[1250+] Good, Creative & Aesthetic Spotify Playlist Names 2022

Are you searching for some good Spotify Playlist Names to make your playlist attractive and eye-catchy? Then you have come to the right place. Here we have got the best collection of Playlist name ideas for Spotify which is a music streaming service that allows users to search for and play music from a wide range of artists. Users are allowed to listen to the music with ads or with a paid subscription.

Spotify is a web-based, digital music application. It provides access to millions of songs and thousands of artists. Users can create playlists and listen to music on all types of devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers, as well as streaming music to home entertainment systems. It has over 381 million active users including over 172 million premium subscribers. If you are a Spotify user then you probably create a playlist of your favorite songs. A playlist is a list of audio tracks that you can play in order on your phone.

You create a playlist in Spotify by adding songs to it from your library and setting the order in which you want them to play. Adding a song to a playlist does not remove it from your library, but only adds the song to the playlist. You can create unlimited playlists in Spotify. The name of a playlist does not necessarily have to include the word “playlist,” but it should clearly identify the content and purpose of the list. Here you can find many playlist names and all these names can be used for a specific purpose so first find your purpose of creating a playlist and then choose the most relevant name.

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Spotify Playlist Names

Spotify Playlist Names

When you create a playlist you have given an option to name it that helps you to identify a specific playlist from all your playlists. Thinking about a good name is quite time-consuming so it is recommended to check out the list of best Spotify playlist name ideas given below and choose any one of them. In this article, we have shared hundreds of different types of playlist names for Spotify that you can read here. Playlist names are very important for a music lover so read all these names very profoundly and remember you should pick a playlist name considering the type of songs in your playlist.

Naming all your playlist makes your collection more beautiful and it also makes you feel confident to share these playlists with your friends and family. Some people love to listen to music when they are in the car. However, it is not that easy to find a good music channel. As a parent, you should be aware of the fact that some music channels can be very unprofessional for your child as they can contain explicit content. The following article will help you find out how important it is for you to name

How to Customize Playlist Name on Spotify

There are many options given in Spotify that you can use to customize your playlist section as you want to make it look.

Spotify Playlist Names 1

Create Playlist: Creating a playing is very easy, if you haven’t created any playlist yet then click on “My Playlist #1” and create your first playlist.

Spotify Playlist Names 2

Edit Details: Click on the three dots next to the play button and then click on edit details from where you can change playlist name, description and also add a custom logo.

Spotify Playlist Names 3

Share Playlist: If you want to share your collection of songs or playlists with your friends then you can easily do it. You can copy the link to your playlist and share it with your friends and family.

Spotify Playlist Names 4

Organize Songs: Hold your finger on a song and drag it anywhere you want to put it and when you play the playlist the songs will play as you organized them.

Good Spotify Playlist Names

List of Good Spotify Playlists Name ideas given below that you can check out and choose the one that you think is perfect for your playlist.

  1. Ohh La La La
  2. liquidator Favourites
  3. Artist’ that murmur their lyrics
  4. Under the Stars
  5. The Sound of Silence
  6. Your Favorite tunes!
  7. Coffee Shop Beats
  8. The Story of Star Wars
  9. Autumn Leaves Falling playlist
  10. Best of British Music
  11. Summertime Sadness
  12. Songs to Help You Study
  13. The End of the Relationship
  14. My Heart Is Broken
  15. A Tribute to Your Favourite Band
  16. Rock ‘N’ Roll Forever
  17. My Favourite 80’s Songs
  18. Born to express, not to impress
  19. Music is cheaper than therapy
  20. Halloween Trick or Treat mix
  21. Best Rock Music Ever
  22. The Sound of Silence
  23. Happy and Bright
  24. Nostalgic Journeys
  25. Summertime Fun
  26. Songs to play at observance
  27. Singles feeling sorrow
  28. agonising Music here
  29. Don’t hear this in the dark
  30. keep in mind that Day?
  31. Soothing Music
  32. In my Feels
  33. sleepy-eyed Sonnets
  34. Heart desires What It desires
  35. Smells Like Grass
  36. In my Black Dress
  37. various Hits
  38. Low Voice Music
  39. Best Chorus
  40. Road Trip Songs
  41. Hip Hop Hits
  42. industrially produced
  43. Moonchild’ listing
  44. Songs that provide Closure
  45. It’s Been a Rough Day
  46. Floating Like Clouds
  47. Wild, barefoot and free
  48. Calm As A Bomb Shelter
  49. Ocean Goddess
  50. Creating a New Self
  51. Distorted Reality
  52. Only a fool for you
  53. Maybe next time
  54. A Playlist for Every Occasion
  55. I Just Don’t Love You Anymore
  56. Goodbye Forever
  57. It’s Too Hard to Let Go
  58. You Make Me Happy
  59. All Time Low Playlist
  60. Just Listen To The World Around You

