650+ Kickball Team Names [Cool, Funny and Dirty] 2023

If you are a Kickball sports player and wondering about the best name for your kickball team then this article is for you because here we have collected some of the best kickball team names for your team. Having a good team name is important for a few reasons such as, it helps to create a sense of unity among all the team members, it can act as a motivator for the team to achieve success, it can help to build team morale, and lastly, it can serve as a way to remember the team’s accomplishments.

Have you ever heard of kickball? Kickball is a sport where you try to score runs by kicking a ball and then running around the bases. It’s similar to baseball, but you kick the ball instead of hitting it with a bat and it’s played with a large Rubber Ball instead of a small baseball. It’s a lot of fun, and anyone can play. If you’re interested in trying kickball, there are a few things you should know. First, you’ll need a good pair of running shoes. The game is played on a big field, so you’ll be doing a lot of running! You’ll also need a sturdy ball that you can kick well. The most important thing is that you need a team to play kickball because you can’t play this game alone.

If you have all the equipment to play this game and you also have a team consisting of the best players then it is time to name your team before stepping onto the field and playing the game. In this article, we have shared hundreds of best collections of kickball team names that are divided into multiple headings such as Funny Kickball Team Names, Creative Kickball Team Names, Dirty Kickball Team Names, and many more. We have also shared tips and tricks to choose the perfect name for your team.

Kickball Team Names

Best Kickball Team Names

Here is the list begins of the best kickball team name ideas for your unnamed team.

  1. Ball Knockers
  2. Balls N Dolls
  3. Kickballlympians
  4. Basic Pitches
  5. Booze On First
  6. 2 Girls 1 Base
  7. The Ball Slayers
  8. Kick It & Bounce
  9. Victorious Secret
  10. Balz To The Wallz
  11. The Kickbacks
  12. Tummy Stix
  13. Brews On First
  14. Pitches Be Crazy
  15. Chicks N Kicks
  16. Ballz To The Wallz
  17. Kick Tease
  18. Toe Jammers
  19. Tequila Mockingbirds
  20. We Kick Like Mules
  21. Don’t Stop Ballieving
  22. Putting The F-u In Fun!
  23. Flat Foot Foozies
  24. Field Warriors
  25. That Better Squad
  26. Firecrackers
  27. Kick Your Game
  28. Saved By The Ball
  29. Slump Busters
  30. Slim Kickins
  31. Field Shutdown
  32. Recess Renegades
  33. Kick Please
  34. Kickin Back
  35. Straight Ballin’
  36. Brew’s Your Daddy
  37. Balls N’ Dolls
  38. Recess Rejects
  39. Natural Born Kickers
  40. I Am Kick James, Pitch
  41. Menance 2 Sobriety
  42. We Do Kickn’ Right
  43. Grass Kickers
  44. Red Balls And Vodka

Funny Kickball Team Names

If you haven’t names your kickball team yet then it is a huge mistake but don’t worry, you can check out the funny kickball team names from below and choose the best name for your team.

  1. Kickelob Ultra
  2. Jiminy Kick It
  3. We Do Kickin’ Right
  4. Here For Flip Cup
  5. Recess Ramblers
  6. Menace 2 Sobriety
  7. Bad News Brews
  8. Ball Me, Maybe
  9. The Sons Of Pitches
  10. The Kickcredibles
  11. Keg Kickers
  12. Straight Kickin’ It
  13. Kick It And Bounce
  14. Fever Pitch
  15. The Kickin’ Chickens
  16. Breaking Balls
  17. Dragon My Ballz
  18. Free Ballers
  19. Ballsagna
  20. Scared Kickless
  21. I’ll Cut A Pitch!
  22. Weekend Warriors
  23. Kickballicious
  24. All My Pitches Love Me
  25. Kickball Revolution
  26. Rubber Balls & Liqour
  27. Happy Kicks
  28. The Bouncers
  29. Superstar Destroyers
  30. Kick Butt Or Kickballs
  31. Sit On My Base
  32. Sir Kicks A Lot
  33. Ballz En Fuego
  34. What She Said
  35. The Flying Balls

Unique Kickball Team Names

It is very tough to find a kickball team name that is not taken by anyone yet but here we have made it easy for you because in this section, you can easily find some of the best unique name for your kickball team.

