350+ Funny & Inappropriate Fantasy Basketball Team Names (2023)

Are you looking for Fantasy Basketball Team Names for next season? If yes, then you have come to the right place because here we have listed some cool, unique, funny inappropriate, dirty, silly, and serious Fantasy Basketball Team Names for the 2023-2024 season.

There are a lot of good Fantasy basketball team names out there Some are inspired by fierce animals, like the Grizzly Bears or the Lion Kings Others take on a geographical theme, like the Texarkana Twisters or the Springfield Isotopes, And still, others are named after famous historical figures, like the Salem Witch hunts or the Boston Celtics In this article, we have mentioned all types of Fantasy Basketball Team Names that you can imagine

The Fantasy Basketball League 2023 lineup is stacked with some of the best players in the league, and one of them will take home the championship trophy. it won’t be easy, but with a little luck and a lot of hard work, you can also win it So, if you are going to play a fantasy basketball league and need a good team name then you have provided the best collection of fantasy basketball team name ideas below that includes funny, inappropriate, clever, catchy team name to set you apart from the competition.

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Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Fantasy Basketball Team Names (2023 NBA)

In NBA fantasy basketball, you get to choose your own team of players and compete against other teams in a league It’s a lot of fun to see how well your team does each week, and you can even win some cool prizes. This year, if you are going to compete against the best players in the world then the first thing you have to figure out is the name of your team.

Choosing a good Fantasy Basketball Team Name is very important because it helps you to create your unique identity and stand out from the crowd. Fantasy basketball is a game where you create a team of real-life NBA players and score points based on their individual performances. This is a great way to stay engaged with the NBA season and to meet other fans of the sport. So, check out all the Fantasy Basketball Team Names given below and choose the one that you like most for your new team and for the new league.

Funny Fantasy Basketball Team Names

  1. Jrue Religeon
  2. Spicy Curry
  3. Lowry Expectations
  4. I Feel Vax-Seen
  5. Bubble Boys
  6. WAPorzingas
  7. Denver Nugs
  8. Slacker Mamba
  9. Doncic Juancic
  10. Chief Wiggins
  11. Joker’s Wild
  12. Siakam the Dogs on Him
  13. Trae Cool
  14. Wiggins a Box
  15. Russell Eastcreek
  16. Moloa Mentality
  17. Greek in the Sheets
  18. Doncbag
  19. Bubble Trouble
  20. Klaymond Curry
  21. True BeLeaguers
  22. Smart Waters
  23. Rile or Die
  24. Make a Big Face
  25. Wendell Carter From Mars

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Inappropriate Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Inappropriate Fantasy Basketball Team Names

  1. Kuz Missile
  2. Bron This Way
  3. SchadenFred
  4. Bron to be Wild
  5. Brow Gasol
  6. Making Your Markkanen
  7. Killian Me Softly
  8. Dropping the F-Biyombo
  9. Kingslayer
  10. Couldn’t Caris Less
  11. Dragic Jack
  12. Vocal Frye
  13. The Mighty Okafors
  14. Fine and Melo
  15. Always on Deron
  16. Hold the Mayo
  17. Tit for Gortat
  18. Ish or Ish Not
  19. Fultz In Our Stars
  20. Kleber Lang
  21. Apocalypse Noah
  22. Lone Granger
  23. Bogans Heroes
  24. Loul & Order
  25. Born on Adebayo
  26. Danilo Ice
  27. Biz Markieff
  28. Dengnam Style
  29. K Love & Special Sauce
  30. The Monster Nash
  31. The Heat is On
  32. My Name Is Luka
  33. Ja Rules

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Good Fantasy Basketball Team Names By Player

  1. The James Gang
  2. Trae Bombs
  3. Onward Christian Soldiers
  4. Babbling Brooks
  5. Your Body’s Collin
  6. Fantastic Mr Fox
  7. Beal or No Beal
  8. Clam Crowder
  9. Diengi Fever
  10. Filthy Manimals
  11. Rock Harden
  12. Flat Earth Theory
  13. The Big Lebrowski
  14. Damian Thrillard
  15. Big Girls dont Kawhi
  16. KATegories
  17. Maybe This Year
  18. Tip Offs With Tops Off
  19. Detroit Piston My Cheerios
  20. On Da Rebound
  21. Sixth Man Standing
  22. Streets to da Courts
  23. Fade and Win
  24. Dub Shots
  25. Mr Fancy
  26. Spirits
  27. Clubber Cousins
  28. Battlers
  29. Cowbell Fever
  30. WTF Are You Ewing?
  31. The Pony Tails
  32. Bandits
  33. Wild Kittens
  34. Nittany Lions
  35. Groovy Ladies
  36. Hot Shot Harry
  37. Girls On Fire
  38. Hook Shot Slim
  39. RIP Girls
Dirty Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Dirty Fantasy Basketball Team Names