Creative Spotify Playlist Names

These are the best playlist names for those who want a creative name for Spotify playlist. Choose the best creative name from here.

  1. Auditory Hallucination
  2. Flowers in my heart
  3. The Sun Will Rise Again
  4. Cold nights, great vibes
  5. Drown My Anxiety
  6. Chill Out Music: Happy Edition
  7. Music for a Bright Day
  8. Feel Good Summer Hits
  9. Life is Beautiful
  10. Smile to the World
  11. Music for a Happy Heart
  12. keep calm and listen to this
  13. On The Porch with a Glass of Wine
  14. Songs in the Key of Life
  15. I’m Just a Girl in Love with You
  16. Embrace Your Quirks
  17. Be Proud Of Who You Are
  18. N.W.A.: Straight Outta Compton
  19. Tupac Shakur: Greatest Hits
  20. Chill Saturday Nights
  21. Songs to Play in the Car
  22. Study Time! Exam Finals Edition
  23. Southern Nights
  24. How Forever Feels
  25. The One That Got Away
  26. All Things Are Possible With God
  27. He Has Done Great Things
  28. No Turning Back
  29. I Will Follow Him
  30. The Best Running Songs of All Time
  31. Hitting the Gym
  32. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  33. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
  34. Christmas Must Be Tonight
  35. Dancing on the Ceiling
  36. Classics Musics
  37. Driving Music
  38. Sunday Drive
  39. Classic Rap & Hip Hop
  40. Slow Jams for Lovers
  41. Romantic R&B Classics
  42. Tis the Season
  43. Blazing Trails
  44. The Great Outdoors
  45. Sleigh Ride with These Songs
  46. Workout Wednesday
  47. Thursday Throwback!
  48. A Collection of Awesome ’80s Tunes!
  49. Folk Playlist for a Funeral
  50. Hip Hop for Your Baby Cousin

Funny Spotify Playlist Names

If you want a funny name for your Spotify playlist then you can pick one of the names listed below.

  1. Soulful Sunday Mornings
  2. Rockin’ Road Trip tunes
  3. Best Study Beats
  4. Ultimate Workout Songs
  5. Late Night Vibes
  6. Mirror to my Soul
  7. The Chillest Rap Tracks of All Time
  8. Old School Hip Hop Jams
  9. BTS Hip Hop Party
  10. BTS Love Songs
  11. Bangtan Boys’ Best Tracks!
  12. The Boys are Back
  13. Light It Up
  14. Feel the Energy
  15. Sweeter than Wine
  16. Tender Love Songs
  17. Romantic Evening Playlist
  18. Sending You All My Love
  19. Poolside Pop
  20. Suns out, tunes out
  21. Feel Good Friday Playlist
  22. The Most Relaxing Songs on Spotify
  23. Lullaby Land
  24. The Best Relaxing Music
  25. I know I left my sanity around here somewhere
  26. There is no angry way to say bubbles
  27. New Age Ambiance
  28. Healing Harmonies
  29. Sunday Chill Vibes Playlist
  30. Rock Out to These Tunes!
  31. Rockin’ in the Summertime
  32. Lazy Days of Summer
  33. Soulful Sunday Mornings
  34. Taking Our Time
  35. The Best is Yet to Come
  36. We Found Love
  37. Rock This Party
  38. I Wanna Rock
  39. Jungkook’s Very Own Playlist
  40. Favorite Rap Monster Songs
  41. BTS: The Rise of Bangtan
  42. Dance the Night Away with BTS
  43. Fresh Beats for the New Year
  44. Songs to Celebrate Spring
  45. New Hip Hop Mix
  46. No Love for Introverts
  47. We Are the Champions
  48. Lit Party Mixes
  49. The Ultimate Party Playlist!
  50. The Best of the Beatles
  51. Intro to Grunge Rock
  52. Jazz and Blues Mix Tape
  53. The Greatest Pop Songs of the 1980s
  54. Weekend Warriors!
  55. Best of the 90s
  56. A Night Aflame
  57. Warmth by the Fire
  58. Tiki Torch Nights
  59. Warm and Cozy
  60. Soulful Grooves for a Relax
  61. The Weeknd Experience
  62. The Golden Era of Hip hop
  63. Taking It Easy
  64. Winding Roads
  65. Feel Good Party Time
  66. A Night to Remember
  67. Please Come Home for Christmas
  68. Frosty the Snowman
  69. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
  70. Rock Out While You Work Out