  1. Dream Crushers
  2. Kicks R For Kids
  3. Dressed To Kick-press
  4. We Do Kickin’ Right
  5. Too Drunk To Kick
  6. Our Kicks Don’t Lie
  7. Hot Dogs & Tacos
  8. Nuclear Energy
  9. Power Kickers
  10. Kickin Assassins
  11. Heavy Hitters
  12. The Bomb Squad
  13. Mad Hounds
  14. The Maine Event
  15. Kings & Queens
  16. World On Fire
  17. The Opportunists
  18. Young Guns
  19. Where My Pitches At
  20. The New York Kicks
  21. The Nut Shots
  22. Pitches Be Trippin
  23. Kicking It Old School
  24. Suck My Kick
  25. Heaven Can’t Wait
  26. Under His Canopy
  27. The Body Of Christ
  28. Kickball Angels
  29. Kicking With Jesus
  30. Rubber Busters
  31. Lazarus Rising
  32. Sons Of Pitches
  33. Saint Nations
  34. Turn To Christ
  35. In Your Base!
  36. Got You By The Balls
  37. In The Kick Of Time
  38. Herbs And Spices
  39. Get Your Kick On
  40. Kicking On The Edge
  41. Balled As The Ball
  42. Waka, Texas Rangers
  43. Let Us Down Slowly
  44. Read My Kicks
  45. Pitches Me Crazy
  46. See U Never
  47. Balls To The Wall
  48. Thousand Kicks
  49. Prestige Worldwide
  50. The Last Picks

Dirty Kickball Team Names

If you want and inappropriate kickball team name or dirty name for your kickball team then here are few suggestions that you can consider.

  1. The Fellowkick Of The Balls
  2. The Contract Kickers
  3. The Angels Of Death
  4. Shifts And Cracks
  5. Immortals
  6. Public Enemies
  7. Sore Elephants
  8. Sweet But Psycho
  9. Kickball Mafia
  10. The Veterans
  11. Green Field Elite
  12. Kickball Warriors
  13. Kick In A Box
  14. Alive And Kicking
  15. The Kill Pitch
  16. Fahrfrumskorin
  17. Ball Busters
  18. Fresh Prince Of Ball Air
  19. We Kick It Right Back
  20. Recreational Hazard
  21. Balls And Dolls
  22. We Spiked Your Drinks
  23. Wasted Potential
  24. Pitch Kickers
  25. The Rubber Knights
  26. The Kickstarters
  27. The Tar Balls
  28. One Kick Wonders
  29. The Pitch Perfects
  30. Here 4tha Beer
  31. Urine Trouble
  32. Three Kicks To The Win
  33. Two Teams One Flip Cup
  34. Blackout City
  35. We Got The Runs
  36. It’s Not Just A Game, It’s A Lifestyle.
  37. Pitches Get Stitches
  38. Abusement Park
  39. Punt Palace
  40. Pitches Before Missus
  41. Don’t Drink And Kick
  42. Leading Off A Cliff
  43. Catch Of The Day
  44. All We Need Is Balls
  45. Kickin’ Ain’t Easy

Appropriate Kickball Team Names

This is the list of the best appropriate kickball team name ideas.

  1. Chug Norris
  2. Children Of Zion
  3. Chainbreakers
  4. Heaven Please
  5. No Rest For The Wicked
  6. Fresh Kicks Of Ball Air
  7. Evabethelngelists
  8. Bad Decision Bears
  9. After School Specials
  10. Slim Kickins
  11. Last Picks
  12. Legal Kicking Age
  13. Rubber Cannons
  14. World on Fire
  15. Archangels
  16. Alpha and Omega
  17. The Rubber Cannons
  18. The Dust Kickers
  19. Soul Survivor
  20. Vandelay Industries
  21. The Side Kicks
  22. The Vessels
  23. The Contract Kickers
  24. Don’t Stop Ballieving
  25. Recess Renegades
  26. Pitches Get Stitches
  27. The Other Guys
  28. Kickball Crashers
  29. The Unstoppables
  30. Hot Dogs & Tacos
  31. Ballistic Balls
  32. Pitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe
  33. I Wanna Dip My Balls In It
  34. Tikes That Strike
  35. Rockstar Lifestyle
  36. Luke Ballkickers
  37. B-team Ballers
  38. Matching T-shirts
  39. Netkicks And Chill
  40. Faces Loaded
  41. Baller Status
  42. Bloody Pitchers
  43. Ball Us, Maybe?
  44. Dropkick Murphys
  45. Kickball Karate Kids
  46. Kickelob Light
  47. The Kick-magnets
  48. Much Ado About Balls
  49. Kicker In The Middle
  50. Do You Even Kick Bro
  51. In My Fieldings
  52. Life’s a Pitch

Creative Kickball Team Names

Below, you have provided some of the meost creative kickball team names.

