130+ Funny & Cute Spanish Nicknames for Girls

Spanish Nicknames for Girls: The world is growing every day and reaching new heights of achievement but in this rapidly growing world, many things are changing simultaneously like requirements, behavior, and nature of humans. As the world is growing and thus people are searching for a better option for their comfort and luxury. The requirements of humans are increasing and it is quite obvious up to some extent as no one in this world wants to remain behind. However, there are many common trends that people are following today to remain in their society and to express their presence. Like if you are using social media then you might know that there are certainly going challenges on it in which people participate.

Spanish Nicknames for Girls

Spanish Nicknames for Girls

Spanish nicknames are some of the best nicknames that you can provide to girls but if you don’t have much grip on Spanish then you don’t need to worry much about it because we’ve got a complete list of some Spanish nicknames for girls.

These common trends are not limited to social media but also in day-to-day life we follow many common trends to stay active in our society. One such and common and popular trend is to call your loved ones, friends, family, and colleagues a nickname. Yes, nicknames are quite popular nowadays and almost everyone likes nicknames because they are short, sweet and provides you a second name based on your personality. The trend of calling your loved ones with a nickname is not a recent trend but it is active for the last few decades.

However, the changes in kind of nicknames have been significantly changed like in past days nicknames were nothing but short names from your real name. But today nicknames are something different they can be any name as a name for a person, place, or a thing and it completely depends upon your personality. People are usually called nicknames by their friends, family, or colleagues. Thus your friends provide you a nickname based on your personality, your interests, habits, your real name, or character.

What’s a Nickname?

So, the nickname is nothing but a short name that may be derived from your real name or a name by which your friends or family calls you. Your friends and family are the ones you love the most and also they love you. And thus to express their love and affinity they call you with a nickname. Friends call you with a nickname sometimes to tease you as well as you reflect their friendly relationship with you. A nickname is a combined result of your real name, your personality, your habits, and your interests. Also, nicknames can be in any language but if it’s in your native language then creates more impact.

How to create a Good Nickname?

Creating a nickname is not easy as it sounds as there are trillions of people on this earth and almost all of them have a nickname and thus finding a unique and interesting nickname can be a little bit difficult. However, you don’t need to worry about it because we are there to help you, if you want to create a nickname for your friend then try to start with her real name and if she has a large name then try to make it short and you will get a nickname. However, if her name is already short then you can provide her a nickname based on her personality like if she is short then you can call her shorty if she loves food then you can call her foodie. However, if you are still struggling to find a unique nickname then you can refer to the below list.

Cute Spanish Nicknames for Girls

Cute Spanish Nicknames for Girls

Girls love nicknames and thus if you call your girlfriend with a nickname then it is going to make your relationship even stronger. However, girls are cute and thus they like cute nicknames and thus described below are some of the cute nicknames for girls in Spanish.

  1. (Mi) Alma: If you love your girlfriend the most and have a soul-to-soul connection then this would be a perfect name for her.
  2. Amante: This nickname world is perfect for your girlfriend to show that you are her lover.
  3. Azúcar: It simply means sweet as sugar syrup and thus if you find your girl sweet as sugar then you can also call her with this nickname.
  4. Bella: If your girl is extremely beautiful then it would be a perfect nickname for her.
  5. Bonita: If your girlfriend is quite attractive and pretty and can take eyes off her then you can also call her with this nickname.
  6. Chiquita: If your girlfriend is cute as babies then you can also call her with this nickname.
  7. Estrella: If your girlfriend is as beautiful as sparkling stars then this would be the best nickname for her.
Funny Spanish Nicknames For Girls

Funny Spanish Nicknames For Girls

Funny nicknames are quite common in a friendly relationship where you can make fun of your friend with a funny nickname. Funny nicknames also provide you and your friends to giggle and thus we’ve got some of the best funny Spanish nicknames for girls.

  1. Bandera Pirata: This nickname would be perfect for the girl who looks like a pirate.
  2. Calaca: If you think that your girlfriend is quite skinny and has only bones then you can also call her with this nickname.
  3. Caracol: This name would be perfect for your girlfriend if she is quite slow in walking and walks like a snail. 
  4. Enana: If your girlfriend is quite short then you can also call her by this nickname.
  5. Idiota: If you think that your girl is quite stupid then you can also call her with this nickname.
  6. Torpe: If your girl keeps on dropping things then you also call her with this nickname.
  7. Vieja: It simply means an old woman and thus if you think if you want to teas your girl then you can also call her with this nickname.
  8. Fosfora: If you girl loses her temper quickly then you can also her with this nickname.
Common Spanish Nicknames for Girls

Common Spanish Nicknames for Girls

  1. Catalina
  2. Alexandra
  3. Maya
  4. Julieta
  5. Alicia
  6. Gabriella
  7. Luciana
  8. Alma
  9. Jade
  10. Renata
  11. Amada
  12. Liliana
  13. Antonella
  14. Amaia
  15. Ximena
  16. Mía
  17. Ana
  18. sabel
  19. Aracely
  20. Jimena
  21. Paula
  22. Cristina
  23. Fátima
  24. Daniela
  25. Alondra
  26. Zoe
  27. Itzel
  28. Marianna
  29. Triana
  30. Sierra
  31. Alba
  32. Dayanara
  33. Adelina
  34. María
  35. Diana
  36. Fernanda
  37. Elisabeth
  38. Reyna
  39. Alma
  40. Julia
  41. Constanza
  42. Erica
  43. Reina
  44. Rosa
  45. Eulalia
  46. Estela
  47. Ainhoa
  48. Gael
  49. Laia
  50. Lía
  51. Eulalia
  52. Estela
  53. Ainhoa
  54. Gael
  55. Eva
  56. Laia
  57. Fátima
  58. Marianna
  59. Triana
  60. Francesca
  61. Teresa
  62. Vega
  63. Frida
  64. Ramona
  65. Vera
  66. Génesis
  67. Paulina
  68. Yara
  69. Arlo
  70. Gisele
  71. Analia
  72. Cruz
  73. Guadalupe
  74. Belen
  75. Juana
  76. Iluminada
  77. Margarita
  78. Josefina
  79. Irene
  80. Verónica
  81. Leticia
  82. Ivána
  83. Martha
  84. Jaqueline
  85. Yolanda
  86. Jessica
  87. Patricia
  88. Karla
  89. Gloria
  90. Laura
  91. Silvia
  92. Letizia
  93. Antonia
  94. Andrea
  95. Zara
  96. Irma
  97. Yesenia
  98. Xiomara
  99. Lupe
  100. Valentina
  101. Thalia
  102. Tatiana
  103. Soledad
  104. Santana
  105. Rocío
  106. Nieve
  107. Raquel
  108. Paola
  109. Maritza
  110. Lourdes
  111. Mercedes
  112. Mayte
  113. Selena
  114. Mar
  115. Luisa