Aesthetic Spotify Playlist Names

An aesthetic name is a type of name that describes the creation of a playlist along with the appearance of that playlist.

  1. The Best of Rock Fitness Music
  2. Awesome God
  3. Broken Vessels
  4. I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary
  5. Victory Belongs To Jesus
  6. The Best Days of Our Lives
  7. I Love You This Much
  8. On the Road Again
  9. Work from Home Relaxation Station
  10. Rainy Days and Netflix Nights
  11. Chill Out Sundays with Starbucks
  12. Kanye West: College Dropout Classics
  13. Andre 3000: The Love Below
  14. You’re One In A Million!
  15. Weird Is Wonderful
  16. Hello! It’s Me, the Future Mrs.
  17. Sunday Morning Chill
  18. The Sweet Sounds of Summer
  19. happy music for a good mood
  20. Gotta feel happy!
  21. My little sunshine
  22. Feel Good Jams
  23. This is How You Smile
  24. A Rainbow of Emotions
  25. Sunny Days
  26. A Different World
  27. I Still Love You But…
  28. This Is the End
  29. We’re Over
  30. The Music that Moves You
  31. Playlist for you Pity Party
  32. Pluto might ne’er
  33. the final word listing
  34. Queen Music
  35. The Night we have a tendency to Mainet
  36. My Muse
  37. Winter Carrols
  38. appears like Summer
  39. simply a Sadboi
  40. Country Taylor
  41. motherland Love
  42. Cool youngsters Party
  43. Party All Night
  44. Baby, Please sink in
  45. Not Enough Of Temper
  46. all want currently
  47. Hot Frontal hearth
  48. Crush Chronicles
  49. Alien Biocatalysis
  50. early Splice
  51. Climax Roots
  52. Alpha Robotize
  53. Wake Me Up once I’m Dead!
  54. Singles With symptom
  55. Kisses for Truth

Meaningful Spotify Playlist Names

There are many playlist names you can find on the internet but most of them are not usable because these names are not meaningful so here we have come up with some meaningful playlist names for Spotify that you can read from below.

  1. Done With house
  2. Kill It With Smiles
  3. Loud for Cloud
  4. Ancient Syndrome
  5. occasional Buzz Kill
  6. Indie Bloom
  7. slam dance Anthems
  8. Acid by the Rocks
  9. laborious Rock Shockers
  10. Soft Rock Symphony
  11. significant Metal longing
  12. Life Changers
  13. Soft Treasure Groove: Ballads of the ’70s
  14. Sweetheart Serenade
  15. Soft Groove Indulge
  16. wizard Times: homesick Pop Ballards
  17. Ghetto Swag
  18. Brood Talks
  19. Hoe Bait
  20. Buck Zilla
  21. Gheto Paradise
  22. Scratch necessities
  23. modern Bangers
  24. Swag Bounce
  25. Wip Hip Skip
  26. Grooves for Moves
  27. Swing Stomp
  28. pace Revelers
  29. fifty reminder Twilight
  30. Groove Zone
  31. Chill to The gamma hydroxybutyrate
  32. mixture It Up
  33. Sweet Classic Tunes
  34. Pump up The Jams
  35. Summer Night Drive
  36. Chillout Monday
  37. Another Lonely Day in Paradise
  38. Purple Haze
  39. The Hip Hop listing
  40. Classic Love Songs
  41. The day of remembrance listing
  42. Rock the party
  43. Evergreen stringed instrument Hits
  44. the foremost Romantic Songs
  45. Electro Beats
  46. I’m Feeling Retro
  47. At Work calm down
  48. Tribute to My Childhood
  49. Chillout Beats
  50. i’ll Survive