  1. Kick It Like It’s Hot
  2. 2 Sweet 2 Kick
  3. The Ball Kickers
  4. Public Enemies
  5. Upper Management
  6. Let us down slowly
  7. The Rapture Kicks
  8. The Ball Puns
  9. The Ballbarians
  10. Smooth Operators
  11. Kickin Assassins
  12. Pitching a Tent
  13. Heavy Hitters
  14. The Fellowkick of the Balls
  15. Kicker in the Middle
  16. Born To Rule
  17. Liquor Balls
  18. Balls of Glory
  19. Kick Tease
  20. Kickaholics
  21. Sir Kicks A Lot
  22. Ball So Hard
  23. Playground Playa’s
  24. The City Kickers
  25. Kick The Habit
  26. Gotta Kick It Up!
  27. Kick Masters
  28. The All-toe Team
  29. The Ballbarians
  30. Bait And Pitch
  31. Ballzinga
  32. Magic Kicks
  33. Kick It & Quit It
  34. Ball Is Life
  35. Kick Fu Pandas
  36. Boot By The Foot

Adult Kickball Team Names

If you are an adult then you can check out our collection of the best adult kickball team name ideas.

  1. Recess Allstars
  2. Saloonantics
  3. Taco Balls
  4. Life’s A Pitch
  5. The Ball Kickers
  6. The Weekend Warriors
  7. The Sick Kicks
  8. Golden Boys
  9. Kickball Kamikaze Stars.
  10. Rock With Your Waka Out
  11. Kickball Is Forever
  12. Kicks For Brains
  13. Recess All-stars
  14. Bad Kicking Habit
  15. Free Snowcone
  16. It’s Not Going To Kick Itself
  17. Karate Kicking Kangaroos
  18. Field Bombers
  19. Stairway To Heaven
  20. Take Our Pitcher
  21. Sons Of God
  22. Ace Of 2nd Base
  23. Benwah Balls
  24. The Kick Gods
  25. Ball-ed Dancers
  26. Team Samson
  27. The Annihilator
  28. Alpha And Omega
  29. The New Kings
  30. Scissorhands
  31. Kicking Machine
  32. The Ball Puns
  33. The Pulverizers
  34. Kickball Army
  35. The Kickfielders
  36. The Kick Ninja
  37. The Kick Lighters
  38. The Scoregasm

Cool Kickball Team Names

These are the coolest name for your new kickball sports team.

  1. Kickin Rainbows
  2. The Kick Clan
  3. The Kick Hut
  4. Kicks Can Talk
  5. Royal Kickers
  6. We Will Kick It!
  7. No Game Scheduled
  8. Kickaholics Anonymous
  9. The Invincibles
  10. Fancy Kickers
  11. That Better Team
  12. Anger Squad
  13. The Kick Busters
  14. The New York Kickers
  15. The Kicker’s Circle
  16. Kick Actually
  17. The Kick Meet
  18. The Kicking Star
  19. Gym Class Heroes
  20. The Kicking Lions
  21. The 11 Conquerors
  22. The Kick Majesty
  23. Drunk In Kicks
  24. Kicks Of Usa
  25. Pitch Pleasers
  26. Mighty Midget Kickers
  27. No Kickball, No Cry
  28. 2 Legit 2 Kick
  29. Rikickulous
  30. Ballistic Bombs
  31. Brew Squad
  32. Racketeers
  33. A Team Has No Name
  34. Big Taco After
  35. Few Looze Bullz
  36. The Fury Of Bulls
  37. Like To Kick It Up
  38. Looking To Score
  39. The 40 Years Old Xps
  40. Smoke And Trouble

Kickball Team Names For Women

All the kickball team names listed below is only for women, so check it out.