  1. Sexy Slam Dunkers
  2. Lakeland Magic
  3. No Hairy Balls Here
  4. Jumpshot Hustlers,
  5. Run, Shoot, Steal
  6. Spinners
  7. Black Bears
  8. Crying Jordans
  9. Alley-Oopsies
  10. Your Zipser’s Undone
  11. Game of Throws
  12. Maroons
  13. Ambassador Rodman
  14. Westerners
  15. Golden Flashes
  16. Savage Storm
  17. Crimson
  18. Gentlemen
  19. Aresenal
  20. DragonBlade
  21. fCougars
  22. Mikan Drill You
  23. Small Ball Stealer
  24. Violate Me
  25. Dribble My Nizzle
  26. Slammed Drunk
  27. Baller Shot Caller
  28. (The) Real MVP
  29. KAT in the Hat
  30. Late Night In Kawhi
  31. Gasolar Eclipse
  32. Goose Ballers
  33. Balls To The Wall
  34. Rebound Your Mouth Shut
  35. Rimming Me Softly
  36. Shawn Kemp’s Kids
  37. Polar Bears
  38. Yellow Jackets
  39. Sea Dogs
  40. Grabbing Assets
  41. Zombies
  42. Surrey Scorchers
  43. Island S
  44. Tshwane Suns
  45. East Cape Windbreakers
  46. Comic Sans Cavaliers
  47. Bosh Spice
  48. Great Danes
  49. Underrated Superstar
  50. Joakim Noah’s Arc
  51. Leopards
  52. Power Grangers
  53. Little Giants
  54. Double Dribblers
  55. Fighting Koalas

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Fantasy Basketball Team Names for 2022-2023 NBA

  1. Wonder Boys
  2. Baytown Bandits
  3. North Texas Fresh
  4. Oklahoma Attack
  5. Midwest Ballers
  6. Hawkeyes
  7. Brewers
  8. Victorious-secret
  9. Alley-oopers
  10. Mud Hens
  11. Mean Pink Machine
  12. Runnin N Gunnin
  13. Firebirds
  14. Femme Fatales
  15. Every Kiss Begins With Klay
  16. Bull Riders
  17. Rough Riders
  18. Dame of Thrones
  19. PeKing James
  20. Kyrie On Baggage
  21. Fear the Beard
  22. Land of the Faried
  23. The Big Dieng Theory
  24. Jae Walker
  25. Hooked on a Bealing
  26. Greek Freak Squad
  27. Happy Holidays
  28. Huerter So Good
  29. Jrue Light Special
  30. KATmandu
  31. The Big Lebronski
  32. The Love Train
  33. Melo My Mind
  34. Faried Falling
  35. Rondo Rousey
  36. Cuban Miss Out Crisis
Clever Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Clever Fantasy Basketball Team Names

  1. The Butler Did It
  2. Hinrich Maneuver
  3. The Granger Zone
  4. Schmidt Happens
  5. With All My Dwight
  6. Amar’e Jane
  7. Patrick Star Williams
  8. Toppin It Off
  9. Vucci Mane
  10. Grand Theft Rondo
  11. High Surf
  12. Adam’s Family
  13. Plumdog Millionaire
  14. Orange Pumpkins
  15. Screaming Eagles
  16. Pumpkin Munchkins
  17. Goal Diggers
  18. Pink-a-blue Shooters
  19. Kryptonite
  20. Blue Coast
  21. Big Green Lizards
  22. Orange Cheetahs
  23. Black Wi Dows
  24. No Sympathy
  25. Faria Farms
  26. Predators
  27. Red Royal Blazers
  28. Bam’s Battalion
  29. Herro’s Heroes
  30. LeBron’s Legacy
  31. Fun Adebayo
  32. Blue Blizzards
  33. Hurricanes
  34. Extreme Attitude
  35. Ball Lives Matter
  36. Beal Good Inc
  37. Burks and Recreation
  38. Curry on my Wayward Son
  39. Every Day I’m Russelin’
  40. Go Harden in the Paint