Sad Spotify Playlist Names

If you love sad songs then you may like one of the sad Spotify playlist name ideas listed below so read it carefully,

  1. haywire in The Membrane!
  2. therefore Hot at once
  3. The Fuel to travel
  4. I Lost My arcanum
  5. Broken hearted
  6. this is often Spice
  7. 10 Minute Break
  8. C and W Blast
  9. Sweet reminiscences
  10. reckoning Stars
  11. Dream Catcher
  12. My Country Roots
  13. Back to figure
  14. High Energy Hits
  15. Classic Chill Vibes
  16. atmospheric condition Blues
  17. Forget You
  18. At Last, you may Cry
  19. Saddest Songs Ever
  20. Heart Beating Slow
  21. Sound of Silence
  22. Silent Night
  23. wizard Atmosphere
  24. A Holly Jolly Christmas
  25. terpsichore within the Snow
  26. EDM Refresher Tracks
  27. Between The Sheets
  28. I Feel higher
  29. Loud and Loud
  30. unleash Maine
  31. the most effective Road Trip Ever
  32. Wagon Life
  33. stunning Ever when
  34. My Baby Loves Lovin’
  35. Goosebumps and Thrills
  36. Rappers Republic
  37. recent New Jams
  38. undoubtedly Moving On
  39. Dot Dot Dash Dash
  40. Deep in Hip Hop

Grunge Spotify Playlist Names

Grunge music was a form of alternative rock that began in the early. Grunge is characterized by its heavy guitar sounds and lyrics with obscure references to popular culture.

So, in this section, you can find some Grunge playlist names for spotify that you can check out from below.

  1. Bit the Sky
  2. All Daze Long
  3. Dope Beats
  4. Fancy Boom Boom
  5. currently Relevant Songs
  6. Beach Mornings
  7. Catch Maine if you’ll be able to
  8. Rhythm of The Summer
  9. White lightweight Flames
  10. experience Groovers
  11. Outrageous Gypsy Jazz
  12. The listing that creates You Smile
  13. a visit Through Classic Jazz
  14. Jazzing The Day Away
  15. K-Pop Soul Power
  16. inspiring K-Pop
  17. trying to the longer term
  18. Lips Like Sugar
  19. Endless sorrow
  20. Orange Caramel
  21. emotional alternatives
  22. Dreamy Dreamer
  23. Romantic Song combine
  24. Smiling Faces associated Laughter Lines
  25. Love Is an Open Door
  26. heat and Fuzzy
  27. stunning as You
  28. Hip Hop Anthems
  29. Pop Rap Songs
  30. Feel smart All Day Long
  31. Best Love Songs
  32. Oldies however Goodies
  33. Pump Up the Jam!
  34. Current Favorites
  35. Piano Love Songs
  36. Coolest Guys in city
  37. The Music of Our Hearts
  38. Dangerous Man
  39. Heartbreaker
  40. Peaceful and hormone
  41. women simply Wanna Have Fun!
  42. Songs to create you happy!
  43. the intense facet of Life
  44. The Comedy Albums listing
  45. Funny Fails
  46. fun every day Keeps the Doctor Away
  47. humourous Headlines
  48. dangerous Jokes
  49. Happiness may be a State of Mind
  50. emotional and Sweet
  51. a touch little bit of Everything
  52. selection is that the Spice of Life
  53. unwelcome person
  54. I Don’t Like to Talk
  55. Our quite Music
  56. The Music of Life
  57. Classical Masterpieces
  58. Songs for finding out
  59. Tunes to get off Too
  60. Power Ballads
  61. Happy Songs
  62. sing Party Hits
  63. rhythmic Tunes
  64. ne’er Ending Party
  65. Thrash Metal Toning

Spotify Playlist Names For Love Songs

Love songs are a popular type of music or song that focuses on romantic love. If you like love songs and you want to create a special playlist for love songs only then you should check these Spotify Playlist Names For Love Songs.