  1. Awesome Kickers
  2. Kicks On The Block
  3. Made In His Image
  4. Kickcasanovas
  5. Kick-at-toes
  6. Kicks & Pricks
  7. Ace Of Third Base
  8. Ace Of 2nd Base.
  9. Got The Runs
  10. Daisy Hamsters
  11. Beautiful Rain Storm
  12. Ball Bachelorettes
  13. Rockstar Lifestyle.
  14. Cool Name Pending.
  15. The Kick Ball Army
  16. The Kickball
  17. Terminators
  18. Stoned And Starving
  19. Rogue Ballers
  20. Silent Assassins
  21. Survival Of The Kickers
  22. Schweddy Balls
  23. Kick It Like It’s Hot
  24. Friends With Benefits
  25. That Will Beat Yours
  26. Swift Kick In The Grass
  27. We All Ball Down
  28. Sultans Of Swing
  29. Superior Playgirls
  30. New Kicks On The Block
  31. Not In The Face
  32. Kicking It Up A Notch
  33. Pitch Lovers
  34. Kick-a-licious
  35. Kickmmendable Feet
  36. Great Balls Of Fire
  37. Trippin Balls
  38. Saved By The Balls
  39. Midgame Madness
  40. Bad Intensions
  41. No Base Like Home
  42. No Blunt Intended
  43. Born Deep
  44. Alive And Rock Kicking
  45. The Street Ballers
  46. Radioactive
  47. Dope Kickers
  48. Drone Vision

Accounting Kickball Group Names

These are the best accounting name for your kickball group.

  1. Ball-or-fall
  2. Pitch Please
  3. Orange Rules
  4. Big Mac After
  5. Kickball Incorporated
  6. Men Of Steel
  7. Kickheads
  8. The Rubber Cannons
  9. Headhunters
  10. Weapon Of Choice
  11. City Of God
  12. Right Here For Flip Cup
  13. Straight Ballin
  14. Pitching A Tent
  15. Just Another Kick In The Wall
  16. Chest Nuts
  17. Kicking Problem
  18. Waka Straight Line
  19. The Fault In Our Balls
  20. The Old Ball And Chains
  21. Hit Squad
  22. The Strike Mob
  23. Balls Of Fury
  24. Victorious Secret.
  25. The Who’s On First.
  26. Wolves Of Ball Street
  27. The Brutalizers
  28. A Few Loose Balls
  29. The New Guys
  30. Deck The Balls
  31. Drinkers With A
  32. Kickers Wrath
  33. Kick the Kicker
  34. The Apocalypse
  35. The Kick Ball Theory
  36. Inferno Kickball Addicts
  37. The Grass Stains
  38. Kickball Wrath
  39. The Quick Kicks
  40. Tears For Beers

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Kickball Team Names

When creating a kickball team, the first and foremost thing to do is to come up with a cool and unique name for your team which is not an easy task but here we have provided suggestions for the best kickball team names that you can check out from the list given below and it will surely help you to come up with a good name for your kickball team.

Choosing a kickball team name is serious business. It’s not just a matter of picking something that sounds cool. The team name has to be meaningful and it has to represent the team in the best way possible. When it comes to kickball teams, there are some pretty creative kickball team names out there. Whether it’s named after a local landmark or an inside joke amongst the team. Either way, a great team name is an important part of any successful team.

Kickball Team Names
Kickball Team Names

How to Pick a Good Kickball Team Name

There’s no denying that a good team name can make or break your kickball team’s success. So the question is raised what makes a good kickball team name? We think it should be something that makes your team Stand out from the pack, is memorable, and gets people pumped to play. And of course, it can’t hurt if it makes your opponents a little nervous.

When choosing a kickball team name, Avoid cheesy or pun-based names. These might be funny at first, but they’ll quickly get old. Choose a name that reflects the team’s personality. If your team is all about having fun, choose a name that reflects that. Avoid names that could be seen as offensive. You don’t want your team to be known as the bunch of jerks who always pick fights with the other teams. However, There’s no right or wrong way to pick a kickball team name. But if you want your team to be taken seriously (and who doesn’t?), then you can consider all these factors.

A team name that’s too lewd or offensive will not only make other teams not want to play you, so its better to avoid it. Think about what kind of image you want your team to project and don’t be afraid to be original. Brainstorm with your team and come up with something that represents you. Avoid names that are too pun-ny. Yes, puns are clever, but they can also be eye-roll-inducing. If you want your team to be taken seriously, steer clear of names that are all about the pun.


We have tried our best to provide you with the best collection of cool, creative, unique, dirty and funny Kickball Team Names for your team. Share this article with your friends and family if you think this article can be helpful to them. I hope you have found the perfect name for your kickball team. Enjoy the new team name and have fun with your kickball team. Thanks for reading!