Devils

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Good Girls Group Names List

  1. The Fintastic Crew
  2. women in Pearls
  3. watch Brothers
  4. Nonsense 9
  5. 5 Idiots
  6. Langoti Friends
  7. Eternal triangle
  8. Staunch girls
  9. lady Bosses
  10. Lady’ League
  11. Slick Chicks
  12. Open Book
  13. Shopper’s Stop
  14. Pink Poison
  15. Gossip Queens
  16. visual image chikes
  17. Cowbelles
  18. Purplicious
  19. Fusion women
  20. Heroine gang
  21. The currently Married
  22. Fly women
  23. qualitative analysis Discussion
  24. Girl Scouts
  25. Lucky Duckies
  26. Puppet Masters
  27. freelance ladies
  28. Gilmore women
  29. The Rack Pack
  30. shock wave
  31. girl Lions
  32. Blue Angels
  33. Party, Study, Repeat
  34. Christmas Coal
  35. Sixteen Looser
  36. Lucky Charms
  37. Nonsense cluster
  38. The Bee Gees
  39. All lady Avalanche
  40. And it had been smart
  41. Banish Gang
  42. simply bed
  43. Female legend
  44. Crap Collectors
  45. FashionDivas
  46. C’s Gets Degrees
  47. children of late
  48. fifty reminder bump off
  49. Spicy Sugars
  50. The currently Married

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What to name a Girls Group?

There are so many great names for groups of girls, but we’ve narrowed it above to some of the best names in the list given in this article. Before picking up any girls group name make sure that how well it represents your group, and how memorable it is. You also want to make sure the name isn’t copyrighted or already in use by another group.

It takes a lot of thought and creativity to come up with the perfect name for a group of girls. You want something that is memorable, that will make people think of you when they hear it. You also want something that is representative of your group’s persona and style.

Things to be Considered While Naming a Group for Girls

When it comes to choosing a girls group name, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, the name should catchy and easy to say, and it should also be unique so that the group can stand out from the rest. A lot of things need to consider in order to select a name for your girls group. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Look for a name that is unique and memorable.
  • Make sure the name sounds good and rolls off the tongue.
  • Choose a name that represents your music and style.
  • Make sure the name is easy to spell and pronounce.


Whether you’re looking for a name that is stylish and sophisticated, or cute and quirky, we’ve got you covered. Simply, choose the name that you like most from the list of girls group name ideas given above. Girls group name most considered for Whatsapp and other online messaging platforms.

I’m hoping that you finally got your group name for girls and don’t forget to tell in the comment section which one you like most and why?