  1. The loving combine
  2. Everything Burns
  3. Break You Down
  4. Chillout Classical Tracks
  5. restful reception
  6. I Wanna Dance
  7. Sunday Chill Session
  8. Monday Morning Motivation
  9. A Good Time with Family and Friends
  10. Tuesday Tune Out
  11. Wednesday Wanderlust
  12. Thursday Throwback
  13. Friday Night Fever
  14. Saturday Super Song
  15. Bangers for the Beach
  16. Feel smart Tunes
  17. Vocal Classical Songs
  18. Soothing Music
  19. Heaven and Hell
  20. The Righteous Ones
  21. once I’m Feeling rather Violent
  22. The verge of collapse
  23. The Party listing
  24. weekday Night
  25. boost Your Night
  26. Saturday Night Parties
  27. Chill Rap Songs
  28. Rap Hits
  29. Love Hurts
  30. The Moody Blues
  31. transferral horny Back
  32. Romantic sorrow
  33. Feel smart Oldies
  34. The Love utterer
  35. Love Lost & Found
  36. perpetually Be My Baby
  37. hemorrhage Love
  38. Buckeye State My Song
  39. extraordinary Day
  40. Rain + Rainbow
  41. Straight Ahead Jazz
  42. up to date Jazz
  43. swish Jazz Grooves
  44. Jazz, Blues and Funk
  45. fifty reminder Summer
  46. Giggle Water
  47. the good Escape
  48. Tropical woodland
  49. Get Down Tonight
  50. Chill Tracks

Spotify Christmas Playlist Names

These are the Christmas focused spotify playlist names ideas that you can explore from the below section.

  1. Hot rhymes
  2. Hit em laborious
  3. Break Em Down
  4. Up and Comers
  5. Club Hits
  6. Gangsta Raps
  7. Mellow Vibes
  8. Hip Hop Quest
  9. In Rainbows Radiohead
  10. One Minute Jams
  11. final Weekend
  12. The Weekend
  13. Don’t Stop the Party
  14. crop up The Bass
  15. unstoppable Energy
  16. Bouncy Enigma
  17. dangerous Boy Beatdown
  18. Crazy Dance Hits
  19. Rockin round the Christmas Tree
  20. Last Christmas
  21. wonderful feast day Hits
  22. Jingle Bell Rock
  23. Tell Maine Why
  24. The One that Got Away
  25. Loneliness within the Crowd
  26. Soul Anti-Depressants
  27. Go Your Own approach
  28. I Miss You currently
  29. Hip Hip Hooray!
  30. awe-inspiring Mondays
  31. Barefoot and Lonely
  32. Don’t Worry Be Happy
  33. I’m Your Man, Baby
  34. Connected Through Music
  35. Lost in the Wind
  36. one thing in Common
  37. All My Feelings
  38. Don’t Blame Maine
  39. The Lone Ranger
  40. Look Who’s Talking
  41. Hit Play and Cry
  42. In My Feelings
  43. Party in My Tummy!
  44. hear This!
  45. machine listing
  46. Summer Hits
  47. Summer Jamz
  48. Life-Changing listing
  49. faculty Party Time
  50. Stress Relieving Songs
  51. the final word Party combine
  52. Fall Break listing
  53. Early Morning Moods
  54. nice song Tunes
  55. better of Indie Rock
  56. avenue of Broken Dreams
  57. Bohemian epic
  58. Endless Summer
  59. Welcome to Our World
  60. straightforward Listening

Best Spotify Playlist Names For Rap

Younger love rap songs and here we have shared some cool and stylish rap songs playlist names for Spotify.