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NBA League Fantasy Basketball Team Names

  1. Wall Don’t Lie
  2. Tacko Tuesday
  3. Russ Belt
  4. Mo Problems Mo Bamba
  5. Kleber Lang
  6. Imagine Dragic
  7. Rondo’s Court
  8. Dunk Like Duncan
  9. LeBrontourage
  10. First String Society
  11. Super Sonic Soccers
  12. Black Knights
  13. Kangaroo Kickers
  14. Power Puff Players
  15. Peach Slammers
  16. Cherry Bombs
  17. Shooting Comets
  18. Purple Angels
  19. Mighty Grasshoppers
  20. Teal Titans
  21. Lll’ Devils
  22. Bubble Gum Babes
  23. Gorgeous Grizzlies
  24. Go Harden the paint
  25. Midnight Raiders
  26. The Big Lebronski
  27. James of Thrones
  28. Gun’s N Roses
  29. Wake and Blake
  30. Vernon Carey My Team
  31. Wiseman Say
  32. Blake Superior
  33. Are you Joakim Me?
  34. Collison Course
  35. Midnight Kawhiboys
  36. Head on Collison
  37. 2fast2Curryous
  38. Bound 2 Win
  39. Blatche Ops 2
  40. A Dame to Lill For
  41. Rock Harden
  42. FreeMasons
  43. James of Thrones
  44. Curry on my Wayward Son
ESPN Fantasy Basketball Team Names

ESPN Fantasy Basketball Team Names

  1. Cuban Miss Out Crisis
  2. Dame Time
  3. Kawhaii Five-O
  4. Zero Darko Thirty
  5. Carmelo Apples
  6. Game, Blouses
  7. Gang Green
  8. Battiers Not Included
  9. Odom Luck
  10. Ja No Dead
  11. The Jimmy Butler Did It
  12. Life of Riley
  13. Kawhai Bother
  14. Head in the Dame
  15. Magic’s Johnson
  16. Game, Blouses
  17. Snappy Dragons
  18. Brokeback Motiejunas
  19. King of All Blatche
  20. Tacko Meat
  21. Doncic Forget About Me
  22. Pick-Up Pals
  23. AsymptoMagic
  24. The Chic LeFreak
  25. Bronny Bunch
  26. You Got Serbed

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Unique Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Unique Fantasy Basketball Team Names

  1. The King and I
  2. Just How We Jrue It Up
  3. Get Off My Giannis
  4. Zero Fox Given
  5. Collin of the Wild
  6. Knock On Wood
  7. Brains and LeBron
  8. Moranting and Raving
  9. Mo Bamba Blues
  10. Infinity Warriors
  11. Kyrie on Wayward Son
  12. My Team is a Jokic
  13. Secured the Bagley
  14. The Big Lebronski
  15. WebEmbiid
  16. Grand Theft Rondo
  17. Everybody Loves Draymond
  18. Dame of Thrones
  19. Butler? I Barely Know Her
  20. Bed, Bath and Bioymbo
  21. Better Call Paul
  22. Dragonites
  23. Riptide Rush
  24. Glittering Dragoflies
  25. Method Manu
  26. Love Don’t Kosta Thing
  27. Harden My Heart
  28. Back in Blatche
  29. Foye Ever Man
  30. When We Was Fab
  31. Oubre-Di Oubre-Da
  32. Shved’s Dead Baby
  33. Dahntay’s Peak
  34. Kobe Wan Enobi
  35. Strange Dragic
  36. King James Landing
  37. Return of the Cedi
  38. The Jordan Rules
  39. Curry Up and Shoot
  40. Nowitzki or Never
  41. The Morrow Majority
  42. DeMars Rover
  43. With All My Dwight
  44. Hinrich Maneuver
  45. Bros Before Hawes
  46. Frozen Gobert
  47. Fryed Bargnani
  48. Cara-Melo
  49. Bringingunstoarenas
  50. Lin City
  51. Teal Terminatiors
  52. Gray Sharks
  53. Flat Earth Society


This was everything you need to know about Fantasy Basketball Team Names. We have discussed all the Fantasy Basketball Team Name ideas that you’ve just explored. I hope you got your team name from our collection given above.

While choosing a fantasy basketball team name, you need to make sure that the name is easy to pronounce and memorable so that more people will cheer for your team and remember your team name. I hope this article was helpful to you, share it with your friends and family.