  1. Indie Chillout
  2. tawdriness and Glamour
  3. Rule the globe
  4. the heat
  5. Serene Satisfaction
  6. Alien Allegro
  7. infective agent Dance Moves
  8. Urban Drance
  9. Tango Trot
  10. Break the Beat
  11. Lounge larvas
  12. Drip Trip
  13. Betcha Bot
  14. inexperienced Bum
  15. Chill Pill Panache
  16. Thrash speak Poets
  17. Dope Anthems
  18. Torch Magnetic
  19. heat Embrace
  20. after we Met
  21. Reason for Living: Ballads for a dear
  22. Yours categorically
  23. Moshpit Down Memory Lane
  24. Wicked Rock Shockers
  25. Well! alphabetic character Metal
  26. Indie Rain
  27. Punk Steam
  28. stringed instrument Chronicles
  29. Skitter Hush
  30. haywire Stir
  31. Chatter Calypso
  32. Hookups when Breakups
  33. Nerds With Beards
  34. Fairytales for Real Men
  35. Wives and Knives
  36. I rouse With Drool
  37. Ancient Telematics
  38. Breast electrical
  39. Gamma Lynchpin
  40. Escape Monarchs
  41. Beginnings Through Ends
  42. Shuffle Romantics
  43. Banquet To Be Alone
  44. Discover Christian Rock
  45. refined Christmas Songs
  46. Dark world
  47. Hip Hop Beats
  48. Hot Country
  49. Forgotten Past
  50. Study Tunes
  51. the instant I knew
  52. Acoustics Version
  53. season Afternoons
  54. fete Diamond State la Tarde
  55. Crushed By Crushes
  56. Happy As Hell
  57. The anti Social, Social Club
  58. notice all Anti’ Here
  59. Conflict Resolution one hundred and one
  60. Hurt however not Broken

Spotify Playlist Names For Old Songs

There is a special feeling and connectivity with old songs to those who love listening to the old legendary songs. If you want to make an old song playlist on spotify then you can choose one of these Spotify Playlist Names For Old Songs from here.

  1. Metal Baby
  2. Canon’ pink-slipped
  3. The Trendsetters
  4. Jump then Fly
  5. Songs known as common ivy
  6. Calm Before Storm
  7. Baby come
  8. Classics that ne’er get previous
  9. Drown My Anxiety
  10. Floating Like Clouds
  11. Missing You
  12. Crouch and Cry
  13. Eminem Spitting Fire
  14. Rap Music for Kids
  15. Hip Hop Hits
  16. Canon’s Fired
  17. Left me right here
  18. Moonchild’s Playlist
  19. Naruto Theme Song Playlist
  20. The Ultimate Playlist
  21. In My Mood
  22. Just a Sadboi
  23. The Moment I knew
  24. Disco Dancers
  25. Hip Hop Beats
  26. Old Country Love
  27. Romanticizing Life
  28. The Night We Met
  29. Leave, I’m sad
  30. Lowkey Indie
  31. Too Cool for School
  32. Mirror to my Soul
  33. My Pickup Truck
  34. Head Bangers
  35. Dark Academia
  36. Tastes Like Tranquility
  37. Playlist for you Pity Party
  38. Motif motif MOTIF
  39. My EMO Phase
  40. The Trendsetters
  41. Symphony of Pain
  42. Smells Like Grass
  43. In my Black Dress
  44. Rock N Roll
  45. Love Songs
  46. faucet to feel Despair
  47. Listen With Caution
  48. Songs to play at my Wedding
  49. Songs that build me go swish
  50. Pit of Darkness

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Spotify Playlist Names
Spotify Playlist Names

How to Select a Good Playlist Name for Spotify?

Playlist names are very important because they give the listeners an idea of what to expect from your playlist. When you are creating a playlist in Spotify, it is important to choose a good name for that playlist that describes the purpose of creating the playlist so that you can find the right type of music or song at right time. Your playlist name should be relevant to your music. But the name should not have any emoji and special characters. A good playlist name could be a catchy phrase or anything in words that is easy to remember. The best names are short phrases that include the name of the artist and song category.

The playlist name should be easy to understand, identifiable, and shouldn’t sound like anything else on the list. Make sure you pick a unique name that is not similar to your other playlists names. You may want to consider using words that are related to the theme of your playlist or a description that is meaningful and relevant to what you have in mind. A good name for a playlist should be one that is descriptive. It should provide enough information about the content of the playlist so that anyone can guess what type of music or song is present inside that playlist.

A descriptive name should also be short, as long names are often cut-off in lists and may not display properly in other places. If you are facing difficulties while naming your playlist then read all these names ideas given above and then shortlist some of your most liked names and then choose the best one from your shortlisted names.


So these were our collection of the best Spotify Playlist Names Ideas that you have just explored from above and I hope you have found your playlist name for Spotify from this list. To choose a perfect playlist name, you should pursue our how-to guide given above in this article and make sure you choose a meaningful name.

You join us on telegram at @Username4all on telegram to always get updated with creative names, usernames and nicknames ideas on daily basis.

If you like these playlist names for Spotify then tell us in the comment section which one is your favorite name and why you like it.